SDK Privacy Policy
Perfect Corp. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” or “We”) knows very well how important your personal information is (that is, the end user’s). We shall make all-out effort to keep your personal information safe and reliable. We are committed to retaining your trust to us by abiding the following principles to protect your personal information: parity of authority and responsibility principle, goal-oriented principle, choice-and-consent principle, minimization and necessity principle, security ensuring principle, principle of subject participation and principle of openness and transparency etc. In this privacy policy, we shall demonstrate how we collect, use, share and protect your personal information when you use the Native SDK, WeChat, Mini SDK and Taobao Mini SDK provided by us (collectively known as “the Service”). We also illustrate how you can contact us if you have any questions or suggestions towards this privacy policy. Before using our service, please read carefully and understand this privacy policy.

Special Instructions:
  1. This privacy policy is applicable for the circumstances when we collect and process your personal information through our service. Nevertheless, we do not control how the developer (the one who developed the application you’re currently using) collects and uses your personal information and we are not responsible for their behaviors. We suggest that you carefully read the user agreement and privacy policy from the developer.

  2. In terms of assisting with the processing activity of your personal information within the service range offered by the developer, we who serve as the assignee of the developer process your personal information by strictly following the instructions of the developer and the statutory and regulatory requirements. In terms of the processing activity beyond the range mentioned above, we shall proceed on the premise that you agree with it or with other legal basis as well as with solid promises to secure your personal information and related rights.

  3. Developer’s obligation:
    1. We comply with all the applicable laws, policies and regulations regarding collecting and using the personal information of end users to protect the security of user’s personal information and relevant interests and rights.
    2. We have noticed the end users and gained the full, necessary and clear authorization, agreement and approval from end users to allow us to collect and use their information on the purpose of service offering.
    3. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, we have noticed the end users and gained the full and necessary authorization, agreement and approval from end users. It allows us to collect and process the information for the purpose of services listed in this policy on the premises that we obey the relevant laws and regulations.
    4. We have offered a user-friendly mechanism to exercise users’ rights to understand the operations about how and when to execute the rights to choose, how to access and revise their personal information, how to execute the rights to delete and revise their authorization or agreement.
Special Instructions:
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