How Virtual Try-On Can Help Boost Social Commerce Sales

How Virtual Try-On Can Help Boost Social Commerce Sales

Oct 16, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How Virtual Try-On Can Help Boost Social Commerce Sales

With over 4 Billion consumers active on social media today, there is a huge opportunity for brands to drive consumer engagement and sales through social commerce platforms. According to a recent Facebook survey, 74% of consumers are using social media for product discovery. Additionally, social commerce sales are projected to reach 38 Billion by 2022. As today’s beauty consumers shift to a digital-first mindset for shopping and inspiration, social commerce channels have quickly emerged as an important touchpoint in the omni-channel shopping journey.

As more and more consumers turn to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for product advice, technology solutions such as virtual try-on and diagnostic quizzes have become essential to deliver personalized product recommendations, engagement and sales in social commerce. Beauty consumers are turning to social platforms to find the products best fit for their individual needs, and beauty technologies such as virtual try-on, allow each customer to discover their perfect shade.

Read on to learn why virtual try-on technology has become a winning component of social commerce in beauty.

Perfect Corp. Integrates Virtual-Try-On-Enabled Shoppable Posts across Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram

As consumers shift to digital channels such as Instagram and Facebook for product inspiration, brands will need to enhance their social content experiences to engage and excite followers. While visually captivating imagery and product tutorials will remain an important aspect of social content in the beauty space, consumers are now also seeking interactive and personalized shopping experiences. These moments of “shoppertainment” and personalization have become essential to create successful social commerce strategies.

Beauty tech solutions such as virtual try-on technology allow brands to create personalized shopping experiences across social commerce platforms. These technologies allow customers to try-on dozens of products digitally in a matter of seconds. This technology gives each customer access to thousands of products and helps each shopper discover their perfect shade in a touchless and fully virtual environment. It transforms static social media content into an immersive and engaging brand experience.

 Perfect Corp. partnered with Google and Facebook to enable AR experiences across Google Search, Facebook, Instagram and us

Perfect Corp. recently partnered with Google, Facebook, and Snapchat to enable AR experiences across Google Search, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. With these integrations, brands can create AR-powered shoppable posts and ads. These experiences allow social followers to virtually try-on and shop for products directly from brand social media content. With this technology, consumers can discover and try-on countless new products as they scroll through their social media feed.

How Virtual Try-On Can Maximize Social Commerce Sales

Integrating virtual try-on experiences into brand social media content is not only an excellent way to drive engagement and customer interaction across social platforms. It is also an effective tactic for boosting social commerce sales.

Virtual try-on enhances social media content and adds an aspect of interactivity and fun. It captivates the user while inspiring them to play and discover products. Social media followers who may have scrolled passed static and traditional brand social content are more likely to stop, engage with the experience and discover new products via the AR filter. In this way, virtual try-on can help consumers discover brands and give brands exposure to consumers they may not have been able to reach in the past.

Virtual try-on personalizes social commerce contentcontact us

Virtual try-on personalizes social commerce content by allowing consumers to experience many products instantly. After trying on products virtually and discovering their perfect shade, consumers also develop a strong sense of purchasing confidence. The technology allows the customers to understand how the product will look when worn, and shoppers can feel confident that they have selected the right product for their features and skin tone.

Natural Beauty Brand Jane Iredale Maximizes Engagement with YouTube Virtual Try-On

Watch the Full Webinar Replay here.

Virtual-Try-On-enabled social media content is already yielding amazing results for top beauty brands. Natural beauty brand Jane Iredale recently integrated Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology into YouTube TrueView in-stream ads. While the YouTube TrueView in-stream ad is playing, a pop-up box appears on the screen, inviting the viewer to try on the advertised product. Using a picture-within-a-picture format, the viewer will see their own face, and apply the product, at the same time they are watching the stream.

Benefits for Jane Iredale’s social commerce strategy with virtual try oncontact us

The virtual try-on integration generated a number of benefits for Jane Iredale’s social commerce strategy, including:

  • 11% of ad viewers clicking through to virtually try-on a shade, verus the standard 1% click-through rate for ads
  • High customer engagement, with virtual-try-on-enabled YouTube ads experiencing a 51% view rate
  • 22% lift in brand awareness

Read the full success story here.

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