How To Build Your Green Business with AR Tech
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How To Build Your Green Business with AR Tech

Jan 27, 2022 · 3 minutes read
How To Build Your Green Business with AR Tech

Sustainability is no longer a mere subject of casual conversations, but a pressing issue requiring our utmost attention. Small and large enterprises across all industries are striving to create sustainable business practices to minimize carbon emissions, reduce plastic pollution, and prevent environmental devastation and climate crisis.

1. Partnerships matter. Cooperate with Companies that Support Green Business

When choosing companies to cooperate with, sustainability awareness is an important factor to consider. Perfect Corp. recognizes the importance of building a more sustainable future and strives to play its role in this process through the power of technology and innovation. Recently, the company’s AI and AR-Powered Virtual Try-On Technology was named the 2021 Green Product of the Year in the BIG Awards for Business, further solidifying Perfect Corp.’s leadership position with regards to the sustainability movement. 

Green Business Certification - AI + AR Virtual Try On Named Green Product of the Year

Green Business CertificationContact Perfect Corp

Launched in 2012, the Business Intelligence Group’s BIG Award for Business recognizes individuals and modern businesses of all sizes that are driving change and propelling their respective industries forward. Perfect Corp.’s trailblazing AI & AR virtual try-on technology was rewarded for facilitating a more sustainable approach to beauty product sampling by recreating the real-life testing experience through a digital lens. Beauty tech, and virtual try-on in particular, is at the forefront of sustainable innovation in the beauty industry.

2: AI & AR Innovations Help Build Green Businesses and Reduce Product Waste

Anyone who’s ever shopped for beauty products has most likely come across a staggering amount of samples meant to make the shopping journey easier. However, the environmental impact of such retail practices cannot be overlooked. Each sample needs to be produced, individually packaged and shipped, not to mention the sourcing of materials required to manufacture the samples. At first, this may seem like a fairly harmless undertaking; however, when conducted on a mass scale, it leaves a significant ecological footprint.

Fortunately, Perfect Corp.’s innovative AI & AR beauty technologies can help mitigate this negative impact. By offering hyper-personalized virtual try-on experiences to consumers, brands can avoid unnecessary production of single-use samples, thus generating less waste and addressing environmental issues.

AI & AR Innovations Help Build Green Businesses and Reduce Product WasteContact Perfect Corp

3. Discover More Possibilities for Green Business with AR Tech: Driving Engagement

In the years ahead, sustainable business practices will be imperative for all companies. Understanding the severity of the issue at hand and implementing much needed changes will bring significant environmental benefits. Beauty brands and retailers should take advantage of the cutting-edge AI & AR technologies to achieve their sustainable development goals.

Eco-friendly digital solutions offer a unique and engaging shopping experience and eliminate the need for product samples, protecting the use of the planet’s resources. Virtual try-on is already available across several product categories including makeup, hair color, men’s grooming products, and nail polish, with more categories potentially being introduced in the future. Going digital is one of the sure ways individuals and businesses can live and work more sustainably.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is an example of green business?

Businesses that strive to minimize carbon emissions, reduce plastic pollution, and prevent environmental devastation and climate crisis are all positive green business examples. 

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) once stated, “If we want a sustainable and economically viable future, we need to ensure our industry does not harm the environment.” Green business model raises the awareness of the devastating effects of the environmental waste.

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