The Top 5 Digital Innovation Trends Revealed at the Global Beauty Tech Forum
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The Top 5 Digital Innovation Trends Revealed at the Global Beauty Tech Forum

Nov 27, 2021 · 3 minutes read
The Top 5 Digital Innovation Trends Revealed at the Global Beauty Tech Forum

We had a great time at our Global Beauty Tech Forum event, which took place for the third year in a row on November 17th 2021, and gathered the world’s leading beauty, retail, technology, and media brand representatives to discuss the leading digital innovations from the beauty and fashion tech space. Thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to all the speakers for making this year’s event such a success!  

The event spotlighted how artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies are re-shaping the consumer-shopping journey, and the unique ways that brands—both large and small—are integrating beauty tech solutions to create more impactful, interactive, and fun shopping experiences for us all.  

This year’s theme, Beauty Reborn: The Acceleration of Digital Transformation with Beauty Tech, set the stage for forward-thinking brands to reveal how they have successfully implemented AI and AR solutions through social commerce and virtual try-on, to deliver more personalized, high-touch, omnichannel digital shopping experiences.  

speakers from Shiseido Group, Meta, Allure, NARS Cosmetics, Combe- Just for Men, Laura Mercier, Cosmopolitan, Black Opal, Danessa Myricks Beauty, Vanity Planet, WWD, and Glossy will join this webinar

Leading the Way to the Future of Beauty and Fashion Tech  

The webinar opened with a keynote presentation from our very own Founder and CEO, Alice Chang, where she shared our latest beauty and fashion tech innovations that are already revolutionizing the beauty space, with a strong outlook for 2022, and beyond. The event followed with a great lineup of action-oriented panels and discussions, featuring speakers from Shiseido Group, Meta, Allure, NARS Cosmetics, Combe - Just for Men, Laura Mercier, Cosmopolitan, Black Opal, Danessa Myricks Beauty, Vanity Planet, WWD, and Glossy. Each session highlighted the fast adoption of AI and AR technologies within the retail and beauty space, touching upon the importance of social commerce, personalization, an omnichannel approach, and a direct-to-consumer ecosystem necessary for a successful digital strategy.  

Top Five Takeaways: Emerging Trends and Industry Insights  

Key learnings from the event include: 

1. The surge and scale of digital transformations 
The pandemic has accelerated a shift towards safe, contactless shopping experiences that rely on AR and AI technologies to solve consumer pain points and demand for these digital, contactless solutions continues to accelerate.

2. Rapid cross-category expansion with improved omnichannel experience
Our beauty tech offerings have expanded to include virtual try-on experiences for hair color, nail color, and skincare. Additionally, the AI and AR-powered technology is being applied to new categories such as eyewear, jewelry, accessories, and men’s grooming.

Top Five Takeaways: Emerging Trends and Industry Insights  contact us

3. Sustainability remains a priority
Virtual try-on technology is meeting a unique demand at the intersection of tech, beauty, and sustainability. By allowing consumers to virtually try-before-they-buy, shoppers can try more products and shades than ever before without leaving the carbon footprint that comes from physical product sampling.   

4. The evolution of social commerce
We see a host of new, ultra-personalized experiences being shared across social commerce activities as it becomes the new normal when looking to engage with users in a fun, interactive, and hyper-engaged way.  

5. The democratization of beauty technology is happening right now
From large global brands to emerging indie brands, beauty tech solutions are becoming widespread, and quickly adopted across all omnichannel touchpoints in order to enhance the customer shopping journey.   

Offering New Perspectives with Insightful Guest Sessions  

With speakers from across the beauty, retail, men’s grooming, and media industries, each session provided a unique perspective around the applications and functionalities of AI & AR-powered beauty tech, and the ways in which they are accelerating transformation in the digital world. Those included:

1. Keynote: Supercharging Digital Transformation In the Beauty & Fashion Industries

Perfect Corp. Founder and CEO - Alice Chang

A glimpse into the groundbreaking beauty tech advancements that are transforming the consumer shopping experience and a demonstration of new AI and AR technologies. Watch the full session here.

2. Leaning Into the Paradigm Shift with Shiseido Gorup and NARS Cosmetics

Dive into the interactive online shopping journey and personalized web beauty consultations delivering new-age e-commerce, connecting the brand with consumers in a whole new way. Click here to read the full session recap.  

3. Men's Grooming Goes Virtual with Combe, Just for Men

Digital technology is transforming how men shop for products. Hear from leaders in the industry on the latest tech trends that are revolutionizing the men’s grooming space. Click here to read more.   

4. Social Commerce: Revolutionizing Facebook Engagement with Shoppable Virtual Beauty

Unlock the secret to a winning social commerce strategy. Discover how Facebook is leveraging virtual try-on technology to create an immersive shopping experience using AR-powered shoppable posts. Click here to learn more.   

5. Allure Magazine: Bridging the Gap between Print and Digital

Allure Magazine has been a trailblazing force in the beauty industry. Hear how this iconic publication has pushed the limits to provide beauty lovers with engaging and immersive digital beauty experiences. Click here for the full session recap.   

6. The Rise of the New Beauty Brand

Learn how indie beauty brands are creating impactful and engaging shopping experiences for customers. From beauty tech to emerging consumer behaviors, leaders in the indie beauty space will discuss the trends driving the industry forward. Click here for the full session recap.

If you were not able to attend and feel you missed out, don’t worry! All six insightful sessions from the event are available to stream for FREE here.  

Get expert advice from Perfect Corp. and be part of the beauty tech trend. Contact us for details on beauty tech solutions trusted by 400+ brands globally.

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