Unlock 3D AR Eyewear Virtual Experience at Vision Expo West 2021
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Unlock 3D AR Eyewear Virtual Experience at Vision Expo West 2021

Aug 18, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Unlock 3D AR Eyewear Virtual Experience at Vision Expo West 2021

Join Perfect Corp. in Las Vegas for the Vision Expo West 2021 – an expansive exhibition showcasing the latest eyewear trends and innovations, taking place on 22-25 of September.

Visit our booth P14046 in the Park to experience our award-winning 3D AR Eyewear Solution, offering an incredibly realistic and interactive eyewear virtual try-on.

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Introducing AI-Powered Virtual Try-on for Glasses

Our trailblazing virtual try-on experience has already garnered massive support in the makeup and skincare industries. Now, we are bringing the 3D AR glasses virtual try-on solution to the ever-expanding eyewear industry. The virtual eyewear experience allows consumers to try multiple styles and designs in a matter of seconds, providing flexible and interactive opportunities to shop. Eyewear brands can customize the 3D AR virtual try-on solution according to their unique needs and product lines, delivering a seamless and personalized consumer journey. The solution can be easily implemented across multiple channels, including in-store, in-app, and e-commerce, without any advanced technical and coding skills.

Fast & Easy AI Deployment for Eyewear Brands

Considering the complexity of the traditional method of product mapping for digital renderings, we have greatly simplified the implementation process for brands. The setup requires only 3 product images: left temple, right temple, and the front of the glasses frame. Then, a rendered 3D AR eyewear piece is composed based on those product images. As a bonus, brands can choose an optional reflection effect for more realism. There’s no longer a need to digitize each individual SKU and brands can easily manage the entire process via Perfect Console platform.

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Learn more about our 3D AR Eyewear Solution here, and give it a try in our demos here.

Register for Vision Expo West

Join us by registering for the event HERE.

When: September 22-25, 2021
Where: Sands Expo Las Vegas
How to Find Us: Booth P14046 in the Park

We hope to see you at Vision Expo West 2021!

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