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How to Master The Best Winged Eyeliner for Your Eye Shape

Aug 14, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Eyeliner has come a long way from the days of a fine line traced along your lash line, and no eyeliner style has made the beauty statement quite like the glamorous wing. Winged eyeliner styles can be simple and subtle, or Wowza dramatic, but no matter how you wear it, winged eyeliner delivers seriously eye-catching effects. Finding the best-winged eyeliner look to match your eye shape can take some trial and error. That’s why we’re sharing expert tips for how to master the winged eyeliner style that best fits your eye shape.

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Find the Best Winged Eyeliner Style for You

Winged eyeliner can make a serious statement, but it’s important to find the winged look that follows the natural shape of your eye in order to benefit from those eye-opening results. The wrong winged eyeliner pattern could make your eyes appear smaller.

Experimenting with different eyeliner styles used to require a steady hand a whole of makeup remover, however advancements in virtual try-on beauty technology, now allow beauty lovers to experiment in seconds with the tap of their smartphone. The free YouCam Makeup camera app offers 37 different eyeliner patterns and 31 different eyeliner colors. You can browse a rainbow of winged eyeliner styles and colors to find your favorite look in seconds.

Best Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes have extra skin on the lids that appear as a subtle fold or hood when eyes are open, like celebrity A-lister Taylor Swift. The trick is to use liner in order to help your lids appear like they have more of a crease, creating added depth and definition. In order to do this, use a thick outer wing to draw a line from the corner of your eyes towards the brow bone, giving the illusion of lifting and opening. Click here to try now!

Best Winged Eyeliner for Downturned Eyes

If the corners of your eyes slope downward toward your cheekbones, like those of celebrities Camilla Belles and Anne Hathaway, you have downturned eyes. In order to accentuate a downturned eye, focus on the eyeliner along the lower lash line, and fill in the gap between the inner and outer corners of the eye with a soft wing. Then extend your winged liner up toward the crease of the eye, using the outer corner of your eyebrow as a guide. This will naturally complement the downturned eye shape. Click here to try now!

Best Winged Eyeliner for Close-Set Eyes

Close-set eyes are eyes that are positioned closer together, hugging the sides of the nose, like celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker. To help play up this feature, opt for a double wing that helps to create a wider gaze. Draw a thin line along the upper lash lines, with a small flick outward. Then line your lower lash line halfway to give the appearance of wider set of eyes. Click here to try now!

Best Winged Eyeliner for Monolids

Monolids are eyelids with very minimal--if any--crease, like those of celebrity Lana Condor. In order to help accentuate the eyes while being mindful of the limited lid space, it’s best to use a fine tip liquid liner to trace a thin, crisp, straight line for striking definition. In order to help achieve the thinnest line possible, start in the middle and draw one thin line to the outer corner, then one thin line to the inner corner, ensuring they meet in the middle for a fluid line that delivers dramatic effect. Click here to try now!

Find Your Best Eyeliner Shape with YouCam Makeup!

To find your virtual eyeliner match, download the free YouCam Makeup app, tap on photo camera or live makeup. Select makeup, “eye” and the “eyeliner” category and tap to explore a variety of options in seconds. This hyper-realistic virtual try-on delivers the ease of being able to try on dozens of eyeliner looks and styles in seconds, without worrying about keeping a steady hand throughout.

Tap through in seconds to find the best-winged eyeliner look that best matches your eye shape now!

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