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How Hairstyle Generator Simulates Haircuts on Websites or Apps

Nov 19, 2022 · 3 minutes read

Many brands have seen makeup virtual try-on boost their sales and increase customer satisfaction. Recently, Perfect Corp. launched its new artificial intelligence (AI) virtual try-on solution for hairstyles. Through this AI-driven solution, consumers can easily visualize themselves with different hairstyles, whether it's a subtle change like bangs or a more drastic transformation with a virtual wig try-on. This feature not only provides a fun and engaging experience for customers, but it also enables them to walk into salons with greater confidence and collaborate better with stylists, leading to a more satisfying experience overall. As a result, businesses can witness increased conversions, website engagement, and sales.

After implementing Perfect Corp.’s hair color try-on, Aveda saw 112% higher dwell time on its website and 220% more website traffic.FREE Business Demo

Virtually Showcase Diverse Hairstyles

Change Multiple Styles in Just a Few Clicks

When consumers can try hairstyles online without the risk, it eliminates many of the concerns they have about going to a salon. With Perfect Corp.’s new AI hairstyle virtual try-on tool, consumers can explore several different styles in mere seconds to find the one that suits them best.

Hair Color Try-On

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Applying an unflattering hair color can lower customer confidence and have lasting damaging effects on their hair. Using Perfect Corp.’s hair color try-on, consumers can tap through a wide selection of colors and apply each one to see which shade works best. Customers who feel nervous about trying a new color can use the risk-free VTO technology to discover shades that surprise them.

▶ Try It Yourself: Virtual Hair Color Try On

A Great Tool for Consumers to Try on Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

Try on hairstyles with different face shapes.

Many customers see styles they love on people with different face shapes from their own. Virtual try-on lets consumers try everything from a round facial shape to an angular or diamond face shape. Perfect Corp.’s AI hairstyle virtual try-on goes beyond searching “what hairstyle suits me” and offers visitors a hyper-realistic look and suggestions for cuts that work with various face shapes.

▶Try It Yourself: Virtual Hairstyles Try On

Introducing Cutting-Edge AI Technology for Haircut Generator

The Ultimate Haircut Tester 

When a customer wants a new style, imagination doesn’t always translate to reality, which then leads to disappointment when leaving the salon. It can also lead to frustration from the hairdresser as the client tries to describe their desired style. With Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered technology, the client can show their hairdresser the look they want, and the hairdresser can replicate the style more accurately.

Best Facial Analyzing Technology

Perfect Corp.’s hair try-on provides an ultra-realistic virtual experience where customers can experiment with various textures and lengths.

Perfect Corp.’s hair try-on provides an ultra-realistic virtual experience where customers can experiment with textures and lengths that include:

  • Bangs, including blunt, Birkin, and curtain styles
  • Bob cuts in classic, curly, wavy, and without bangs
  • Short styles, from cute pixie cuts to stylish layers
  • Long cuts with or without bangs in straight, wavy, and curly styles
  • Combovers and buzz cuts

The technology has styles for all genders and utilizes advanced algorithms to show consumers cuts that best complement their features.

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Why Brands Should Integrate Perfect Corp.’s Virtual Hairstyle Try-On Technology

  1. Increase Website Engagement
  2. Enhance Consumer’s Confidence
  3. Increase Sales

Perfect Corp.’s haircut try-on is the most convenient way to find a new look from home or on the go. It goes beyond finding a simple hairstyle reference online and gives consumers a wide range of styles at their fingertips. Users may be afraid or unable to try a spontaneous new haircut due to:

  • Lack of time to go to the salon
  • Inability to maintain a style they are unsure about
  • Uncertainty about what flatters their face shape and features

The Reasons Users Hesitate to Get New Hairstyles

The Current Market for Women’s and Men’s Hair Styling

Currently, the market for male hairstyles and products is projected to reach over $54 billion worldwide in the next decade. At the same time, the industry is seeing more products overall to care for curls, reduce frizz, and promote healthy hair over using generic products. Where many new products pose a risk to customers in terms of their appearance and whether the products will work for them, virtual try-on reduces that risk. In turn, it raises brand standing in the market with a solution that sets them apart.

Increase Website Engagement

Perfect Corp.’s hair VTO keeps visitors’ attention on brand websites by giving them the freedom and flexibility to try-on various looks. As a result, the tool increases conversions (Aveda), brings in more traffic, and expands the brand’s audience.

Enhance Consumer’s Confidence

Hairy try on solution enhances consumer’s confidence.FREE Business Demo

Customers often feel anxious about trying a new style. Perfect Corp.’s AR hairstyle virtual try-on enhances customer confidence before they make the leap by:

  • Decreasing the risk of trying a new style
  • Showing the result before they commit
  • Offering styles that complement face shapes
  • Providing colors that work with their skin tone
  • Creating a realistic, high-quality reference to take to the salon

When customers have greater certainty about their appearance as they walk into the salon, they feel more confident in their decisions about making a significant change like a new haircut.

Increase Sales

When customers see various colors and styles with VTO, they are more likely to purchase products that achieve their desired look. More customers come to the salon to have their hair cut and styled, but they also may buy:

  • Hair dye and coloring items
  • Shampoo and conditioner for their hair type
  • Mousse, gel, and wax
  • Curling or straightening products

Perfect Corp.’s trailblazing virtual try-on tool for hairstyles lets brands link their products to the tool to make it easier for customers to find what they need and purchase it even faster.

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Examples of Successful Virtual Try-On Integration for Hair Brands


After implementing Perfect Corp.’s hair color try-on, Aveda saw 112% higher dwell time on its website and 220% more website traffic.FREE Business Demo

After implementing Perfect Corp.’s hair color try-on, Aveda saw 112% higher dwell time on its website and 220% more website traffic within three months in 2020. With virtual try-on, the company got five times more traffic to its salon location finder as customers searched for a place to get the color they tried on using the tool.

Madison Reed

Madison Reed saw 38% more sales conversions with hair try on solutions.FREE Business Demo

When Madison Reed started using hair color virtual try-on from Perfect Corp., its realistic experience boosted hair color sales by 10 times. The brand also saw 38% more sales conversions.

Perfect Corp.’s hair virtual try-on solution allows customers to have control over their appearance and boosts their confidence even before they see their finished look at the salon. With a convenient tool that lets them preview their favorite looks, they become empowered while brands see these benefits in the form of higher sales, conversions, and engagement.

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Try Perfect Corp.’s AI hairstyle virtual try-on technology by starting your free trial or contacting our sales team. To learn more about how virtual try-on impacts consumer confidence and boosts brand sales, read our complete guide to beauty tech.

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AI/AR Hair
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AI/AR Hair
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