Aug 08, 2022

ACF Integrates Perfect Corp.’s Market-Leading AI-Powered Skin Diagnostic Technology to Provide Personalized Skincare Product Recommendations

ACF Integrates Perfect Corp.’s Market-Leading AI-Powered Skin Diagnostic Technology to Provide Personalized Skincare Product Recommendations

Customers of the Argentinian beauty brand are now able to receive an instant skin assessment, paired with personalized skin care product regimen recommendation.

Mexico CityAugust 8, 2022 Perfect Corp., the leading augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider today announced a new partnership with Argentinian cosmetic brand, ACF (Advanced Cosmeceutical Formulations). Through this partnership, ACF will integrate Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered Skin Diagnostic technology that enables an assessment of key skin concerns, including wrinkles, moisture, and redness, and provide each customer with a skincare regimen customized to their individual needs. This technology is poised to enhance ACF consumers’ shopping experience by enabling them to receive an instant skin evaluation directly on their mobile device. 

Perfect Corp.’s Technology Driving Digital Transformation for ACF

ACF provides its customers with the latest innovations in skincare. The brand offers products with advanced cosmetic technology, including a complete line of skincare routines featuring serums, peel off masks, and sheet masks that offer effective solutions and skin results.

“We seek to constantly innovate, and offer quality products, with cutting-edge natural ingredients, at affordable prices, that are easy to apply, not tested on animals, and respectful of the environment. The partnership with Perfect Corp. will contribute to the sustained growth of our brand, and to the strengthening of its image as a technologically innovative company that is committed to digitization for the benefit of its consumers," said Alvaro Prieto, Digital Manager of ACF.

In recent years, ACF has focused on developing a robust digital presence through social media and ecommerce platforms. The brand has also begun increasing its presence in Latin American countries, including Chile and Bolivia, with plans to expand to Paraguay, Uruguay, and Colombia. 

AI Skin Diagnostic Provides Each Customer with Personalized Product Recommendations

By leveraging Perfect Corp.’s AI-powered Skin Diagnostic technology, ACF can guarantee personalized product recommendations, tailored to each customer’s individual skin concerns. With this AI-powered technology, ACF is creating an immersive skincare shopping experiences for all customers, and expects to see increased customer engagement across the shopping journey. 

“With the integration of Perfect Corp.’s advanced AI Skin Diagnostic Technology, we look forward to helping ACF drive digital transformation and create a personalized skincare experience for each customer,” said Perfect Corp Founder and CEO Alice Chang, “AI technology is the future of beauty and it holds massive potential for the skincare industry.”


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