Apr 26, 2021

Perfect Corp. and Meiyume Partner for Interactive Virtual Makeup Try-On Experience

Perfect Corp. and Meiyume Partner for Interactive Virtual Makeup Try-On Experience

Meiyume’s private makeup label, Collection Cosmetics, invites consumers to instantly try-on a wide range of beauty products directly on the brand’s website.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia—April 26th, 2021 — Perfect Corp., the leading global beauty tech solutions provider and developer of the award-winning YouCam Makeup app, and Meiyume, a global beauty company providing compelling in-store solutions for brands and retailers, formed a partnership to expand access to Perfect’s YouCam for Web solution for indie brands in multiple countries. 

Join Perfect Corp., Meiyume, Collection Cosmetics, and Paragon Technology and Innovation on May 11th at 5PM HKT, for an insightful discussion on how beauty brands can use innovative touchless technologies to shape the new consumer shopping experience. Register free.

Cutting-Edge Virtual Makeup Try-On Technology

The virtual try-on tool is powered by Perfect Corp.s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies and patented AgileFace® tracking technology, delivering an unparalleled virtual try-on experience and streamlined consumer beauty journey. AI & AR technologies enhance consumer engagement by providing frictionless ways to interact with brands and products, which increases the likelihood of a purchase. 

Integrating the AI & AR Technologies Into Meiyume’s Retail Solutions Portfolio

In addition to leveraging Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web solution for Meiyume’s own Collection Cosmetics brand, Meiyume is ready to offer its customers Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web solution for their virtual try-on needs. As a provider of digital solutions for offline and online consumer experiences, Meiyume understands consumer behavior and is well positioned to integrate Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on services into their portfolio, helping brands connect with their consumers to provide a more seamless product discovery and shopping journey. 

"Were excited to partner with Meiyume and their private makeup brand Collection Cosmetics to integrate Perfects trailblazing AI & AR virtual try-on technology into their consumer shopping experience,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder, Alice Chang. In todays world, its important for beauty brands to innovate within the digital space to keep up with evolving consumer expectations. We hope our inspiring partnership will make consumers beauty shopping journey easier, as well as more enjoyable and accessible.”  

“We look forward to working with Perfect Corp., especially during this critical time of need, where consumers are, in many places, unable to physically test beauty products due to the pandemic. There is also a strong need to provide engaging experiences in offline retail since the pandemic has accelerated the shift to online purchasing. We believe Perfect Corp is the best partner to help deliver the virtual try on solutions our customers need during this period and beyond.” - Robert Brockman, General Manager of Retail Solutions at Meiyume

Experience the interactive virtual shopping experience here.

About Perfect Corp.

With over 900 Million downloads globally, Perfect Corporation is dedicated to transforming how consumers, content creators and beauty brands interact together through AI and AR technologies. Our experienced team of engineers and beauty aficionados are pushing the frontiers of technology to create the beauty platform of the future – a fluid environment where individuals express themselves, learn the latest about fashion and beauty, and enjoy instant access to the products from their favorite brands. To discover expert beauty tech insights and unlock powerful ROI secrets, read our Beauty Tech: The Complete Guide 2021.

About Meiyume

Meiyume is a one-stop shop partner of product solutions for skincare, colour, fragrance, hair and oral care, and retail solutions such as interactive POS displays with data capture and insights for world-class brands, retailers and direct marketers. Meiyume offers solutions that are tailored to meet your unique needs. From promotional and permanent display executions, to more experiential spaces, we transform how your customers engage with your brand and products by responding to how they choose to shop.

Meiyume aspires to empower beauty for the future. Visit

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