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14 Concerns in One Scan: Holistic AI Skin Analysis in Live and Photo Modes

Perfect Corp's AI Skin Diagnostic and Analysis Solution is a cutting-edge technology in the skincare market. This sophisticated tool is tailored for skincare brands, medical spas, and skincare professionals, enabling them to educate, advise, and guide customers on their skincare journey. With its ultra-fast edge AI algorithm, the solution expertly analyzes facial images, swiftly determining all 14 types of skin concerns, skin types, and skin age in under 2 seconds. This comprehensive skin analysis can be conducted using a simple photo or in real-time through live camera mode.

Skin Health
Skin Age


The skin analysis tool is capable of identifying all types of wrinkles, from fine lines to deep creases. It also smartly only focuses on analyzing facial areas where the wrinkles are most common.
Dark Circles
Skin Firmness
Droopy Upper Eyelid
Droopy Lower Eyelid
Visible Pores
Skin Type

AI Skin Analysis Solutions for Omnichannel
Skin Scanner for iOS Devices

Skincare Pro: Expert-verified skin scanner for iOS, with a free 14-day trial.


Our AI Skin Analysis Analyzer integrates smoothly with all major web browsers.

Mobile App SDK

The skin analysis technology can be incorporated into a skincare app.

Enhance Online Shopping Journeys with Live or Photo AI Skin Diagnostic

Easily integrate AI Skin Analysis solution with all your e-commerce channels, including web pages, apps, and more.

Verified by Dermatologists

The skin technology is built using over 70,000 medical grade images. Results have been proven to be accurate at identifying skin concerns in a medical study, displaying a 95% test-retest reliability rate.

Increase Skincare Sales

By integrating the AI Skin Diagnostic technology into the online shopping experience, our partner Mariana Naturals was able to boost online sales by 30% and dwell time by 330%.

Alternative to Skincare Quiz

Our AI skin technology produces faster, more standardized skin readings with higher accuracy compared to traditional skincare quizzes. It allows brands to provide precise product recommendations.

AI Skin Analysis Powered by Deep Learning Skin Scan Algorithms

Unique 180° Full Face Mapping

Our AI-powered skin diagnostic technology analyzes three images of a person’s face - front, left, and right profiles, and performs skin analysis, detecting problems with acne, wrinkles, and more. This ultra-precise method ensures full facial coverage, including difficult to map areas such as the chin and cheeks.


Expert Mode API for Skincare Recommendation Rationale

The Expert Mode API grants access to per pixel raw data generated from skincare analysis, allowing brand professionals to create custom mapping of the score that matches the brand’s own clinical test dataset for custom product recommendation rationale.


AI Skin Simulation for Visualizing Smoothing Progress

The advanced AI engine can also create before/after skin simulations on a user's face to visualize and track progress of skin issue treatments. The AI-powered skin simulation engine can generate results for up to 7 skin issues.


Skin Diagnostic Technologies Comparison and Skin Scope Utilization

Live Camera Mode Concern Detection
Photo Mode Concern Detection
Speed Analysis
2 sec
Vendor R
Vendor M
Vendor V
Not Supported
Not Supported
Not Supported
10 sec
10 sec
Over 60 sec

Advanced AI Skin Assessment and Visual Computing Solutions

In our commitment to revolutionizing skin assessment, we leverage cutting-edge visual computing techniques for unparalleled accuracy. Our advanced skin analysis technology enhances image quality, elevating skin scanner precision to new heights. By enhancing the clarity of each user's image, our AI skin analysis algorithm delivers exceptionally accurate results tailored to address various skin concerns.


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Real-Time Skin Diagnostic with 15-Degree Wider Angles and Skin Age Estimation

The technology scans the user’s face in live camera mode, identifying issues such as spots, wrinkles, texture, dark circles, and redness. NEW Now also detecting unique skin types in live camera mode.


It seamlessly generates a real-time AR overlay to visualize the findings, giving consumers a more comfortable and interactive skincare shopping experience. 


High-Speed AI Skin Type Analysis NEW  in LIVE mode

Skip skin type quiz! Our cutting-edge skin type detection technology accurately identifies normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin types. By analyzing both the T-zone and U-zone of the user's face, this advanced technology empowers brands to offer tailored skincare routine recommendations for each individual shopper.


Skin Type Detection Supports:


Tailored Skincare Routines & Product Recommendations for Diverse Skin Types

Personalized skincare regimens are quick and easy to build. Add a step-by-step skincare routine recommendation to the virtual skin analysis experience in minutes.


Create beautiful auto-generated skin scan reports for shoppers to download. Zero coding needed.


Validated by Dermatology Research

A detailed research study compared the AI Skin Assessment to both physician assessments and industry-standard imaging devices. Results showed an assessment correlation of over 80% for certain concerns, excellent test-retest reliability, and highlighted fast scan speed and reduced cost of the solution. 


Self-Serve Skincare Pro Solution to Dermatology Clinics and Med Spas

Skincare Pro enables dermatology and Med Spa professionals to offer clients in-depth skin consultations on iPads. It provides visual, interactive, and informative experiences without special equipment or training with up to 14 types of skin scanning and customizable skincare recommendations.


Excellent Results for All Skin Types and Ethnicities

AI Skin Analysis technology offers a fully inclusive skin diagnostic experience that aims to gain a better knowledge of each user’s skin, regardless of their skin type and ethnicity. Users can be sure they will receive a thorough, accurate, and personalized assessment of their skin conditions to be able to renew skin health.


Built for Omnichannel - Websites, Apps & More

Deliver holistic, innovative, and engaging consumer experiences across all channels with our full support for RESTful API, web module, mobile SDK and mini programs for Taobao, WeChat, and Douyin platforms.


Allow shoppers to discover your products from all possible touchpoints.


Let's Build Your Success Story Together

Enhance your consumer beauty journey with our innovative AI Skin Diagnostic solution.

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Skin Analysis FAQ

1. What is skin analysis?

Skin analysis is used to identify specific skin concerns, age, and different types, providing personalized product recommendations to enhance the user's skincare routine and create a more tailored shopping experience.

2. What does a skin analyzer do?

Our AI Skin Analyzer employs advanced AI technology to thoroughly scan and analyze the user's skin condition. It has the capability to identify up to 14 different skin concerns, along with determining the skin's age and type. 

3. Are skin analysis accurate?

A medical study confirms Perfect Corp.'s AI Skin Technology's high accuracy and excellent test-retest reliability. The software accurately analyzed diverse skin tones, types, ages, and genders in various conditions, consistently identifying key skin concerns.

4. How to do a skin analysis?

AI-based skin analysis is effortless, completed in three simple steps using either a photo or live-camera mode.

Try it now.

5. What to look for in a skin analysis?

AI-powered skin analysis aids users in gaining insights into their skin conditions, covering aspects such as acne symptoms, skin moisture levels, spots, pores, and more!

6. What are the benefits of skin analysis?

Assisting customers in comprehending their skin condition and making well-informed purchasing decisions ultimately contributes to increased sales, representing a significant benefit for skincare brands.

7. Is there an AI app to diagnose skin conditions?

The YouCam Makeup app is driven by our AI Skin Diagnostic solution, capable of diagnosing various skin concerns such as wrinkles, spots, acne, texture issues, dark circles, redness, oiliness, moisture levels, eye bags, skin firmness, skin radiance, upper droopy eyelids, lower droopy eyelids, visible pores, and identifying different skin types.

8. What is the AI Skin Diagnostic Solution?

Perfect Corp.'s Skin Diagnostics solution analyzes facial features, recognizing users' specific skin needs to deliver personalized skincare and beauty-related recommendations.

9. What is the AI Skin Diagnostic Solution?

Perfect Corp.'s Skin Diagnostics solution analyzes facial features, recognizing users' specific skin needs to deliver personalized skincare and beauty-related recommendations.

10. What is the diagnostic test for skin?

AI skin analysis serves as a rapid diagnostic tool for skin conditions. With AI algorithms, it can identify 14 different skin concerns such as acne symptoms, skin hydration levels, spots, and wrinkles within just 2 seconds. 

11. What is a diagnostic tool for skin analysis?

The AI Skin Analyzer is a groundbreaking skin diagnostic tool designed to assist skincare brands, skincare professionals, and med spas in identifying customers' skin issues in an innovative manner.

12. What is a digital skin analysis?

A digital skin analysis involves using technology like AI to examine pictures or real-time camera footage of your skin to understand its condition. It checks for things like texture, color, and any issues present. This helps skincare experts provide more accurate advice and treatments.

13. What is the AI face scan for skincare?

AI face scan for skincare involves leveraging artificial intelligence to analyze facial images, identifying specific skin issues, and then offering personalized skincare recommendations tailored to individual needs, such as skin type, concerns, and environmental factors.

14. How accurate is Skin AI?

AI Skin Analysis by PERFECT CORP. is highly accurate in identifying skin concerns, built using over 70,000 medical-grade images. Its accuracy has been validated in a medical study, showing it effectively identifies various skin issues. Additionally, it boasts a 95% test-retest reliability rate, indicating consistent and reliable results in repeated assessments.

15. What is the AI tool for skin type?

Perfect Corp.'s AI Skin Analysis technology can help users to identify their skin types by analyzing the T-zone and U-zone of their faces. This skin type detection technology accurately identifies normal, oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin types.

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