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Beauty Tech Services for Enterprise

Upgrade your beauty shoppers' journey with the complete suite of beauty tech solutions
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Partner Success Stories with Beauty Tech

Beauty technology provides innovative online shopping experience, and significantly increases add-to-cart and time-on-site for brands.
Learn how our trailblazing beauty AI & AR technology is helping brands experience immediate ROI results.
increase in conversion rate
with Makeup Virtual Try-on
“It’s not about just technology for the sake of technology. What we are developing for the Estée Lauder brand is technology to enhance the consumer experience.”
Stéphane de La Faverie
Global Brand President, Estée Lauder
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Create a Consistent Digital Beauty Experience for All Channels

Market-leading solutions in beauty AI & AR to power innovative virtual try-ons and product recommendations. Cutting-edge AI & AR technology encompasses all aspects of the brand experience across all customer touchpoints.

Smart Beauty Mirror for In-Store Consultation

Discover a unique in-store try-before-you-buy experience with market leading AR makeup tryouts. In-store AR consultations make it easy to integrate new products and tailor product recommendations creating a highly personalized customer journey. The Smart Beauty Mirror offers virtual makeup, skin analysis, foundation shade matching and more.Learn more

YouCam for Web (Enterprise)

Upgrade your site to improve sales and create a better shopping experience for your customers. The SDK offers a turnkey solution to help beauty brands easily enable the virtual makeup try-on shopping experience on ecommerce sites, as well as other digital beauty services including skin analysis, virtual hair color try-on and more.Learn more

Mobile SDK

Create your own mobile app with advanced beauty AI & AR technology. Our patented virtual try on engine offers real-time virtual try-on for hyper-realistic makeup and hair color simulations. Brands can upgrade their own apps with YouCam Makeup beauty engine to bring the most powerful virtual beauty experience to their app users.Learn more

AR Virtual Makeup for Google and YouTube

All your AR makeup effects created with YouCam are now available to Google Search users and YouTube viewers. Beauty brands can easily select and publish their own virtual SKUs with the same level of AR rending quality of product shades, textures, reflections, and makeup patterns.Learn more

AR Virtual Makeup for Snapchat

Perfect Corp. brand partners can effortlessly bring their virtual SKUs to Snapchat's newest Dynamic Shopping Lens using Perfect's brand console. Make your beauty products discoverable by millions of Snapchatters with the AR Dynamic Shopping Lens through Brand Profiles, Lens Explorer, and Snapcodes.Learn more

AR Virtual Makeup for Instagram

Our current brand partners can seamlessly bring their existing AR experiences directly to Instagram and catalog-backed surfaces, such as AR-enabled ads and Instagram shops, via Perfect's brand console. New partners can easily set up virtual product SKUs in the console with the help from our team.Learn more

WeChat Mini-program

We help beauty brands grow their business in WeChat using the most advanced beauty technologies. Native to the WeChat Mini Program ecosystem, mini programs are helping beauty brands to promote products and increase online sales through virtual makeup and skin analysis services.Learn more

Taobao Mini-program

Our innovative AI + AR beauty technology in Taobao Mini Programs will help Taobao beauty sellers drive online sales and keep consumers engaged in a new virtually connected way that invites discovery and experimentation. Bring customized, interactive beauty experiences to your consumers.Learn more

YouCam Makeup App Listing

Enlist and present your beauty products to millions of YouCam Makeup user worldwide, allowing them to virtually try and buy your products. The AI-powered virtual try-on technology supports many product categories, including lip color, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush, foundation, skincare, hair dye, and more.Learn more

Join industry-leading beauty companies using YouCam Enterprise to cultivate your business and boost sales.

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