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FAVES BEAUTY Attributes 40% of Incoming Website Traffic to YouCam for Web Virtual Try-On

“We are excited to partner with Perfect Corp. to provide virtual makeup try-on to our consumers. We’re proud of the collaborative work we’re doing now, and it’s allowing us to deliver a truly customer-centric shopping experience to all beauty lovers.”
Mr. Ozawa
Services enabled with PERFECT.
YouCam for Web
FAVES BEAUTY is a unique and innovative beauty brand for modern makeup aficionados. The brand was launched in 2019 by PAPELOOK Corp., and despite being a newcomer to the beauty scene in Japan, has already garnered a base of loyal customers. FAVES BEAUTY product offerings are based on the concept of “Personal Color”, an individual makeup color that complements one’s own skin, hair, and eye color. Personal colors are divided into four basic seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. For each color type FAVES BEAUTY offers four product combinations, consisting of an eyeshadow palette, blush, and lip gloss.

It is evident that choosing the right makeup colors will accentuate one’s natural features; however, FAVES BEAUTY realized that not many consumers are familiar with the notion of “personal color.” In order to give their consumers an opportunity to discover and fully experience the "personal color" concept, FAVES BEAUTY needed to provide a unique virtual solution to their website visitors, allowing them to quickly and effortlessly try-on various colors, find their best match, and purchase suitable makeup products. To achieve this goal, FAVES BEAUTY decided to implement Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web solution on their website.

After incorporating virtual try-on technology into their online shopping experience, FAVES BEAUTY received overwhelming positive feedback and appreciation from the users. Furthermore, the cutting-edge technology now also contributes to 40% of the incoming website traffic. The level of accuracy and precision provided by the YouCam for Web virtual makeup try-on technology, combined with the entertainment element and surprise factor, brought truly customized, interactive beauty experience to FAVES BEAUTY consumers, making the shopping process easier and more convenient than ever before. The number of daily look tryouts has doubled since the launch of the virtual try-on function, and the total number of tryouts exceeded one million in just 100 days.

“Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web virtual makeup try-on technology has exceeded all our expectations and allowed us to reach a much wider audience we may not have reached otherwise with traditional retail techniques. We believe that modern beauty industry is undergoing digital transformation and virtual makeup try-on will replace physical, in-store try-on in the nearest future,” said Mr. Ozawa, PAPELOOK CEO. Perfect Corp.’s unique self-service subscription offer features turnkey virtual try-on web capabilities, providing FAVES BEAUTY with a cost-efficient alternative to developing its own technology platform. After successfully integrating YouCam for Web into the e-commerce site for full look try-ons within just one week after deciding to use the technology, FAVES BEAUTY is planning to expand its virtual try-on capabilities by providing an integrated experience to their consumers through individual makeup try-on. Coming soon on  FAVES BEAUTY .

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