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Luxury Beauty Brand Sees 500% Boost in Customer Engagement, 42% Increase

“People who engage with our Perfect Corp. AR-powered Tutorials are spending five times longer on site … and have a 42% higher average order value.”
Senior Marketing Executive
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42% increase in average order value
500% boost in consumer engagement
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Situation: Engaging and Educating Consumers with Virtual Makeup Tutorials for Trending Looks

A luxury beauty brand was an early adopter of Perfect Corp.’s virtual try-on technology, and wanted to bring the same precise artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to customer makeup tutorials and education. 

Solution: AI/AR-Powered Makeup Trend Tutorials

The luxury beauty brand chose Perfect Corp. and the Perfect Corp. AR platform to bring makeup tutorials to life in an immersive and impactful way. Perfect Corp. combines powerful AI with its industry-leading AI and AR to provide stunningly lifelike results. 

“We were impressed with the degree of involvement we saw with our consumers engaging with our Perfect Corp.-powered virtual try-on, which accelerated during the pandemic,” says a senior marketing executive at the luxury beauty brand. “So it was a natural evolution for us to want to use this technology to provide a virtual experience for users through providing online users with beauty tutorials.”

The AI/AR-powered tutorials feature artists walking consumers through the step-by-step process of creating one of the company’s trending new looks. Using Perfect Corp. YouCam Tutorial, the artist talks with the consumer as if they were in person, having a in-store consultation.

Consumers love the fact that as the artist paints on a color or shade, it appears on the consumer’s own face via their smartphone.

“The consumer can see the exact products being used, the precise brush or lip pencil being used, and exactly how the artist works the colors onto the consumer’s own face,” the senior marketing executive says. “The precision of the Perfect Corp. technology is impressive, because even if the consumer moves their head while the artist is applying shadow or lip, nothing is lost. The application is exactly as it would be in a real-life experience.”

The luxury beauty brand hosts the AI/AR-powered tutorials on its mobile website where it provides its consumers with the latest news on trends.

“We doesn’t follow trends. We create trends. Our makeup tutorials provide a new and exciting way for our artists to share our new trends with consumers even when they can’t come into the store. They can learn how to apply all of these looks from the comfort and convenience of their home.”

The brand has deployed the tutorials on its mobile site serving the United States and is preparing to roll out the technology in the UK.


The luxury beaty brand has enjoyed a number of benefits since deploying the Perfect Corp. YouCam Tutorial technology including:

  • AI/AR makeup tutorials are a powerful sales tool
  • 500% boost in consumer engagement when interacting with AR/AI-powered makeup tutorials
  • 42% increase in average order value when interacting with AI/AR tutorials

Powerful Sales Tool: Personal Tutorial for Applying New Looks

The luxury beauty brand has found its tutorials to be a powerful sales tool because consumers get such a sense of personal involvement and excitement experiencing a makeup artist applying a new look on their own face.

“Giving our consumers the ability to have a full look applied by one of our artists has proven to be wildly satisfying from a user perspective,” The Senior Marketing Executive says. “This creates such a big connection for the consumer.”

Not only are consumers seeing the artist apply the makeup to their own face, they can study how it was done.

“Our consumers can pause the video, they can back it up, they can see exactly what the artist did to give them their look. Our AR-powered tutorials provide a way to create a strong, personal connection between an artist and an online consumer.”

500% Boost in Consumer Engagement When Interacting with AI/AR-Powered Makeup Tutorials 

The luxury beauty brand has seen a 500% boost in the time consumers spend on their site when interacting with the virtual tutorials.

“Our virtual tutorials have enriched the mobile experience,” the senior marketing executive says. “People who engage with our Perfect Corp.-powered tutorials are spending five times longer on site than those who don’t. They like to scroll through our different looks and try to see which ones they would like to try on their own face—while learning how to apply everything from our artists. It’s a very engaging, innovative experience.”

42% Increase in Average Order Value When Interacting with AI/AR-Powered Makeup Tutorials 

The luxury beauty brand sees a 42% increase in average order value when consumers engage with AI/AR-powered tutorials.

“We’ve found our mobile users who engage with our AI/AR tutorials have a 42% higher average order value, which isn’t surprising because when they like a look, they want to add all the products to their bag,” the senior marketing executive says. “Our looks involve everything from foundation to eye and lip, as well as brushes. So it leads to a higher AOV.”

Great Way to Promote New Products

The company’s virtual tutorials have proven to be a great way to introduce new products.  

“We're constantly launching new innovative products and have found that a great way to promote them is to include them in new AR tutorials,” the senior marketing executive says. “Our artists can work with new products and incorporate them into exciting new looks, and then use our Perfect Corp. tools to create a tutorials featuring them.”

For example, the senior marketing executive notes that when the luxury beauty brand created a beautiful new eyeshadow palette, its Trend Team and Artistry Team worked together to create AR tutorials that proved popular with consumers.

“Our Trend Team and our Artistry Team work closely together,” the senior marketing executive says. “Our artists will pick all the products they need to create the complete look and work with our Perfect Corp. technology to build it out, complete with the tutorial.”

Perfect Corp. Is a Great Technology Partner

The luxury beauty brand has long found Perfect Corp. to be a great company to work with. From their first use of Perfect Corp. technology for virtual try-on, through the release of their Perfect Corp.-powered shade finder, and now to the AR tutorials.

“Perfect Corp. has always been a great company to work with,” the senior marketing executive says. “This includes working with their internal development team as we roll out new ways to use AR/AI technology. It is always a collaborative effort, and the entire Perfect Corp. team is extremely involved and super helpful.”

The luxury beauty brand values the technology Perfect Corp. provides for its Looks Tutorials, which help the company stay on the cutting edge of creating new trends, and bringing them to life.

“Our Trends Team and Artistry Team use this  technology to keep us on the leading edge, which is where our brand has always been and will always be,” the senior marketing executive says. “We are the trend setters, and our use of virtual technology helps us bring these looks to the world.”

About Perfect Corp. 

Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) leverages ‘Beautiful AI’ innovations to make our world more beautiful. As a pioneer and leader in the space, Perfect Corp. works with over 600 partners around the globe to empower brands to embrace the digital-first world by transforming shopping journeys through digital tech innovations. Perfect Corp.’s suite of enterprise solutions deliver synergistic, technology-driven experiences that facilitate sustainable, ultra-personalized, and engaging shopping journeys through hyper-realistic virtual try-ons, AI-powered skin analyses, personalized product recommendation tools and many more Beautiful AI innovations.

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