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Featured Customer
FYFE Beauty is the First Indie Beauty Brand to Leverage the YouCam for Web Technology Solution
"This AI capability has increased the amount of time users are spending on my app, therefore improving their end experience, app reviews, and ultimately sales."
Jillian Dempsey
FYFE Beauty founder and celebrity makeup artist
Watch the video: About FYFE Beauty
Services enabled with PERFECT.
  • Advising 10x as many clients using the Virtual Try-Ons compared to doing individual client makeovers
Jillian Dempsey was looking for a way to share her expertise and have users get cozy with beauty in the comfort of their own homes. Enter FYFE Beauty. FYFE Beauty is a subscription-based makeup service created by legendary makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, where users gain access to exclusive beauty content and get to choose their own personalized beauty adventure.

Users sign up for $5.99 a month and receive Dempsey’s lifetime of makeup artist expertise. This includes access to exclusive content like video tutorials, where users learn how to recreate Dempsey’s famous red carpet—and street style—looks at home, and shop the featured products from each look while they follow along.

Users can then browse recommended makeup shades and complete beauty looks curated by Dempsey to match their individual facial attributes and beauty preferences for a curated user experience. In an attempt to amplify the personal touch and interactive nature of the FYFE Beauty experience, Dempsey sought the help of leading beauty tech service provider, Perfect Corp. to leverage their award-winning YouCam for Web virtual makeup try-on technology to create her “Shade Arcade” and enhance the app experience. The indie-focused service targets to help small and medium businesses streamline the integration of advanced beauty technology throughout their consumer shopping experience.

"It's exciting to be the first indie beauty brand in partnership with YouCam for Web service to enhance our FYFE Beauty experience. Their innovation allows me to bring my expertise and passion to millions of people by enabling users to virtually try-on my handcrafted beauty looks. With Perfect Corp.'s breakthrough beauty technology, businesses like mine can integrate advanced AR and AI to drive a richer, more meaningful consumer experience. For my business, that's everything.” – Jillian Dempsey

While learning beauty techniques from a beauty expert can be thrilling in itself, Dempsey quickly recognized the value that advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty try-ons could bring to her digital online experience. What if users could actually experience the recommended products and looks that Dempsey was suggesting for them? This would introduce an interactive component that re-imagined the experience and resulted in an immersive beauty journey for the user, creating a much stronger emotional connection between the user and FYFE brand.

Perfect Corp.’s YouCam for Web service was created for indie beauty brands to seamlessly integrate virtual try-on technology through a self-service portal that instantly amplifies the consumer shopping journey. For FYFE, this would mean bringing Dempsey’s personalized beauty recommendations to life in an elevated and interactive way that invited experimentation and discovery through hyper-realistic digital try-ons. Dempsey partnered with Perfect Corp. as the first indie beauty brand to leverage the YouCam for Web technology solution. Now, users of the FYFE Beauty app could virtually try-on each custom-designed shade or Jillian-designed look on their own face in real time digitally or online.

"This AI capability has increased the amount of time users are spending on my app, therefore improving their end experience, app reviews, and ultimately sales." – Jillian Dempsey FYFE Beauty has enjoyed a number of benefits since deploying YouCam for Web virtual try-ons throughout its in-app beauty experience. As we enter an era of no-touch retail, brands and consumers are relying on the accuracy and convenience of virtual try-ons to help make more confident and informed purchase decisions. For FYFE, virtual try on has introduced an extra-sticky interactive element to the in-app experience resulting in an average of three minutes spent in the app per user, 70% increase in virtual try-on per user since the launch, and an increased conversion for the products tried. On average users try around ten products/shades in her ‘Shade Arcade’. By rethinking the user experience through the power of beauty tech, FYFE was able to re-create a memorable human connection that rivals a physical one, all through a digital screen. "YouCam for Web technology has allowed me to turn my dream of enhancing the beauty of men and women into a reality." – Jillian Dempsey