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Genesis Dermatology Uses Perfect Corp. Real-Time AI Skin Analysis Solution to Help Patients See Results

“They can see not just if something is working, but precisely how well it is working. We expect to see a further boost after we deploy units in the waiting room for patients to explore with.”
Dr. Shawna Flanagan
Board-Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon
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AI Skin Analysis
20% Increase in Cosmetic Laser Procedures
Boost in Retail Sales


Genesis Dermatology, located in Jupiter, FL, is  dedicated to providing quality patient care and a personalized family atmosphere. Dr. Shawna Flanagan, Board-Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon, and her team are dedicated to providing medical and cosmetic dermatology using the latest techniques and health information to provide solutions to skin care issues with real results.

Dr. Flanagan’s practice offers a spectrum of dermal fillers, injectables, and laser procedures, designed to specifically help nurture, restore and maintain the health and beauty of skin. Dr. Flanagan, who serves as volunteer faculty at the University of Miami, also performs surgery for skin cancers.

Analyzing skin health—including the results from skin enhancing procedures—has always been subjective, which is why Dr. Flanagan has long been interested in computerized solutions for skin analysis. But she wasn’t satisfied with her first solution, which required patients to place their head inside a box to have a photo taken, using flashing light. 

“Especially with COVID, I didn’t want to ask my patients to place their head in a box,” Dr. Flanagan says. “It was cumbersome, so I wanted to find a more efficient solution that was also more patient friendly.”

Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Analysis technology let’s dermatologists and their patients precisely track facial health—and improvements from treatments.


After reading a medical journal article about the precision, efficiency, and ease of use of Perfect Corp. Real-Time AI Skin Analysis, Dr. Flanagan tested the solution, liked what she saw, and has since integrated it into her practice. Perfect Corp. is the leader in providing artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for the beauty industry. 

Perfect Corp. has harnessed its AI and AR expertise to create its Real-Time AI Skin Analysis, which builds on the company’s earlier award-winning AI Skin Analysis solution. Real-Time AI Skin Analysis offers skin analysis in real time through live video. The upgraded solution allows Dr. Flanagan to provide a baseline report for her patients—showing their current skin age, as well as subsequent skin scores showing improvements from products and services—such as injecting dermal fillers or botox, and performing a range of laser and other treatments.

The journal article that caught the attention of Dr. Flanagan was written by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, Professor of Dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, which found Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Analysis technology was proven accurate at identifying skin concerns, displaying a 95% test-retest reliability rate. Furthermore, when compared to both physician assessments and industry-standard imaging devices, the results showed assessment correlation of over 80% for certain concerns, highlighting the increased speed and reduced cost of the solution.

Real-Time AI Analysis provides precision tracking of 14 facial elements.


Dr. Flanagan has found a number of benefits in working with Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin Analysis technology, including:

  • Providing a great conversation starter with patients
  • Ability to show real-time improvements in skin firmness
  • Validation of progress
  • An element of gamification
  • Boost in sales for products and procedures

AI Skin Analysis Provides a Great Conversation Starter with Patients

Dr. Flanagan has found that Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin Analysis provides a great conversation starter with patients. 

“Skin radiance is one of the scores provided by the AI Skin Analysis technology, which is very important,” Dr. Flanagan says. “Sometimes a patient might be just focused on fillers or botox treatments. With the AI Skin Analysis, you can say, ‘Skin radiance provides a youthful glow, maybe you would like to boost your radiance score with Retin-A or Elastin illuminating cream.’ I believe that everyone with a low radiance score would benefit from Retin-A.”

The Real-Time AI Skin Analysis is such a great conversation starter, that Dr. Flanagan provides an iPad with the software in her waiting room so patients can see their own skin analysis and skin-age score while waiting. 

“The Real-Time Skin Analysis provides 14 scores in determining skin age—including metrics for wrinkles, texture, pores, redness, firmness, and radiance—so we will divide our product and  service offerings to match those 14 categories,” Flanagan says. “This makes it easier for the patient to understand the different elements involved in skin health, and the products and procedures we can provide to improve skin health and appearance.”

Dr. Shawna Flanagan, Dermatologist.

Ability to Show Real-Time Improvements in Firmness

It is one thing to say: “Well that looks better,” and another to say: “This was your skin  firmness and skin age score before what we just did, and here’s the score after.”

The objective digital skin analysis provides a powerful validation for skin improvements. While some procedures are measured over time, Dr. Flanagan’s patients enjoy the immediate feedback they can get when being treated with dermal fillers to enhance skin firmness, which in turn reduces the overall skin age score.

“When I inject fillers along the nasal labia marionette lines [the deep lines that form between the cheeks and the mouth] patients can see immediate results,” Dr. Flanagan says.  “I recently did this with a patient and five years came off her skin age score.”

Validation of Progress “Some of My Patients’ AI Skin Scores Show They Appear 25 Years Younger”

Perfect Corp.’s Real-Time AI Skin technology provides validation for new treatments—as well as for past treatments. 

 “Some of my long-term patients are excited to see that the AI Skin Analysis shows their skin age as being 20 to 25 years, or more, younger than they really are,” Dr. Flanagan says. “One woman came in with her husband, who doesn’t do anything for his face, and the AI Skin score precisely placed him within a year of his actual age, while his wife scored 25 years younger. Her husband said: ‘Well, you get what you pay for.’”

Dr. Flanagan uses periodic check-ins with the AI Skin scores so her patients can see progress over time when using products or procedures that require more time to work. She is especially eager to use the skin scores  for various laser treatments.

“For some procedures, such as non-ablative laser treatments, in the past you could see improvements with your eyes, but it was subjective,” Dr. Flanagan says. “Now my patients will be able to see absolute metrics to track their skin improvements. This is very satisfying for both of us.”

Ease of Use. Patients in the waiting room can explore their own skin scores

An Element of Gamification

Dr. Flanagan reports that some of her patients—especially those with a competitive nature—find a bit of enjoyable gamification with the Real-Time AI Skin technology.

“With some patients, they see their initial skin scores and have a fun attitude of: ‘OK, that’s where we start, let’s see how much we can improve.’”

The precision of Real-Time AI Skin technology allows them to play the game with a neutral digital party keeping their scores as they progress through adopting different procedures and products.

20% Increase in Cosmetic Laser Procedures; Boost in Retail Sales

While Dr. Flanagan has seen a 20% increase in cosmetic laser procedures and a boost in sales for cosmetic products since deploying Real-Time AI Skin technology three months ago.

“It makes sense that we would see a boost because patients have this neutral third-party validation of what is working for them,” Dr. Flanagan says. “They can see not just if something is working, but precisely how well it is  working. We expect to see a further boost after we deploy units in the waiting room for patients to explore with.”

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