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AI Skincare

How AI Skin Technology Drives Sales

Feb 16, 2021 · 3 minutes read

For beauty and skincare companies looking to improve their sales, AI skin technology might be the secret weapon they’re looking for. AI for skincare allows customers to personalize their skin diagnosis online for products that work just for them. Understanding the basics behind this technology can help a business drive conversions for increased profits.

What Is AI Technology in Skincare?

The skincare and beauty industry has changed in recent years, and that’s especially true during the COVID-19 era. Customers no longer have the option of heading to a skincare counter or pharmacy to test out products or get advice. Skincare brands are having a tougher time reaching customers in traditional avenues, meaning they’ve had to make a quick pivot to virtual-first approaches. Even with these challenges, it’s still expected that the skincare industry as a whole will be worth $18.7 billion in 2021 (“Skin Care”).

See the AI-powered Skincare Technology in action. This technology allows consumers to get skin health diagnostics and product recommendations remotely (via a browser).

Part of that may be because of the lipstick effect, a phenomenon where consumers indulge more when they are under financial stress. During the coronavirus, a period of great distress for most Americans, hair care product sales rose 82%, while nail care product sales rose by 9% (Ledesma). Furthermore, online sales of self-care products were up 24% from sales in 2019, suggesting the pandemic couldn’t slow the drive for a virtual beauty experience (Ledesma).

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This continued need and desire for online sales is the big reason brands need to take AI skincare technology seriously. These days, it can help customers accomplish everything they’d typically do in person. Customers just need to capture a photo of themselves to get a complete AI skin analysis that detects exact levels of spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. This tech can even determine whether or not a person has uneven skin tone or acne. With this data, the customer can then receive an AI skin diagnosis telling them more about the health of their skin, along with personalized product recommendations meant to treat their deficiencies.

Obviously, this has huge benefits for both the business and the consumers. Brands are able to connect with the consumer wherever they are, and consumers can get direct access to brands and products from the comfort of their own home. It’s a win-win.

How AI Technology Translates Into Sales

To get this level of connection with the customer, businesses need to make sure they’re using a proven AI solution like Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin Diagnostic Tool. It provides users with real-time analysis of their skin health in eight skin parameters ( click here to try our demo site), including:
  • Spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Dark circles
  • Moisture levels
  • Oiliness
  • Redness
  • Acne

    8 types of skin health diagnostics
    All 8 types of skin health diagnostics analyzed by Perfect Corp.'s AI-powered Skin Diagnostic Technology.

    Each of these categories is assigned a score based on how prevalent they are. This score is then combined to calculate the user’s estimated skin age. The tool can even detect eye bags, droopy eyelids, skin firmness, and skin radiance and integrate this data into the final tabulation.

    Once the skin score is created, the customer is offered suggestions for skincare solutions to meet their needs. Businesses can input products for certain skincare concerns, and the tool will automatically suggest these products when it identifies that a user has these problems. That way, customers will know exactly what they need to buy to improve their skin health.

    All of this can happen directly on the business’s website or app, meaning customers won’t have to be redirected to an external site. This keeps them focused on the brand and ready to buy. Once the products are recommended, they are immediately available for purchase, allowing the customer to make a quick decision without overthinking it.

    Sofina's AI-powered Skincare Diagnostic
    Sofina's example of using the AI-Powered Skin Diagnostic technology to drive skincare sales.

    So far, the AI Skin Diagnostic Tool has helped numerous brands fulfill their customer’s needs. One satisfied brand is Dr. Jason Emer, a dermatologist looking for ways to give his clients more personalized service. He uses the app to provide recommendations for his own skincare line, Emerage Skin. So far, he’s been able to use the diagnostic precision of the app to educate his clients and help them find products that actually offer results.

    Another success story is SOFINA iP, a brand that provides over-the-counter skin care products for multitasking women. It integrated the AI Skin Diagnostic Tool into its app with immediate results. As of May 2020, the company had 120,000 trial users as well as 500,000 new followers online. This high engagement rate has allowed the company to help its consumers get the personalized skin care they need to improve their concerns.

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