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AI Beyond the Beauty Aisle: Expansion into Eyewear Virtual Try-On

Jun 17, 2021 · 5 minutes read

The global pandemic has transformed industries in many ways this past year, and the use of AR and AI has evolved from a fun technology to an incredibly necessary tool in many businesses worldwide. Because of COVID-19, consumers are now less likely to head to a traditional brick-and-mortar store to try out products, regardless of whether they’re beauty items, clothing, or even glasses.  

So, what does a consumer do if they can’t head to a store to purchase a product, but still want to get the try-on experience at home in order to make a more confident purchase decision? They turn to Perfect Corp. advanced technology.

With the leading AR and AI technology YouCam utilizes, consumers can try on makeup products at home and then purchase that product with a simple click of a button. At YouCam, we’ve used AR and AI tech to help consumers try on makeup, change their hair color, and even analyze their skin health, and now we’re expanding into virtual glasses, earrings, and jewelry, too.  

New Method for Creating Virtual Glasses SKU’s

The idea of trying on glasses digitally isn’t necessarily new, but the method of how the try-on experience is created certainly is. Unlike the traditional method of product mapping for digital renderings, which was expensive, tedious, and time-consuming, Perfect Corp. makes it easy for brands to quickly create virtual glasses SKUs—with our technology, traditional 3D product scanning or modeling to digitize each SKU is not necessary.

Our streamlined process creates true-to-life digital glasses for a brand’s entire product range in a fraction of the time it would take using the traditional method. This creates a fast and effective means for brands to digitize their product lines easily. 

Virtual Glasses Virtual Glasses

All you have to do is provide three eyewear product images, including one of the left temple, one of the right temple, and one of the front of the glasses frame, along with an optional reflection effect. Then, our advanced tech will compose a rendered 3D AR glasses piece—a simple process for a state-of-the-art solution. Our technology also allows brands to customize the frame sizes and colors, including the reflections on the lenses and opacity of the frames to further enhance the products’ visual aesthetics for a more “real-life” try-on experience.  

Developed With Consumers in Mind

Not only does Perfect Corp. make it super simple for brands to upload all of their glasses product SKUs onto our platform, but it also couldn’t be easier for the consumer to try on. Perfect Corp.’s virtual glasses try-on doesn’t require users to have to record a video or take a selfie in order to render a try-on image—all you have to do is turn on your camera and see how the glasses look on your face in real-time. This automated 3D product creation has completely changed the game for glasses try-on, allowing brands to recreate complete SKU collections using just three product images.  

Automated Pupillary DetectionAutomated Pupillary Detection

To add to the consumer eyewear try-on experience, we’ve utilized the first-ever AI-powered Automated Pupillary Detection (APD). This technology can instantly measure the pupillary distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other pupil, helping to achieve a more precise try-on experience. Unlike most current glasses try-on technologies, which require this distance to be manually inputted, our APD tech automatically detects the consumer’s pupillary distance measurement for them. There is no other technology that can ensure the most accurate and consistent virtual eyeglasses try-on experience as Perfect Corp.’s APD technology. 

Thanks to our advanced glasses try-on experience, consumers no longer need to worry about whether a pair of shades or glasses will be a good fit for their face—their accurate, virtual try-on experience with Perfect Corp. will show them whether a pair of glasses or sunglasses are too wide, too narrow, the wrong color, or just not a great fit for their face shape.  

No More Guesswork

Traditionally, customers would head to a store and try out many pairs of eyeglasses, one by one, to see which option best suits them. But this technology takes the guesswork out of the stressful experience of trying to decide which eyewear piece is right for you. Consumers no longer need to look up “which sunglasses suit my face shape” online, or drag a friend to the eyewear store to help them figure out which spectacles look the least nerdy—all you need to do is turn on your camera, swipe through the multiple options, and decide for yourself which pair are the perfect fit.  

AR Virtual Try-on
AR Virtual Try-on

What’s so convenient about this technology is that you can try on so many different eyewear options in the fraction of the time it would take for you to try on each pair within the store. You no longer need to deal with pushy salespeople or test each one in a mirror for what feels like an hour. Perfect Corp. makes it simple for you to allow your customers to try on as many pairs of glasses or sunglasses as they want, quickly, effectively, and safely.   

The try-before-you-buy concept is evolving rapidly, and Perfect Corp. is on the cutting edge of the leading try-on technology, whether that be through makeup, hair color, eyewear, or accessories. With an easy eyewear SKUs uploading process, along with our APD technology, we’ve made it simple for brands to reach their customers in a whole new way.   

Add AR 3D Glasses and Jewelry Virtual Try-on to Your Online Brand Store

If you’re a brand looking to uplevel your customer experience, check out our technology demo for virtual glasses and earrings. For glasses, you can choose between different eyewear shapes, multiple frame colors, a plethora of lens tints, frame size, frame depth, and frame position. Looking to expand your jewelry wardrobe? Our demo allows you to try on four different pairs of earrings, with swinging drop earrings, cute studs, or something in between for a real-life jewelry try-on experience unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  

Perfect Corp.’s leading AR and AI technology is already being utilized by many brands worldwide to help make the buying experience that much easier for their customers. Feel free to contact our sales team to learn more about this advanced technology that will change your brand (and build your customer base) for the better.

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