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Hair Color
The Best At-Home Hair Color Trends In 2021
Jan 22, 2021 · 3 minutes read

Whether it’s the start of a new year, the kickoff to a new season, or simply the beginning of a fresh week, there is no wrong time to switch up your hair color. Changing your hair color is the perfect way to refresh your style and these trending 2021 hair color trends are giving us serious inspiration. From rich winter hues to vibrant shots of color, ombre effects, and more, here’s how you can find—and try on—the best new hair color to match your mood, season, or style.

Finding the Best At-Home Hair Colors

When it comes to finding the best at-home hair colors, many look for complimentary, natural-looking hues that blend seamlessly with your natural roots and shine. This helps to ease the grow-out process ensuring a gradual fade that still looks complimentary with your natural tones.

To help find the right color for your skin tone, use a free virtual try-on tool like YouCam Makeup, to digitally try-on a range of hair colors to find the shades that best match your complexion or mood. Users can personalize their color to adjust the shine and intensity of the pigment to help find their best color.

Also, With bold hair, color inspiration sprinkled all over our Tik Tok and social media feeds, it’s hard not to be intrigued to play with color. Then there are the playful colors of celebrities like Billie Eilish, Sarah Hyland, and Madonna that add extra motivation to go bold.

Top 5 Biggest Hair Color Trends of the Year

Experimenting with a rainbow of vibrant hair colors has never been easier. YouCam Makeup delivers on the try-before-you-dye experience allowing you to browse dozens of funky, vibrant hair colors, across metallic and duo-chrome finishes to find the bold new hair color trend that's right for you. 

Trend #1: Black-Blue Two-Toned

    This deep moody new color trend is gaining in popularity for its subtle “something different” effect. The dark black color is striking all on its own, with a hint of deep blue that makes you do a double-take and give it that wow-factor.

    Celebrity Inspiration: Charlie D’Amelio

          Trend #2: Ombre Green

          Green is certainly an outside-the-box color selection for hair, however, the bright, ombre fade effect, beautifully balances the bold style. It’s an eye-catching, bold style that accentuates your personality and makes a statement.  

          Celebrity Inspiration: Billie Eilish

          Trend #3: Think Pink

            There’s no denying the cheerful cuteness factor of bubblegum pink hair. It’s an instant pick-me-up color that has been making a trendsetting statement for years and is just the cheerful boost this world needs right now. The playful style brightens the complexion and makes any look a statement look. 

            Celebrity Inspiration: Lady Gaga, Doja Cat, and Sarah Potempa 

                Trend #4: Ombre Brown

                It’s a classic hair color trend and with good reason. There’s something universally flattering and stunning about a warm ombre brown hair color, that is also incredibly easy to maintain. The natural fade of the hair color makes it easy to keep the color looking fresh and glossy even as it grows out. It’s gorgeous everyday-every season- for anyone shade that will be the go-to for the year ahead. 

                Celebrity Inspiration: Chrissy Teigen, Serena Williams, and Jessica Biel 

                Testing the Hottest Hair Color Trends At Home!

                    Whether you are in the market for a fresh new color, or sticking with your tried and true ombre hair color favorite, experimenting with your hair color is now as easy as a tap of your smartphone. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology has helped to bring hair color try-on to life in a very real way.

                    The free YouCam Makeup app allows you to try-on hundreds of hair colors in real-time for the most true-to-life visualization of your new hair color. It’s never been easier to experiment and instantly discover the latest hair color trends. Find your new hair color today!

                    Watch YouCam Makeup Tutorial Video

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