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5 Expert Tips to Wear Eyeliner Like A Pro
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5 Expert Tips to Wear Eyeliner Like A Pro

May 21, 2021 · 4 minutes read
5 Expert Tips to Wear Eyeliner Like A Pro

The best eyeliner looks may seem so simple — just a magical swoosh and your look is complete — but in actuality, it takes much more finesse to complete. Learning how to apply eyeliner takes time and practice, but this eyeliner tutorial will help you finally master the look you’ve been eyeing.

How to Apply Eyeliner Like A Pro

Applying eyeliner comes with a learning curve, but we’ve all been there. Achieving those perfectly straight lines doesn’t just happen overnight. You’ll need to put in some practice to be able to get the technique down and to see what styles work best for you. Luckily, we’re here to help.

The free selfie makeup app YouCam Makeup makes it easy to test out new makeup — including eyeliner — to see what works best for you. That means fewer wasted products and more time to focus on perfecting the styles you know and love.


5 Step-by-Step Eyeliner Apply Tips 

Ready to get started? Here are our recommended tips on how to apply eyeliner to make sure your application process is smooth and smudge-free.

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1. Prep the Lid

First things first, you’ll need to prime your lid. Priming helps pigments stick to your skin better so they last longer. Use some eyelid primer along your lid, then add a touch of concealer on top to create a smooth, even-toned surface. If you also plan on using eyeshadow in your look, now is the time to apply it!

Always put eyeshadow on before your liner, otherwise, the eyeshadow will cover up and smudge your hard work.

2. Choose the Right Liner

When picking out an eyeliner, your main consideration should be your experience level. Beginners might not have as much control and accuracy, so we recommend a pencil liner because it’s a little easier to work with.

After you master a pencil, you’ll be ready for a cream liner or gel liner. These can give you more precise shapes and provide more flexibility for your look.

Once you’ve become an expert, then you can upgrade to a liquid liner! This is the toughest to apply, but it offers the best-looking results when done right. Don’t worry — YouCam Makeup lets you choose between pencil liners, gel liners, and liquid liners so you can get lifelike results. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

3. Start Small

Now comes the tough part — the application. Once you’re ready to apply, hold your lid closed and gently press it taut. Don’t pull, as this can give you wrinkles! Take your liner and apply four dots along the lash line. This will be your guide to follow as you draw a straight line across the lid.

As you draw, start with a thin line to make sure you have it straight. You can always go back and make it thicker if you like.

Remember, you can always add more liner, but you can’t remove it without removing all your eye makeup. And that’s it! Once you perfect that eye, just repeat the process for the other eye.

4. Finish With a Flick


Want to give your eyeliner look a little more pizzazz? Why not try a winged eyeliner style, or even cat eyeliner? Once you have your initial liner applied, it’s easy to add a little flourish to take things to the next level.

Just take the liner at the edge of your eye and add a little flick at the end. Making the flick longer and more arched can increase the drama of your look. If you’re not sure how this will look on you, remember you can always test it out in YouCam Makeup first. >> Download FREE YouCam Makeup app & Try!

5. Final Clean Ups & Touch-Ups

With your liner applied to both eyes, now’s the time to touch things up and make sure it’s smudge-free. First, you’ll want to make sure your eyes are even. You’ve probably been zoned in on each eye separately, so step back from the mirror and take a look. If you see one side is lopsided or a little thicker, do your best to even them out. Making a mistake isn’t the end of the world.

If your hand slips or you draw a line too thick, just clean up your eye with a damp cotton swab. Sometimes, it’s better to start over than to keep tweaking a look.

Once you’re happy with how it looks, all that’s left is to apply eyeshadow mascara, and you’ll be camera-ready!

Download YouCam Makeup: Your Virtual Makeup App

Want to experiment with more makeup looks? Download YouCam Makeup now to try out tons of eyeliner looks and find styles that make you look divine.

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