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AI Clothing Generator: Get AI Fashion Designs from Photos
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AI Clothing Generator: Get AI Fashion Designs from Photos

May 3, 2024 · 3 minutes read
AI Clothing Generator: Get AI Fashion Designs from Photos

Fashion has always reflected our creativity, personality, and individuality. With the help of an AI Clothing Generator, designing outfits and bringing fashion ideas to life has become more accessible and exciting than ever.

AI clothing generator that changes clothes on photo

Speed up your virtual try-on process using your imagination to get clothing design inspirations, it's achievable either by swapping outfits or creating similar clothing designs from photos using AI!

Turn Text to AI Clothing Designs

Turn Text to AI Clothing Design

▲ Generate matching accessories to enhance your AI-generated outfit

AI clothing generator can create unique, personalized clothing designs from any photo or text description.

Simply input your desired clothing design prompts into our AI Replace tool. After a few seconds, you'll be able to view the AI-generated clothing images.

Instantly Change Clothes in Photos Using AI

Instantly Change Clothes in Photos Using AI

▲ Turning yourself into a superhero instantly with an AI Clothing Generator

In addition to generating designs from photos, turning abstract text into visual clothing designs is now a popular hit.

Whether you're a fashion designer looking for inspiration, a fan wanting to dress up as your favorite pop-culture character without buying props and expensive costumes, or just someone who loves fashion, achieving these effects is easy — requiring only one photo!

How to Get AI-Generated Clothing Design With an AI Clothes Generator

Step 1. Get the Best AI Clothing Generator

Get the AI clothing generator free on your iPhone.

Step 2. Upload the Photo to Generate AI Clothes

Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo to get AI clothes designs. Click the “AI Replace” button to open YouCam AI's AI clothing generator.

Step 3. Type in the Prompt for AI Clothes Design

Type in the Prompt for AI Clothes Design

Then, paint where you wish to change outfit styles and enter the ideal fashion design in the text input field.

It only takes a few seconds for AI to change your clothes in photos.

Step 4. Save Your AI Clothing Design

As you're satisfied with the edited result, save your AI-generated art or press the "revert" button to create new AI-generated clothing designs!

AI Clothes Generator FAQs

Is There an AI That Can Design Clothes?

Yes, an AI clothing generator like YouCam AI allows users to easily get AI clothing designs in 2 ways: change clothes on photos or turn text into AI clothes.

To turn text into AI clothes:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Locate AI Replace on the menu bar to open our AI clothing generator
  • Paint the desired area and type in outfit styles in the text input field
  • Press Apply to view AI-generated clothing and save your result

To change clothes in photos:

  • Tap AI Tools and locate AI Fashion
  • Select the gender and styles you prefer
  • Upload a photo of yours
  • As you receive the notification, preview and save your result

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