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Photo Editing

9 Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Android 2022

Jan 1, 2022 · 4 minutes read
Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android Mobile Phone in 2022

We all try to take perfect photos right off the bat, but sometimes we just want to add that extra flash of pizzazz. Online photo editing services are great, but for most of us, a mobile photo editor app is the way to go.

Many photo editing apps are free to use, allow you to edit your photos on the go with a mobile-friendly experience, and they make it easy to save and share your photos on your favorite social media app.

Discover Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android in 2022

Here’s our top list of the best photo editing apps available for iPhone and Android in 2022:

  1. YouCam Perfect
  2. PhotoDirector  
  3. VSCO
  4. Picsart
  5. Snapseed
  6. Adobe Lightroom Mobile
  7. Photoshop Express Photo Editor
  8. Instasize Photo Editor
  9. Airbrush

1. YouCam Perfect - Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera

Find the Best Photo Editor to Enhance Photos with Filters, Animations, Collages, Frames, or Body Editing Tools to Level Up Your Photos

No matter what level of photographer or picture editor you are, the YouCam Perfect app is the best option out there for you. This free app allows you to edit photos and make collages, among many other creative features. Photos can be edited on either iPhone or Android with a wide variety of effects, animations, blending, frames, and much more.

Premium paid upgrades allow additional effects, animations, and retouching of selfies and your most memorable captures. With YouCam Perfect, you can even change the background of your photo or replace the sky in your image with one of the dreamy options. If you need to make some natural edits to your body due to bad angle or poor lighting, YouCam Perfect’s Body Tuner feature can help you with that. Have a person or object in the background of your photos that you’d rather have removed? Look no further than the Removal tool.



  • Not yet supports LUTs filter for professional photography usages
  • Not yet supports split tone editing


Lots of easy-to-use features allow users with little or no experience in photo editing to create amazing photos. Best for social buffs who always want their photos looking great on Instagram (or other social platforms). Adequate advanced editing features to help editing veterans to add the final touches to their shots.

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Photo Editing App for Android iPhone 2022

Available: iOS and Android

2. PhotoDirector - Creative & Fun Photo Editor

Use Best Photo Editing App Photo Director To Animate Photos

PhotoDirector combines complete creative control, a user-friendly interface, and built-in royalty-free stock library provided by Shutterstock and iStock. No matter your experience level with PhotoDirector's professional-quality tools you can transform a quick snap into a stunning image in seconds.  

It has all the basic editing tools you'll ever need like color grading, customizable collage templates, and object removal tools. Advanced tools include AI-powered sky replacement that lets you add flawless sunsets to your images. Or animate photos by drawing motion lines and placing anchor points for a customized animation or add already animated stickers and decor to delight your followers. PhotoDirector also makes the most popular Instagram effects easy to apply.   


  • Light and color adjustment tools
  • Quick apply filters and effects     
  • AI sky replacement and light ray tools       
  • Photo and beauty retouch tools       
  • Animation tools and animated overlays       
  • AI technology 
  • Built-in stock libraries


  • No teeth whitening feature 
  • No LUTs filter support


PhotoDirector's user-friendly interface and straightforward functions simplify the editing process. No matter if you're editing one photo or hundreds, you can quickly upload, adjust, and create on the go with your phone or seamlessly transition to your Chromebook or tablet for edits at home.  

Download to bring your snaps to life.

Available: iOS and Android

3. VSCO - Photo & Video Effects

Use VSCO Filters to Enhance Photos

While VSCO became very popular for the “VSCO girl” vibe, its success came more from the ability to offer editors easy and trendy photo editing options. This app is a good choice for iPhone or Android users who have their own unique style, and who know how they want to show it in their photos.


  • Excellent LUT filter support
  • Great selection of color filters for photos and videos
  • Good split tone tool
  • Include basic video editing features (available for paid users only)


  • Lack of other photo editing features besides color filters


VSCO is made to target users with a very specific need for color filtering (for photo and video). If you want more features than color filters, look elsewhere.

Available: iOS and Android

4. Picsart - Photo & Video Editor

Use Picsart to Overlay Mask to Photos

For those iPhone or Android users who are looking for a bolder and striking editing app, Picsart is a good bet. With over 100 fonts, templates, and stickers available for free, and more than 1,000 with the paid subscription, there is no shortage of ways you can customize your photos.


  • Lots of downloadable content for photo editing
  • Great selection of tools for photo editing and portrating retouch
  • Easy-to-use with pre-made templates


  • Most free downloadable content are not professionally made
  • Live retouch is not available in camera mode


Picsart a good all-round photo editing app for everyday uses. However, if you are looking for a more advanced and more sophisticated camera mode with live retouch capabilities, there are better options to choose (e.g. YouCam Perfect).

Available: iOS and Android

5. Snapseed - Free Photo Editor

Use Snapseed to Add Filter to Photos

If you want a quick and easy way to edit your pictures that doesn’t require too much trial and error, Snapseed is a great option for iPhone and Android users. This free app with no in-app purchases is a product of Google, even allowing users to create “presets” that can then be saved and used for future edits.


  • Pro-level editing tools with color curves, RAW editing, de-noise and more
  • Great selection of color filters for photos


  • Plain selection of editing elements (i.e. photo frames)
  • Lack of photo collage, stickers, templates. Most decorative elements are absent in Snapseed


Snapseed provides lots of editing tools derived from the more traditional photography usages. If you are a user with some levels of professional photography knowledge, you’ll certainly find the tools in Snapseed highly familiar.

Available: iOS and Android

6. Adobe Lightroom For Mobile Devices

Use Adobe Lightroom For Mobile to Adjust Photo Color with Presets

Professional photographers who are already integrated with the Adobe suite of software — Photoshop, Lightroom, and more — will find no learning curve with the Adobe Lightroom app. If you’re already familiar with Adobe products, this might be a good product for you, but newbies will want to explore one of the previous options.


  • Pro-level camera (manual adjustments for ISO, Exposure, and more)
  • Pro-level photo editing features (requires good levels of photography knowledge to make good use of it)


  • Beautify and retouch features are absent
  • Lack of photo collage, stickers, templates, backgrounds. Most decorative elements are absent in Lightroom


Lightroom app is obviously targeting the highest skill level users. Professional photographers will find it right at home when using the app. Average users may find editing features in Lightroom difficult to understand.

Available: iOS and Android

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7. Photoshop Express Photo Editor

Use Photoshop Express Photo Editor to Edit Photos

The mobile version of the popular photo editing software packs a lot of features and is a logical choice for frequent Photoshop users. However, to gain access to all of its features, you will need to purchase a PS Express Premium subscription. The app offers such handy editing tools as selective editing, background replacement, themes for photos and collage, scrapbook for collage, retouch and more.


  • Wide selection of professional photo editing tools to enhance and adjust your images
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can edit RAW files


  • Limited retouch options
  • Need to pay to access a lot of features


If you’re a devoted Photoshop fan, this app might be for you as it is closely related to the desktop version. Photoshop Express Photo Editor offers a decent selection of photo editing tools that go beyond most basic features, so you can freely express your creativity. However, if you’re not too familiar with Adobe Photoshop suite, there’s a bit of a learning curve and you might opt for a simpler app instead.

Available: iOS and Android

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8. Instasize - Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Use Instasize to Edit Photos

Some of you might have used this app when you were trying to post a full-sized photo on Instagram without cropping it. In addition to resizing options, Instasize offers a variety of filters, common adjustment and beautifying tools, text feature, collages, and basic frames. However, in order to access some of the app’s best features, you need to purchase a premium subscription. Also, Instasize allows you to edit videos as well, which is a nice bonus.


  • Works equally well for photos and videos
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Quick and easy social content creation


  • A lot of features require premium subscription
  • No stickers, object removal, or animation features


Instasize is a useful app when you need to quickly edit your photos or videos for social media and, most importantly, make sure that they fit the required dimensions without cropping. The app delivers good user experience, but in terms of editing features, there are many apps out there that offer more advanced and versatile editing & beautifying capabilities.

Available: iOS and Android

9. AirBrush - Easy Photo Retouch Editor

Use AirBrush to Easy Retouch Photo

AirBrush is a versatile photo editing app ideal for selfies and portraits. It offers a bundle of editing and beautifying tools that will help you create aesthetically pleasing selfies. There are some unique features, such as Relight and Prism, as well as classic retouch tools and even virtual makeup and hair options. You can also erase objects from your photos and choose an alternate background. Similarly to the apps mentioned above, premium subscription is required to access a lot of features.


  • Quick and easy selfie photo editing with retouch and makeup tools
  • My Kit option for faster access to favorite editing tools
  • User-friendly interface


  • Works best for portraits and selfies; general photo editing tools are quite limited
  • Many features require premium subscription


If you’re looking for an app to enhance your selfies on iPhone or Android phones, AirBrush could be a good choice. It has a wide selection of beautifying tools that will take your portraits and selfies to the next level. Also, you can easily share edited photos on your favorite social media platforms. However, if you need a more advanced photo editor to work on different types of images, you might want to explore other options.

Available: iOS and Android

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Photo Editing App for iPhone And Android in 2022

Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Photo Editing App for Android iPhone 2022

If you find yourself unsure of which photo editing app to go with, our pick is YouCam Perfect. With its variety of effects, overlays, animations, frames, and more, everyone who wants to jazz up their photos can do so with the YouCam Perfect app. Perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between, this app is the ideal choice for making your photos the most beautiful they can be. Start creating amazing photos today by downloading the YouCam Perfect app for mobile photo editing

Photo Editor App FAQs

What are the best free photo editing apps?

Depending on your level of expertise, the best free photo editing app should make it easy to edit your photos exactly the way you want.

  • For the beginner editor, that might mean preset filters and fun animations.
  • For the aspiring influencer, it might mean advanced settings and the ability to store your photos in the cloud.

Regardless of your experience level, the best photo editing app will be able to cater to those with any level of editing knowledge.

What is the best free photo editor for iPhone and Android?

YouCam Perfect is the best free photo editor. Whether you’ve just embarked on the process of photo editing or you’re already a seasoned professional, YouCam Perfect is the ideal free photo editing app.

Which photo editor app is best for free?

There are many free apps on the market that you can use for photo editing, but YouCam Perfect is the best of them all. It offers an extensive selection of photo editing features that will take your photos from boring to amazing with just a few taps.

What is the most common photo editing tool used?

YouCam Perfect is one of the most popular photo editing tools and it’s easy to see why. It offers a versatile editing toolkit that includes such popular editing features as background replacement, animated elements, aesthetic filters, face retouch, body tuner, virtual tattoos, and more.

Read more in our guide on Top 5 Editing Features in YouCam Perfect.

Is there a free app to edit photos for iPhone and Android?

There are several free apps to edit photos available for both iOS and Android, including YouCam Perfect, PhotoDirectorVSCO, Picsart, Snapseed, AirBrush, and others. The YouCam Perfect app is by far the best option among all.

How do you edit pictures on your phone?

In order to edit pictures on your phone, you need to install a free photo editing app. We suggest downloading the free YouCam Perfect app. It will suit all your photo editing and creative needs.

Level Up Photos With Best Photo Editing Apps Now

Download the Best Photo Editing App for Android and iPhone in 2022

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