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Best Christmas Photo App to Add Holiday Effects to Photos
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Best Christmas Photo App to Add Holiday Effects to Photos

Dec 20, 2023 · 3 minutes read

The holiday season is a perfect time to capture and share special moments with your loved ones. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, opening presents, or enjoying a festive dinner, there's no better way to preserve those cheerful moments than using a Christmas photo editing app.

In this article, we will show you 7 creative ways to celebrate Christmas, make your pictures stand out, and ensure that your holiday memories are nothing short of magical.

Table of Contents

YouCam Perfect: Best App to Add Holiday Vibes to Christmas Photos

Add Christmas vibes to photos using AI Christmas filters

All we want for Christmas is… YouCam Perfect! It’s the best app for Christmas photos to celebrate this joyful holiday. Whether you want to add a Santa hat to your photo, create DIY photo ornaments, or apply Christmas photo filters to your selfies, your options for photo decoration are endless and easy to achieve with this Christmas photo app!

Add Xmas Vibes to Photos

1. Festive Christmas Photo Filters

Apply AI Christmas filters to photos

Why settle for less when there's a fun way to make your pictures stand out during the holiday season? The responsive AI Christmas filters in AI Selfie can immediately turn your selfies into impressive holiday-vibe portraits without buying actual props or wearing makeup to change profile pictures for the holiday countdown.

Enhance your photos with regenerating AI Christmas filters.

▲ Press to impress with every tap by applying the same filter

To apply AI holiday filters to photos:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload your photo
  • Navigate to AI Selfie
  • Press Jingle Bell or NYE Sparks for the holiday look
  • Save and share your AI Christmas selfie

Apply Xmas Filters to Photos

*The AI Selfie feature is currently available for iOS users only

Apply Christmas photo filters to photos using a Christmas photo app

▲ Make your Christmas photos blink festively using filters

With 600+ photo filters (including holiday styles) under the Effects tab, you can easily create aesthetic Christmas shots with a click or two. Whether you're looking for a classic wintery overlay or a dazzling Christmas lights effect, this app is here to fulfill your wishes.

To apply Christmas photo filters, simply:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Find Effects and locate Holiday for Christmas filters
  • Find Effects and locate Winter for seasonal filters

Apply Xmas Filters to Photos

2. Cozy Christmas Avatars

Generate AI Christmas avatars with the best Christmas photo app

What makes the best festive profile picture even better than personalized Christmas avatars? With the Magic Avatar feature, you can turn yourself or your loved ones into festive holiday figures with a Santa hat or reindeer antlers.

Make intricate AI Christmas avatars with the best Christmas photo editor

Use your AI Christmas avatars to connect with loved ones by sharing your results and inviting them to join in the fun! Spread the joy and festive spirit with your friends, family, and social media followers by using these fun and cheerful avatars, or send them as personalized holiday greetings!

To generate AI Christmas avatars in the app:

  • Tap Magic Avatar on the app’s homepage
  • Choose either Jingle Bell or NYE Sparks for the holiday look
  • Upload 10~20 photos
  • Wait for AI avatar generation (you will be notified)
  • Save and share your Christmas avatars

Generate Xmas Avatars

3. Christmas Outfit Generation

Generate AI Christmas costume photos in a Christmas photo app

Find the perfect outfit to match your holiday spirit with our AI Fashion feature. It can generate virtual Christmas outfits, allowing you to dress up in Santa's iconic red suit, wear a reindeer antler headband, or try on an elf costume before adding these costumes to your cart.

Generate virtual Christmas costumes in a Christmas costume app

We recommend styles such as “Festive Flare,” “Jingle Bell,” “Elfette,” and “Reindeer” for Christmas costume generation. You can easily find the perfect outfit to match your holiday theme. You can either turn yourself into a Santa using the Santa style or come up with your "holiday lookbook" wearing cozy Christmas sweaters.

Generate couple's Christmas costumes using the best Christmas costume app

▲ For the best holiday couple's matching outfit: Use Festive Knitwear and Santa

Generate Xmas Outfits

Here are the simple steps for you to create your virtual holiday outfits:

  • Get the best app for Christmas costume generation
  • Tap AI Fashion on the app’s homepage
  • Select the holiday outfit styles you prefer (up to 5 styles at a time)
  • Upload a photo of yourself or your couple's photo
  • Save and share your Christmas outfit pictures

Try ugly sweater patterns in photos

Wearing ugly sweaters is a popular holiday tradition that brings laughter and joy to holiday parties. If you're considering buying one, you might be wondering which patterns suit you best. What if, there's an app that can auto-detect clothes in pictures, allowing you to virtual try on ugly sweater styles?

Make your own ugly sweater images using ugly sweater filters with a Christmas photo app

The Clothes feature in YouCam Perfect can help you decide the suitable ugly sweater pattern using your own images. It comes with 2 pre-made ugly sweater patterns; as a VIP user, you can select other patterns using the Stock pictures in the app or upload your pre-saved ones.

Try Ugly Sweater Patterns

*The Clothes feature is currently available for iOS only

🎅 Read more: How to make your own ugly sweater images

4. Snowy Christmas Backgrounds

Christmas backgrounds for photos

The weather outside is not frightful but delightful with the Christmas photo app’s Remove BG and Background features. You don’t need to suffer from standing under low temperatures for a truly immersive Christmas shot.

Christmas backgrounds for photos in the Christmas photo app

The app offers 30+ backgrounds with snowy landscapes and Christmas-themed elements. It can auto-detect subjects in your photos and remove the original backgrounds. The app includes a Stock feature with a variety of backgrounds from Shutterstock, eliminating the need to download and store backgrounds in advance.

Add Xmas Background to Photos

*The Stock feature is currently available for iOS users only

🎄 Read more: How to add wintery backgrounds to your pictures

5. Merry Christmas Photo Frames

Merry Christmas photo frames in the Christmas app

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than by adding festive touches with Christmas photo frames to your pictures? YouCam Perfect, the best app for Christmas photo frames, has 30+ Christmas-themed frames integrating holiday elements such as “Happy New Year” text, Merry Christmas decorations, and vivid color design.

Add Christmas photo frame to your holiday picture

To add Christmas photo frames to photos:

  • Tap Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Locate Frames in the toolbar
  • Tap the Store icon and find the Holiday category
  • Scroll to find Christmas
  • Download the ones you like and apply them to photos
  • Save and share your Christmas photo

🎅 Read more: How to frame your holiday memories with the charm of Christmas

Apply Xmas Photo Frames to Photos

6. Cute Animated Christmas Pictures

Animated Christmas pictures & GIFs

Add a touch of fun and playfulness to your photos with adorable animated Christmas photo stickers. You can easily express your creativity by accessing over 5 animated effects and 15+ animated stickers with falling snow, cute Santa Claus, or illustrated snowmen. Each sticker comes with cute designs, and some even allow you to adjust the animation speed using a slider!

🎄 Read more: How to create vivid animated Christmas pictures

Add snow effects to your Xmas photosWe also have a cool trick to share with you for making intriguing Christmas pictures! Under the Animation feature, the snowing effects allow users to add falling snow effects to photos. Find these lovely effects in the Weather category and use the Accumulation feature to control the direction, density, and size for the desired effect.

Add Christmas lights to photos

Or you can easily add Christmas lights to photos in the Light category, with various lighting effects to add festive blinks to your Christmas photos!

To add Christmas lights to photos:

  • Tap on Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Locate Animation and press Stickers
  • Scroll to find the Light category
  • Apply the lighting effect to your Christmas photo
  • Save and share your Christmas-lighted photo

Create Animated Xmas Pictures

7. Customizable Christmas Templates & Collages

Customizable Christmas templates in the Xmas photo app

To make your Christmas photos even more special, YouCam Perfect offers over 20 customizable Christmas templates and 25+ Xmas photo collages. These templates provide a quick and easy way to create stunning holiday-themed photo compositions. Simply select a template, add your photos, and customize the layout and design to suit your preferences.

Moreover, you can easily create your Xmas wishlist using a pre-made template. Customize your gift list via the Text features with 300+ font styles, then print your list out and wait for your Secret Santa to make your wishes come true!

🎄 Read more: Ideas for making the best holiday & New Year's templates

Try Xmas Templates & Collages

Christmas Photo App FAQs

What is the App That Makes Photos Look Christmassy?

YouCam Perfect is the best app for making your photos Christmassy. With its wide range of features, including aesthetic Christmas photo filters, holiday-style avatars, Christmas costumes, backgrounds, frames, animated stickers, collages, and templates, the Christmas photo app has everything you need to add holiday effects and create stunning holiday photos.

How Do You Add a Santa Hat to Your Pictures?

There are many creative ways for you to add a Santa hat to your picture with YouCam Perfect, the best app to edit Christmas pictures. We recommend the following tips:

  • Try Magic Avatar's "Jingle Bell" style to create Christmas avatars wearing Santa hats
  • Use Animation for animated Santa Clause stickers and effects
  • Use Stickers to add cute Santa hat to photos

How Do You Make Aesthetic Christmas Pictures?

You can easily make aesthetic Christmas pictures by using the YouCam Perfect app. It's available for both iOS and Android devices and equips various photo editing tools to add holiday vibes to your photos, including:

Is There an App for Christmas Backgrounds?

Yes, YouCam Perfect offers a variety of Christmas backgrounds to enhance your photos. From snowy landscapes to cozy interiors, these backgrounds will instantly transport your photos into the holiday season.

What is the Best Free Christmas Photo App?

YouCam Perfect is not only the best Christmas photo app but also offers a free version with a wide range of features. You can access filters, backgrounds, frames, stickers, collages, and templates without any cost, making it the perfect choice for creating stunning Christmas photos without breaking the bank.

How to Turn AI Christmas Photos into Christmas Cards?

After using the Magic Avatars for AI Christmas avatars or applying holiday AI filters for AI Christmas photos, here are several creative ideas to turn them into customized Christmas cards in YouCam Perfect:

  • Use aesthetic templates or collages to showcase your AI Christmas photos
  • Add customized text (300+ fonts available) to send holiday wishes
  • Add festive holiday animated stickers for cute and vivid appearances
  • Apply falling snow animation or shimmering lighting animation
  • Use Merry Christmas photo frames to decorate Christmas card

Get the Best Christmas Photo App to Wish People a Merry Christmas

YouCam Perfect is more than just an app - it's your ticket to create unforgettable Christmas memories. From animated Christmas photo effects to adorable holiday photo frames, the photo editing app offers a variety of Xmas-related tools to express your creativity during the holiday. Get the app now and start making this holiday season extra special with your photos!

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Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Christmas Photo App

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