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How to Create Old Film Effects in Photos with 3 Easy Tricks

Nov 4, 2021 · 3 minutes read
How to Create Old Film Effects in Photos with 3 Easy Tricks

The vintage photo trend is alive and well. It’s a true testament to the adage that everything old is new again. Lending any picture a hint of old-world appeal is as easy as using a few specialty photo effects, like old film overlay. The effect can make even the most lackluster picture more interesting.

Using YouCam Perfect, you can achieve image gold thanks to a variety of film effects that work their magic in just a few clicks. So how to make photos look like film — those grainy, crackly, yet somehow still so perfect pictures of the past? YouCam Perfect can help you transform any picture into a nostalgic work of art easily. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is an Old Film Effect?

Old analog cameras were known for producing pictures that today we associate with traditional-aged effects. The images were processed manually in darkrooms, lending them their distinctively grainy, slightly faded quality. Those visual imperfections didn’t take away from their innate appeal, though. If anything, they had a rich, true vibrance that made them even more attractive.

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It’s that unique aesthetic that makes these vintage-style images so appealing today. People yearn for a touch of the past — a hint of a bygone era and an innocent time when everything seemed a little different. In pictures, that was captured through a seemingly different lens, but you can easily achieve the look using YouCam Perfect! Here’s all you need to know.

How to Make Photos Look Like Old Film

1. Film Burn Overlay

Use Film Burn Overlay to Make Photos Look Like Old Film

A touch of light “leaking” onto the image’s surface coupled with a dusty finish lends your image that enviable old-world aesthetic that’s sure to make your pictures a hit, whether you’re sharing them on social media or with loved ones. You can mimic that overexposure effect that occurs when you’re shooting with a film camera by following these ultra-easy steps:

  • Click Edit
  • Tap Overlays
  • Select Light Leak

Choose from a variety of positions to achieve the right look. Use the adjustment bar to further edit the leak level. The higher you go, the greater the light exposure — and the more your image will look like vintage film. It’s that easy! 

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2. Old Film Effects

Make Photos Look Like Old Film with Old Film Effects

Using a variety of old film filters, you can make any photo look that much more impressive. In the YouCam Perfect app, you’ll find a range of photo effect packs to take your image to the next level — and to lend it that truly old-world look you crave. To get the look, navigate through these steps:

  • Click Edit
  • Tap Effects
  • Select Store
  • Choose from Film, Film Reel, and Vintage Film Reel options

Each of these premium effects offers its own unique vibe, transforming everything from the picture’s tones to color to lighting to achieve an authentically aged effect. In just a few easy taps, you can make even the most modern image appear like a work of art from a bygone era.

3. Film Grain Overlay

Apply Film Grain Overlay to Make Photos Look Like Old Film

The film grain overlay can have an incredible impact on even the crispest, clearest images, essentially making any picture look like it was taken decades ago. Using YouCam Perfect, you can experiment with photos of anything from you to your pet to create vintage magic. Here’s how:

  • Click Edit
  • Tap Effects
  • Select Store
  • Choose the Bleached effect

You can use this pack or overlay grain images and blend to create a new look that brings a touch of that warm and homey vintage vibe to your pictures. It’s the texture that adds a subtle impact to the image. A slightly distressed finish captures a realistically aged look that’s straight out of the past. What an easy way to make your picture goals a reality. 

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Get the Vintage Film Camera Effect With YouCam Perfect

You’ll find all of the effects you need to retouch your images to perfection in the YouCam Perfect app. In just a few clicks, you can refresh your makeup, touch up your hair, edit your figure, and, of course, make a brand-new photograph look old again. It’s all the rage, after all. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the free photo editing app.

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