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How to Edit Cute Girl Selfies: 5 Must Know Tips

May 14, 2021 · 4 minutes read
How to Edit Cute Girl Selfies: 5 Must Know Tips

Over the years, our definition of a “cute girl selfie” has changed. Now, we think they’re more fun and flirty than ever! That’s because different social media outlets like TikTok have become popular in recent years.

5 Cute Girl Selfie Tips for 2021 

TikTok relies mostly on short clips set to music, which is so much different than the old days of posting a photo to Facebook with no effects. To stand out from the crowd on your social platform of choice, here are the essential selfie tips to try in 2021.

#1. Apply Soft Makeup


When you look your best, you’ll feel your best. Adding a touch of makeup will make you look livelier and more energetic in your selfies. Plus, you can try out cute looks you don’t usually wear in real life, like the viral TikTok "Soft Girl" makeup or cool "E-Girl" Looks.

Don’t want to apply real makeup in stay-at-home life? Use the free YouCam Makeup app to apply makeup easily and instantly. You can create your own look with the most complete virtual makeup selections, from lip color and blush to eye shadow. Apply hundreds of preset makeup looks, or even try brand makeup products to find the styles that make you look like a selfie vixen.

>> How to Achieve Soft Girl Aesthetic: Makeup, Hair & Photo Edit Tips

#2. A Touch of Hair Color


Hair color is one of the most effective elements to catch people’s attention. If you happen to have drab and uninspired locks, don’t rush out to the store for hair dye just yet. With YouCam Makeup, you can apply true-to-life hair color with advanced AI/AR Technology on your selfies in a tap. Hello bright fantasy colors, goodbye ordinary chestnut brown!

YouCam Makeup comes with multiple variations of hair color options and up to five hair color styles. You can choose from the following popular options:

  • Ombre
  • Rainbow
  • Highlight
  • Two-tone
  • Single color
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    #3. Add Dreamy Effects


    Another key to capturing a cute girl mirror selfie is "editing". All those picture-perfect selfies you see from your fave celebs? Yeah, they’ve been tweaked extensively. Don’t worry, because this isn’t a laborious process. When you use an app like YouCam Makeup, it’s simple to add dreamy photo effects to elevate your selfies.

    You can have plenty of fun with these features. Try aesthetic cloud effects to make it look like you’re soaring in the sky. Or add a rainbow overlay to make things bright and cheery — no matter your original lighting.

    #4. Fix Tiny Flaws


    One final thing you’ll want to do with your cute girl selfie is to polish it off. This means simple things like whitening your smile, removing blemishes, and evening out your skin tone.

    Sound complicated? It’s not with YouCam Makeup. All it takes is one tap to automatically turn your photo from ordinary into extraordinary. You can also make manual adjustments to get things just where you want them. It’s all possible in YouCam Makeup!

    >> How to Retouch Skin Like a Pro Without Photoshop: 5 Easy Tips

    #5. Strike a Cute Pose

    Your pose is definitely essential when snapping a cute girl selfie. Body language experts agree that how you pose can change the perception and meaning of a photo. So make sure you’re choosing cute selfie poses that make you look like a rock star. Some of our fave cute girl selfie poses include:

    • Mirror Selfie Poses

    You can’t go wrong with the classic mirror look! These poses have been trending due to their effortless chic vibe. Try mirror selfie poses without the flash and with your phone away from your face. >>Check Instagram Inspo

    • Candid Cool

    You know those photos where it looks like you were caught in the middle of something and just happen to look fabulous? It takes a bit more work to get the candid look than you might think, but in general, it’s best to look away from the camera with a sultry expression as you move your arms to frame your face. >>Check Instagram Inspo

    • Sexy Girl Confidence

    E-girl styles are super on-trend right now thanks to the rise of TikTok. Jump on board by switching out your regular sweet smile for a confident cool expression>> Check Instagram Inspo

    • Fingers Spread Under the Chin

    This may sound like an odd one, but trust us, it’s one of our top cute girl selfie poses. Spread your fingers and naturally curl your palm downward under your chin, like this photo from Zendaya. You’ll look elegant and bold all at the same time. >>Check Instagram Inspo

    Snap Your Cute Girl Selfie Now!

    It’s time to rule TikTok, Instagram, and other apps with your stunning cute girl selfie. Download YouCam Makeup on Google Play or the App Store to snap your cute girl selfie easily now!

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