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8 Best AI Clothes Changer Apps & Online Tools in 2024
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8 Best AI Clothes Changer Apps & Online Tools in 2024

Dec 6, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best AI Clothes Changers in 2024

In the age of artificial intelligence, even our fashion choices can be transformed digitally.

Thanks to cutting-edge AI technology, clothes changer apps and online tools allow us to change our outfits, clothing colors, and patterns with a few clicks.

Try AI Christmas outfits in YouCam Makeup

▲ Try AI Christmas outfits in YouCam Makeup

Download best AI clothes changer app

In this blog, we'll introduce you to the top AI clothes changer apps and web tools that will help you change your style effortlessly.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Best Clothes Changer Apps in 2024

App (Rating)Top functions
1. Youcam Makeup

(iOS 4.8, Android 4.5)

2. Facetune
(iOS 4.7, Android 4.3)
  • Clothes pattern & color changing
3. Prequel
(iOS 4.7, Android 4.3)
  • AI outfit changing
4. Picsart
(iOS 4.7, Android 4.0)
  • Clothes color changing
5. Change Dress
(iOS 1.9, Android 3.0)
  • Clothes pattern & color changing

1. YouCam Makeup (AI Outfit & Color Changer)

Change Outfits with the Best AI Clothes Changer App

Discover YouCam Makeup, a powerful AI clothing changer app that simplifies photo outfit changes.

The app's advanced AI technology ensures precise results for various styles, from casual to formal.

Download the best app for ai clothes changing YouCam Makeup

Best AI Clothes Changer Tool: AI Fashion

Change clothes in photos with the best ai clothes changer

With YouCam Makeup's AI Fashion tool, users need only one photo to generate up to 40 AI outfits.

Using advanced AI technology, users can explore diverse styles, from everyday looks to festive attire.

What makes YouCam Makeup's AI Fashion feature even more special is its ability to not just change clothes, but also generate new backgrounds and hairstyles that fit the chosen outfit styles.

YouCam Makeup provides 20+ fashion styles including:

▲ Try AI Santa, Reindeer & Elfette outfits ▲

Download best AI clothes changer app

How To Use AI Fashion Tool for AI Clothes Changing

Here's how you can change your clothes with AI:

  1. Open YouCam Makeup's "AI Fashion" tool.
  2. Choose "Feminine" or "Masculine".
  3. Select up to 5 outfit styles.
  4. Upload one full-body or half-body photo of yourself.
  5. Wait for the app to generate up to 40 images!

Best Color & Pattern Changer: Clothes Tool (iOS only)

Change Clothes Color and Pattern

YouCam Makeup's Clothes tool is your top choice for changing clothing colors and patterns in your photos.

Using the app's Clothes feature, you can seamlessly select and apply any color or pattern to your images with incredible ease.

Download the best app for ai clothes changing YouCam Makeup

2. Facetune (Color Changer)

Facetune Clothes Feature

Facetune, known for its photo-editing prowess, also includes a feature that enables you to change clothing colors and patterns.

If you are looking for an app that can not just change the color of your clothes, but also generate completely new outfits, you should consider the apps YouCam Makeup or Prequel instead.

3. Prequel (Outfit Changer)

Prequel Fashion Feature

Prequel introduces AI technology to revamp your style effortlessly. Simply upload your photos and let Prequel work its magic.

The app can automatically apply various outfit changes, ensuring that you look chic and stylish in every picture.

4. Picsart (Color Changer)

Picsart Clothes Color Changing Tool

Picsart offers a useful color adjustment tool for clothing. This tool allows you to change the color of your T-shirt with just a few clicks.

The color adjustments may not always be flawless, so if any unintended areas get colored, you can utilize the eraser tool to refine your edits.

5. Change Dress And Clothe Color (Color Changer)

Change Dress And Clothe Color App

If your primary focus is altering clothing colors and patterns, this app is a game-changer. It provides a user-friendly platform to customize your attire in photos.

Tweak colors, mix patterns, and transform your outfit without any hassle.

Part 2: Best Clothes Changer Online Tools in 2024

  1. Pincel
  2. HeyGen
  3. Fotor

1. Pincel

Pincel is a web-based AI tool that lets you change clothing colors and patterns directly from your browser. It's simple to use, making it accessible for everyone to experiment with their style effortlessly.

Pincel Online Tool Clothes Changer

Here's how it works: Upload your photo, highlight the clothes you want to change with a brush and put in a text prompt describing the clothing style you want.

After you click on Generate, you can choose a 24-hour, monthly or yearly subscription.

2. HeyGen

HeyGen AI Outfit Generator

HeyGen is an online platform that enables you to design AI Outfits for your AI avatar using a paid add-on service.

First, you'll need to register to their platform to create an avatar, after which you can use their AI Outfit tool to modify its clothes using text-based commands.

3. Fotor

Fotor's Online AI outfit changer allows users to try on clothes virtually in a quick and convenient way.

Users can upload a picture, specify their desired outfit, and let the AI replace the clothes in a matter of minutes.

Part 3: Conclusion - Top 2 AI Clothes Changing Choices in 2024

The world of fashion is evolving, and AI clothes changer apps and web tools are leading the way.

Here are our top choices for AI clothes changing in 2024:

1. YouCam Makeup: Best All-In-One Clothes Changer App

YouCam Makeup App Icon

With its extensive clothes changing features, including outfit generator tools and color and pattern changing tools, YouCam Makeup earns its reputation as a top AI clothes changing app.

It consistently provides precise results, ensuring wardrobe alterations appear well-fitted and natural. With a diverse selection of 18+ fashion styles, users can experiment with various looks.

Read full review here >

2. Pincel: Best AI Clothes Changer Web Tool

Pincel is a top choice for AI clothes changing due to its user-friendly website and the ability for users to make precise wardrobe adjustments to match their preferences. Its straightforward interface and customization options make it a reliable tool for AI outfit transformations.

Read full review here >

AI Clothes Changer FAQ

Is there an AI that can change outfits?

Best AI tools to change outfits in 2024:

  1. YouCam Makeup (iOS/Android)
  2. Prequel (iOS/Android)
  3. Pincel (Web Tool)

Download the Best AI Clothes Changing App: YouCam Makeup

Download the best app for ai clothes changing YouCam Makeup

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