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How to Change Color & Pattern of Clothes on iPhone
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How to Change Color & Pattern of Clothes on iPhone

May 8, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Change color of clothes with the best app

Why settle for plain outfit when you can create personalized designs? Upgrade your clothes now from boring and empty to unique and inspiring with the best AI clothes editor app YouCam Makeup!

Change clothing colors in photos with youcam makeup

Keep reading to learn how you can use a free photo editing app to add stunning clothing designs and colors to your photos!

Change Color of Clothes: Best Free App for Editing Clothes in 2024 [iPhone]

YouCam Makeup is the best clothes editing photo app to create custom designs, available for iOS devices.

The Clothing feature lets you create realistic custom designs on your selfies. With plenty of color and pattern options, you can unleash your imagination.

Change clothes color and patterns of your clothes with the youcam makeup app

With the YouCam Makeup app, you can change the clothes' color, customize clothes patterns with your own image, or select between 30+ trendy styles all with an easy tap.

Change clothes color with the best app youcam makeup

You can also position your patterns and customize them. Not happy with the brightness, saturation, or sharpness? The YouCam Makeup app can also help you easily adjust the details.

Keep reading to learn how to start with a step-by-step guide.

How to Edit Clothing Designs in Photos for Free

Step 1: Download the Best Clothing Photo Editor

Download the best app for changing clothes color and pattern in photos

First, download the best clothes photo editing app, YouCam Makeup, for free.

Step 2: Upload a Photo

Open the app, tap Photo Edit on the app launcher, and upload the photo with an outfit you'd like to change color or design pattern.

Then, navigate to Retouch and find the Clothes feature. The app will automatically detect the clothes in your photo.

Step 3: Change & Adjust Clothing Pattern

Add a new pattern to your t-shirt with the youcam makeup app

Tap Cloth Texture to choose from over 30 exciting patterns, including floral and animal print, polka dots, camouflage, plaid, and more fun patterns that you can use to create a design for any mood. 

Tap Color to change the color of your clothes, either from the preset of colors or the color scale.

Would you like some more customization? Tap the first button on the Cloth Texture section, then you will be able to turn any photos in your album into your clothing pattern!

The YouCam Makeup app also supports the stock photo database, where you can select a pattern out of thousands of Shutterstock photos.

Step 4: Adjust Details

Adjust you new t-shirt design in youcam makeup

If you want to adjust the placement of the pattern, easily pinch the screen to adjust the pattern area on your photo and create a larger or smaller pattern.

Step 5: Save Photo

Save your photo with a new clothing design

Use the icon in the top right corner of the screen to see the before and after images. Save your custom design and share!

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Photo Clothing Editor App

Download the best app for changing clothes color and pattern in photos

Make YouCam Makeup your new favorite app to create an outfit for any occasion. Explore the app’s patterns and colors, and combine them with makeup looks and other features to show everyone the best version of you.

Download YouCam Makeup for iOS to liven up your wardrobe and create your own custom outfits now!

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