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Face Retouch/Reshape

How to Even Skin Tone For Your Selfies With a Tap

Jul 19, 2021 · 4 minutes read

While we all dream about perfectly clear, smooth skin, the reality is that real life is full of pimples, redness, and uneven skin tone. But thanks to advanced photo editing tools and effects, evening skin tone, blurring blemishes, and calming redness in your photos are as easy as a tap. 

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Why Is It Hard to Even Skin Tone in Selfies

One of the biggest problems with selfie-editing to even skin tone is that the effects are not natural looking. More often than not, the effect is a full face filter that creates an all-over blurring effect that makes your entire face look fake, blurry and edited.

Then there are the manual retouch tools that do allow you to customize and edit specific areas, which give the user more control over the adjustments. However, these tools typically make it more difficult to address larger areas of redness and also pose a challenge for skin-tone matching, which can make your photo edits look fake and disjointed.

Best Auto-detect Selfie Editing Tools to Even Skin Tone

The solution is found in apps like YouCam Makeup, which use advanced skin detection to identify and address specific skin conditions including spots, redness, dark circles, and unevenness. This leading AI-powered app delivers the most advanced beauty tech solution for impressively accurate photo editing effects that mimic true-to-life results, and help you perfect your selfies in seconds.

YouCam Makeup app uses AI/AR technology to discover skin conditions and fixes them in selfies precisely. 

The difference lies in the powerful AI algorithms that spot scan over 70,000 professionally graded images to help identify your skin concerns in seconds. The advanced technology is verified by dermatologists and skincare experts to ensure its accuracy and the most natural skin tone editing effects possible. This type of validation is why over 900 million users turn to YouCam for their selfie editing tools and effects.

Below are some top selfie edit features to even skin tone for your selfies.

#1 Remove Spots

YouCam Makeup’s exclusive “Blemish” tool uses an advanced AI algorithm to accurately detect spots on the skin’s surface, as well as determining the density and intensity of the spots. This helps the tool to best adjust the depth and intensity of the removal to ensure it’s the most natural adjustment possible. 

To experience YouCam Makeup’s “blemish” feature, tap on photo makeup→ retouch→ “blemish”, and then tap for auto-detection to remove any unwanted spots in an instant. Try it now!

#2 Even Skin Tone