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3 Hair Color Ideas to Fit Your TikTok Aesthetic
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3 Hair Color Ideas to Fit Your TikTok Aesthetic

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
3 Hair Color Ideas to Fit Your TikTok Aesthetic

Hair color trends have come a long way from going to the salon for a time-consuming dye job. What was once the mask behind which to hide greying hair has transformed into something much more creative. The rise of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and with more people working from home, has led to a freedom in style like never before. Creators like Douxfairy on Instagram, xepherwolf on TiKTok sport colorful hair styles anywhere from a baby pink to 50/50 pink and blue split hair color. Colorful hair is a mark of emerging aesthetic looks, some of those top styles including:

  • E-girl aesthetic.
  • E-Boy aesthetic.
  • Euphoria aesthetic.
  • Soft girl aesthetic

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

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Classic vs. Influencer Hair Color Brands

Choosing your at home hair color has never been easier with a wide selection of brands creating easy to use hair color. Classic brands such as L’Oréal, Clairol, and Revlon still serve their purpose for more natural shades, but it’s really the rise of influencer brands that are taking over. More recently, creators are designing bright semi-permanent hair dye in a rainbow variety of colors that are easy to use at home. Brands such as:

  • XMONDO from YouTuber Brad Mondo.
  • Good Dye Young by Hayley Williams (of Paramore fame).
  • Splat.
  • Arctic Fox.

Hair Dye Ideas: Try a new at home hair color

It’s not always possible to dye your hair a fun color, but there is a way to try out a bright new style without committing to a new ‘do. YouCam Video is an easy way to add makeup, hair color, and retouch your selfie videos for TikTok in just a few taps. Try out a range of hair color styles on your selfie videos from single color, ombré, and dip dye in a variety of natural and rainbow colors. Read on to find some inspiration for your new TikTok aesthetic hair color.

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

E-girl Aesthetic Hair Color Idea: Galaxy hair color

For those of you who wish to channel the E-girl aesthetic this is one of the most versatile styles you can play with. While many opt for a straightforward black hair dye, many choose split hair color, or bright red, green or even yellow styles. One style that you can try is galaxy hair color, with dark purple and blue hair dye.

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

To try this style with YouCam Video, simply import your video and choose hair color, two toned blue and purple to see how you like it.

E-Boy Aesthetic Hair Color Idea: Lilac hair color

The counterpart to the e-girl, the e-boy is dark and brooding, but one great thing about his style is there are a variety of hair colors. Hair color can be light or dark, with light colors ranging from blues and purples, to pinks. Getting creative with hair coloring is part of the aesthetic TikTok culture and this goes for everybody.

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

If you want to try this style for yourself, you can upload your video to the YouCam Video app and try out the light pastel hair color styles as well as much more.

Euphoria Aesthetic Hair Color Idea: Jules lavender hair color

Since it first aired Euphoria has been full of amazing makeup and fashion inspiration. From the beautiful makeup styles of Rue and Maddy to Kat’s fashion, there’s a whole host of looks to choose from. In particular, Jules has a variety of different hair colors throughout the show including, red streaks, and a blue dip dye being among our favorite looks.

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

To channel Jules’ best hair color looks, simply try out the two-toned hair color styles by uploading your video to YouCam Video.

Discover hundreds of hair color ideas with YouCam Video

Find even more hair color ideas to create your own TikTok aesthetic style on your selfie videos with YouCam Video. Not only can you color your hair with YouCam Video, but there’s also a wide range of makeup and retouch tools.

Hair Color Ideas TikTok Aesthetic

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