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Get Spooky TikTok Halloween Makeup with Video Filters

Oct 21, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Get Spooky TikTok Halloween Makeup with Video Filters

Spooky season has arrived, and we can’t get enough of the pumpkin spice, witches’ brews, scary decor and Halloween costumes. And of course, it is the perfect time of year to create some fun, spooky TikTok videos to thrill your friends and followers. At Halloween, you can integrate fun filters and video designs to really let your creativity flow. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next Halloween video creation, read on to discover some easy ways to create great Halloween-themed TikTok videos with the YouCam Video app.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

During October, social media feeds begin to fill up with amazing Halloween makeup looks, some more achievable than others! Stunning creations from YouTube pros like NikkieTutorials and James Charles offer tons of Halloween inspiration. However, Halloween makeup doesn’t have to break the bank or be complicated. With the YouCam Video app, you can easily create beautiful Halloween makeup looks in seconds.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Easy Halloween Makeup

There are many cute Halloween makeup looks that are easy to achieve. Cats only require a little eyeliner for the whiskers and the nose, witches can be as dramatic as you like (whether you go for the classic green or not), and a devil is quite simple when you focus on red accents in your makeup look. Another idea for leveling up your Halloween makeup style is to try a makeup filter. YouCam Video lets you easily add virtual makeup to your selfie videos, YouTube videos, TikTok videos and more. Read on to discover five of our favorite Halloween makeup looks to help you get inspired for this Halloween season.

TikTok Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween Makeup Idea #1: 90s-Inspired

Since the 90s cult classic movie The Craft had its reboot last year, 90s-inspired makeup has seen a major comeback. This look features smoldering eye makeup with fiery hair color and deep lip color hues. This style will take your TikTok videos to another level in just a few taps. Download the YouCam Video app to try this fierce style this Halloween.

TikTok Halloween Costumes

Halloween Makeup Idea #2: Ghoul Girl

Do you like scary movies? Horror movies are of course a Halloween favorite and perfect for a scary night in during this time of year. Use the YouCam Video app to try-on a slasher movie-inspired makeup look that combines just the right amount of fake blood. This makeup filter is sure to create your creepiest TikTok video style yet.

TikTok Halloween Costumes

Halloween Makeup Idea #3: Easy Devil Makeup

Dance with the devil with this fiendishly creative look that will leave all your friends envious of your Halloween TikTok video. From the sparkling horns, to glittery tears and metallic two-toned lip, this is definitely a bedazzling Halloween makeup look that will make your TikTok videos pop. Try on the look in the YouCam Video app.

TikTok Halloween Costumes

Halloween Makeup Idea #4: Masquerade

There’s a reason masked balls and the Venice Carnival hold so much mystique. Wearing an ornate and elaborate mask adds an air of mystery to your look. This dramatic sparkling mask with a deep burgundy lip is perfect for adding a touch of gothic horror to your TikTok videos this Halloween. Try the look with the YouCam Video app.

TikTok Halloween Costumes

Halloween Makeup Idea #5: Pumpkin Spice

If you love the fall for all things pumpkin spice, you will love this makeup filter in the YouCam Video app. This light-hearted look features a pumpkin and ginger palette from hair to eyes and lips. The look also features clouds and bat freckles for the ultimate spooky touch this Halloween.

TikTok Halloween Costumes

These are just some of the haunting Halloween makeup styles you can try with YouCam Video. From spooky pumpkins to cute bats there's a whole host of styles to try. If you're feeling inspired to get your spook on for Halloween, download YouCam Video now to get started!

TikTok Halloween Costumes

Feeling inspired to create some fun TikToks? YouCam Video has tons of other features for you to try out! 

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