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Create Stunning Thanksgiving TikToks with Makeup Filters

Oct 29, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Create Stunning Thanksgiving TikToks with Makeup Filters

Thanksgiving is a special time for gathering with family and friends to give thanks for what we have. Since it’s a special occasion it’s the perfect time to dress up, enjoy your time with family, and create some fun family memories. If you’re not sure what makeup look to go for, there is an easy way to solve your conundrum. YouCam Video is a unique video editing app that allows you to add makeup filters and other effects to your selfie videos and TikToks. So if you want to create a fun family TikTok to share for Thanksgiving, read on to learn more about this unique video editing tool.

YouCam Video: The Best Video Editing App To Find Makeup Looks for Thanksgiving

Filming a special video for friends and family who might not be able to join your Thanksgiving meal is a great way to show you’re thinking about them. The YouCam Video app lets you apply makeup, filters and effects to your videos so you can create your perfect Thanksgiving aesthetic style on your TikToks.Find your favorite makeup look for your Thanksgiving videos this year with these tips below.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Create Your Thanksgiving Aesthetic with Video Filters

  1. Download the YouCam Video App.
  2. Import the video you want to edit.
  3. Explore the ways you can find makeup looks for Thanksgiving below.

Thanksgiving Makeup Look #1: Mago

Soft makeup styles are perfect for Thanksgiving, when you want the focus to be on family. The Mago makeup look in YouCam Video is the perfect subtle style, a soft peachy glow with a light wing and subtle lashes is an easy style to choose for a low-key look. Find this style in Looks, then Daily to try it for yourself.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving Makeup Look #2: Tag Me

K-pop has definitely influenced makeup styles a lot in the last couple of years, and Tag Me is a testament to that. K-pop beauty styles can be wildly creative or sweet and subtle. The key to this look is the glittery under eye (Aegyo-sal in Korean) which highlights the underneath of the eye in a cute way. If you want to try this style, simply go to Looks then Daily to try it out.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving Makeup Look #3: Fall Flutter

If you’re looking for a more classic earth-toned makeup style for your Thanksgiving celebration, Fall Flutter is your best bet. Cool earth toned shadow with smooth cat-eye liner, and a glossy brown lip create the perfect fall makeup look for Thanksgiving. Try this style in Looks, then Daily to see it for yourself.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving Makeup Look #4: Vampy Fall

For a look with a bit more va va voom, you can try Vampy Fall. This look takes the previous style and amps it up with a smoldering smudged out smokey eye, dramatic eyeliner and a plum colored lip. This style is the ideal look if you want to add some drama to your style for Thanksgiving. When you want to vampy up your makeup style, go to Looks then Party to find this look.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving Makeup Look #5: DIY makeup

When full makeup looks aren’t doing it for you, there is always the option to create your own! YouCam Video has a wide range of makeup tools for you to create your own unique makeup look. Under Makeup, there is everything you need to design your own makeup look on your selfie video including, lip color, eyelashes, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and much more.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

Thanksgiving aesthetic: falling leaves effect

Once you have found your perfect Thanksgiving makeup look, why not add a flourish to your selfie video? There are a wide variety of effects and filters for you to try, including moving effects. The falling leaves effect is a favorite and sure to wow your friends and family this Thanksgiving. When you want to try this effect, simply go to the effects tab and scroll across until you find the falling leaves effects.

Thanksgiving Aesthetic

Discover Thanksgiving Makeup Looks To Create Aesthetic Fall TikToks

YouCam Video has all the tools you need to create eye-catching and aesthetic TikToks for Thanksgiving and beyond. Discover a wide range of unique features that will wow your friends and Family this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Makeup Ideas

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