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How to Get Top Makeup Trends 2022 with Video Filters

Dec 11, 2021 · 4 minutes read
Get the top makeup trends for 2022 on your TikToks & YouTube videos with the best free video editing app YouCam Makeup.

The catwalks of Milan and Paris were awash with vibrant colors and styles for the spring and summer 2022 season. That goes for the makeup looks too. Discover how to nail the hottest makeup looks for your TikToks and selfie videos with video filters.

YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App for the Hottest Makeup Trends

When watching a music video or fashion show, we want to be like the models in it. No matter who we are looking out for, we know everyone has an artist they want to look like, and we can achieve their looks easier than before. You don’t need to hire a whole team of makeup artists and a production team to make this. You only need the YouCam Video app.

The YouCam Video app is chosen by millions of users because it is the best video editor app. With thousands of options to choose from, you can make yourself look like your favorite artists in your videos in just a few seconds. Filters, editing options, and even makeup trends can be found on this exciting app.

Want to look like one of those makeup TikTokers? Discover how you can get their look on the YouCam Video app and start being the most-watched person now. Read on to learn how to achieve some of the extraordinary makeup trends the app offers.

Top Makeup Trends 2022

How to Add Creative Video Makeup Filters to Your TikToks

The most crucial part when posting a video is the process behind it. From the first moment you start this, you need the best ally for the project. Download the YouCam Video app on Android or iOS and see why it’s the perfect app for you. The app can help you create stylish TikToks while keeping up with the spring-summer 2022 makeup trends.

These are our favorite makeup styles to replicate on videos!

1. Embellished Eyes: Etro

Top Makeup Trends 2022

If you are an indie gal, you know Etro. The fashion brand that makes everyone look chic while wearing edgy clothes. This look is giving us all a Queen of Hearts moment, and we love it! Their styling options are always on point, so we know you want to replicate their makeup looks, and here is how you can easily do it:
  1. Choose your favorite catwalk video you made
  2. Import the video to the YouCam Video app
  3. Click Looks
  4. Tap the Pink Pair on the Holidays option
  5. Adjust the makeup on the skin
  6. Save your video and share it on all your social media channels

2. Neons: Versace

Top Makeup Trends 2022

Do we even have to explain who they are? Versace is always giving its guests their most bold and authentic looks. Their last show has Dua Lipa in the opening and end, with looks co-created by her. If you are a fan of both Dua and Versace, here is how to obtain that neon look in a few steps:

  1. Choose the video you feel is most powerful
  2. Click Looks
  3. Tap the Fashion icon
  4. Click Electric Pop
  5. Check the pop of color this filter gives to your eyes and adjust the settings to your preference
  6. Share it on TikTok!

3. Glossy Lips: Boss x Russell Athletic

Top Makeup Trends 2022

If you are into the edgy but more sporty type of style, then this makeup trend will be your favorite one. This show gave us the baseball court type of vibes, and their glossy lips and natural makeup makes us want to jump right in! Here is how you can replicate this on your Tik Tok:

  1. Choose your video
  2. Click Looks
  3. Tap Daily
  4. Click Fall Flutter
  5. Adjust the settings to match your preferences
  6. Save the video and share!

4. Abstract Pastels: Tanya Taylor

Top Makeup Trends 2022

If you are more into nature but want a statement look, the Tanya Taylor fashion show is your best choice. With embellished eyes and soft skin, their main concentration is the pastel color on their eyes. Here is how to achieve it:
  1. Choose your video
  2. Click Looks
  3. Tap Fashion
  4. Click Naturally
  5. Adjust the settings to make sure they look natural
  6. Save your edits and publish!

5. Classic Red Lips: Michael Kors

Top Makeup Trends 2022

Calling all classic gals here! Our last top pick makeup trend is from Michael Kors’s show, and the vital moment is the red lips they added to Kendall Jenner! Here is how to replicate her look for your TikTok chatting videos:
  1. Choose your favorite video
  2. Click Looks
  3. Tap Party
  4. Click Queen of Hearts
  5. Adjust the settings to go as bold or natural as you want
  6. Share your new edited video!

Try the Best Video Editing app to Keep Up With the Catwalk

Have fun and feel like a runway model in your TikTok, thanks to the best video editing app. Download the YouCam Video app and get started!

Top Makeup Trends 2022

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