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Best Video Editing App To Try Olivia Rodrigo’s Beauty Style

Jan 11, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Video Editing App To Try Olivia Rodrigo’s Beauty Style

Unless you’ve been hiding out on a deserted island, you’ve probably heard about Olivia Rodrigo. Her career began with roles on Disney Channel and Disney+, but she’s risen to fame as a singer-songwriter and also a fashion icon. Olivia Rodrigo has a personal style you can’t help but envy from her Y2K-inspired video for “Brutal” to her rose gold locks in her video for “Traitor,” her style is just iconic. In this article, you’ll discover how you can get Olivia Rodrigo’s style on your selfie videos and TikToks in just a few taps with the YouCam Video app.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Y2K Style

Before we get into how you can replicate it, let’s talk about what makes Olivia’s style one that everybody wants to replicate. Her style exemplifies a Gen Z twist on the traditional Y2K fashion, but she does rock a ’90s trend here and there. Think flared pants, psychedelic patterns, colorful items, cropped tops, platform shoes, Vans, Converse, and bucket hats. Specific songs also lend themselves to a specific vibe; the video for “Brutal” serves up a roller coaster of feelings while “Traitor” is very raw and emotional, and we see Olivia’s rose gold ends displaying her innocent side during the heartbreak.

Olivia Rodrigo Style

YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App To Get Y2K Style Like Olivia Rodrigo

We all know and love Olivia Rodrigo’s style so much that many of us want to replicate it in our videos. But how? Enter the YouCam Video app. It’s the best video editing app available, letting you easily apply makeup, hair color, and more in your videos for any platform. YouCam Video also has everything you need to get Olivia’s style — get ready to read how to level up your video style now.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Music Video Style

Olivia’s songs can be painfully emotional while also serving major style inspo, so we can’t help but replicate them. Next up, we’ll tell you how you can channel your inner Olivia Rodrigo with YouCam Video’s makeup features, as well as its filters.

Y2K Style Makeup: Natural

While her heartache is on a rollercoaster, her style is a beautiful natural look in the “Traitor” music video. To replicate this look in the YouCam Video app, tap Looks in the menu bar on the bottom of your screen. Then, scroll until you see Pink Pearl. This look will instantly give you the soft makeup vibe that Olivia has in the video.

Y2K Style Makeup: Glam

For a more bold glam look, we journey to the “Brutal” music video, which shows Olivia with a dramatic tear style. To replicate this in YouCam Video, select the Blue Blossom filter. You’ll see an icy blue eyeshadow, rhinestones on your cheeks, and a red/pink lip color suddenly appear.

Olivia Rodrigo Hair Color

Olivia’s hair color is a defining part of her look, especially in the “Traitor” music video. To get her beautiful light pink ends, tap Hair at the bottom of the YouCam Video app. Then, scroll until you see the brown/pink color combo. Instantly you’ll see a similar hair color appear on your video, just as how Olivia rocks it for “Traitor.”

Olivia Rodrigo Music Video Vibes

Last up, we’re going to explain how you can get Olivia’s overall music video vibe on your own creation. Simply tap AI Effects at the bottom of your screen and then navigate to the Border section. Within it, you’ll see a variety of neon effects that will magically outline the subject of your video with bright and bold colors, just like those in the “Traitor” music video.

Download YouCam Video: The Best Video Editing App To Get Olivia Rodrigo’s Style

Now that you know all about Olivia Rodrigo’s epic style and how to try it yourself, you’re ready to start using the YouCam Video app! To do so, simply download the free and easy-to-use YouCam Video app for iOS or Android app now to get started today.

Olivia Rodrigo Style

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