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How to Get the TikTok Hair Dye Trend with Video Filters

Dec 23, 2022 · 3 minutes read

TikTok has its own hair color filters, but it can be hard to find what you want, and some have effects that don’t work for your video. YouCam Video has tons of hair color video filters for creating your own TikTok hair dye video without adding extra frills.

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

Of course, you can add something extra on your own, but with YouCam Video, you’re in control of your look. Keep reading to learn how to try different hair colors on your videos with YouCam Video and be part of the TikTok hair dye trend!

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Try the TikTok Hair Dye Trend on Videos with YouCam Video

YouCam Video has all the tools you need for complete video editing, including dying your hair for the TikTok hair dye trend.

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

TikTok has seen many hair trends, from cuts to colors, including:

  • Brownie batter brunette: Deep brunette hair with blonde money pieces
  • Hair flip dye: A two-toned style that dyes the bottom layers of the hair a different color from the top, so that when you part your hair on the side, it gives a different effect than parting it in the middle
  • Neon hair: Bright neon streaks, especially in a two-toned e-girl style
  • Dip-dyed ends: A style where only the tips of the hair get dyed, usually in fun and bright colors
  • Money piece: A Y2K style with face-framing highlighted streaks on either side of the face
  • Skunk stripe: A two-toned look with a darker color on the bottom layers of the hair and a lighter one toward the back on the top layers

How to Try the TikTok Hair Dye Trend with Hair Color Video Filters

You can recreate many TikTok hair color trends easily with YouCam Video. The app has lots of hair colors to choose from, and you can apply two-tone and ombre looks, as well as a classic single color. Plus, you can use the slider bar to decide how much you blend your colors and how bold your color looks in your video.

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

Keep reading to see how to try on hair colors yourself.

Step 1. Download YouCam Video

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How to add hair color video filters

  • First, go to the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • Find YouCam Video in the app store, and download it for free on iOS or Android.

Step 2. Upload Your Video

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

  • Tap the blue “+” symbol on the main app screen to open your gallery.
  • Select the video you want to edit and upload.
  • Trim it, choose your video orientation, and adjust other settings to get the effect you want.

Step 3. Try the TikTok Hair Dye Trend with Hair Color Video Filters

YouCam Video has tons of different hair color filters to explore and try on your video. YouCam Video even lets you apply several different hair colors in the same video!

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

You can choose from hair dye styles like:

  • Single color
  • Two-toned
  • Dip dye
  • Multicolor
  • Ombré

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

  • Scroll through the options in the Hair section to see all of YouCam Video’s options and choose the one you like best for your video.
  • Once you tap to apply your new color, use the sliders on the right to adjust the coverage, blend, and shine to create the look you want.

TikTok Hair Dye Trend Video Filters

YouCam Video’s hair dye filters give you a natural look with a seamless edit. It applies color to your hair with complete coverage, so your hair always comes out looking like it would if you went to a salon. If you like your new look, you can take it to your stylist after you post your video on TikTok!

Step 4. Save & Share

After you’re done making your edits:

  • Tap the download button in the top right corner.
  • Choose your video quality and output settings.
  • Save your video to your phone, and upload it to TikTok or Instagram so all your friends and followers can see your new look!

Download YouCam Video the Best App to Try the TikTok Hair Dye Trend on Videos

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
How to add hair color video filters

YouCam Video has more hair color filters than any other beauty app, and you can explore them for free! Whether you want a stunning ombre, bright dip dye, or something more neutral, YouCam Video can create it. Download the app for iOS or Android to join in your favorite TikTok hair dye trend!

How to Try the TikTok Hair Dye Trend with Hair Color Video Filters FAQ

1. What is the hair color effect on TikTok?

TikTok’s hair color filter changes your hair color without you having to go to the salon. There are many different filters to try, from silver and blonde to purple and blue. TikTok’s hair color filters sometimes come with other fun effects, which you may or may not want included in your videos.

2. How do you dye your hair on TikTok?

To get the TikTok hair dye filters, go to the Discover section in the TikTok app. Then, search “hair color filter,” look for videos with the hair color you want, and save the hair dye filters used in them. YouCam Video’s hair color filters are much easier to find and add to your videos, so try the app to check out the same hair colors you can get with TikTok!

3. Should I dye my hair lighter or darker?

Usually, people with lighter skin and eyes look more natural with lighter shades, whereas darker skin and eyes work well with darker hair colors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go lighter or darker regardless of your skin tone or eye color! If you want to experiment and see how you’d look with a certain shade, use YouCam Video to try it before you apply it IRL.

4. Should I go blonde or not?

If you have fair skin and light eyes, you’re more likely to look like a natural blonde after you dye your hair. Yellow skin undertones can create a washed-out look with lighter hair, and if you’re a natural brunette, ask your stylist or try your color with YouCam Video first. YouCam Video’s hair color features let you apply any color you want, and you can adjust the coverage, shine, and blend easily.

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