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8 Best Valentine Video Makers You Should Try in Feb 2024
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8 Best Valentine Video Makers You Should Try in Feb 2024

Jan 19, 2024 · 3 minutes read
8 Best Valentine Video Makers You Should Try

There’s still time for you to make the perfect Valentine’s Day Video to impress your loved one! You just have to make every minute count.

To help you save some of your precious time looking for the right app, we have compiled 8 best Valentine’s Day Video Makers for you.

Without further adieu, let’s get started!

8 Best Free Valentine Apps in 2024

Here's our top picks for Valentine's Video Maker Apps for 2024:

Valentine Video MakerRating (iOS/And.)Pricing (per month)
1. YouCam Video4.4 / 4.5
2. VivaCut4.4 / 4.5
3. StoryWave
4.8 (iOS)
4. VN
4.9 / 4.7
5. Filmora
4.6 / 4.6
$29.99 (quarterly plan)
6. Videoleap
4.6 / 4.3
$5.99 - $9.99
7. CapCut
4.7 / 4.3
$5.99 - $12.99
8. InShot
4.8 / 4.9

You can create Valentine's Day Video with eaze with these Valentine Video Maker apps, without any video editing techniques.

1. YouCam Video: Top Valentine Video Maker

Download YouCam Video - Valentine's Day Video Maker

Available: iOS and Android
4.8 and 4.4
Free to download. Unlock premium at $5.99/month and $23.99/year

YouCam Video is one of the best Valentine’s apps in 2024. It offers a series of Valentine-themed filters, effects, and stickers that you can have fun with.

What's even better is that you can add different virtual makeup to your video or fix up small imperfections on your face.


  • Fun and easy to use interface
  • Offers a variety of Valentine-themed filters and AI effects
  • You can try different makeup styles in your video


  • Limited customization

Top Features of YouCam Video:

  • Valentine’s day video filters
  • Romantic video effects
  • AI Cartoon face filters
  • Sweet stickers
  • 700+ Music stock for videos (iOS Only)

#1 Valentine’s day video filters

Try on different Valentine-themed filters to make your video more vivid. YouCam Video has around 32 filters that you can play with. See which one goes with your story the best.

#2 Romantic video effects

Who can say no to some romantic video effects?

In this Valentine season, there are 12 effects that add a bit of romance to your video, including all kinds of heart shape effects, rose petals, and flowers to choose from.

#3 AI Cartoon face filters

This is probably the most popular feature in YouCam Video!

Turn you and your loved one into a pair of cartoon characters. Play with 9 different cartoon effects until you find the right one.

#4 Stickers for Valentine’s Day

If you think your video is missing something, here's the rule of thumb -- try throwing some cute stickers on it.

2. VivaCut

Available: iOS and Android
4.4 and 4.5
$3.99 / week; $9.99 / month; $59.99 / year

VivaCut - Valentine's Day Video Maker

VivaCut is a great app for making full-screen videos. It has features include cool transitions, visual effects (VFX), glitch effects, cutting, trimming, and splitting videos.

You may also use its multi-layer timeline to create beautiful Valentine’s Day video collages for social media.


  • Excellent quality and user-friendly
  • Cool effects and transition templates
  • Multi-layer timeline, chroma key, and green screen features


  • Limited to exporting videos under 2 minutes
  • Frequent ads overload

3. StoryWave

Available: iOS
$9.99 Monthly; $23.99 Yearly; $129.99 One Time Purchase

StoryWave - Valentine's Day Video Maker

This user-friendly video editing app lets you merge and combine videos, create slideshows, add music, apply amazing effects and filters, and even insert text into your videos.

You can easily create impressive Valentine’s Day Video edits in no time.


  • Super easy to create quick videos
  • Offers amazing effects and filters
  • Ideal for Instagram stories, TikToks, reels, YouTube, and more


  • The app might get stuck while saving videos, especially with the speed effect
  • If you exit during video editing, the video might get corrupted

4. VN

Available: iOS / Android
4.9 / 4.7
Monthly plan at $6.99 / Annual plan for $49.99

VN - Valentine's Day Video Maker

VN is a user-friendly and free video editing app that doesn't leave a watermark on your videos. It's great for making a one-time video, such as Valentine’s Day video editing.

It gives you all the tools you need to create high-quality videos, catering to the needs of both experienced and casual video editors.


  • The user interface is seamless and amateur-friendly
  • Can import a great number of LUT FILTERS from YouTube or Google
  • Tons of sound effects, filters, color grades, layers to choose from


  • May experience constant application crashes
  • Occasional hiccups when downloading the video

5. Filmora

Available: iOS / Android / Win / MacOS
4.6 / 4.6
Quarterly Plan - $29.99; Annual Plan - $49.99; Perpetual Plan $79.99

Filmora - Valentine's Day Video Maker

Wondershare offers easy-to-use video editing tools for beginners. It has all the basic editing features, plus lots of free songs and sound effects.

The app is free to try, but your videos will have a watermark unless you get the premium version.


  • Add AI effects & premade effects
  • Stunning templates to help create videos in one click
  • Ability to add multiple layers of video and images


  • The iPad version does not work well
  • May experience constant lagging and freezing

6. Videoleap

Available: iOS / Android
4.6 / 4.3
Monthly rate from $5.99 - $9.99; Annual rate from $35.99 to $69.99

Videoleap - Valentine's Day Video Maker

Videoleap serves as a good valentine app for basic video editing on your phone. You can easily mix videos, add special effects, and use over 100 sound effects to create a romantic Valentine’s Day Video.

Videoleap also provides design elements like stickers and animated keyframes.


  • An all-in-one social platform for video editing and sharing
  • Provides design elements like stickers and keyframe animations
  • Offers over 100 sound effects to choose from


  • May experience crashes when handling too many details
  • Most features require a premium subscription

7. CapCut

Available: iOS / Android
4.7 / 4.3
$5.99 to $12.99 per month

CapCut - Valentine's Day Video Maker

CapCut is a video editor app created by Bytedance, the same company behind TikTok.

In this app, you'll discover a variety of Valentine's Day video templates— just perfect for creating a quick video.


  • With a user-friendly interface
  • Offers various effects, transitions, and editing tools
  • Provides keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion, and stabilization


  • Many popular transitions and animations come with a cost
  • Frequent video freezes
  • Might lack some advanced features found in desktop software

8. InShot

Available: iOS / Android
4.8 / 4.9
$3.99 per month; $17.99 per year; $39.99 for a lifetime access

InShot - Valentine's Day Video Maker

InShot is an easy-to-use video editor for cutting and trimming video clips, adding transitions, applying cute stickers and text, as well as adding background music.

You can effortlessly create a Valentine's Day collage for your loved one with ease!


  • Easy-to-use mobile video editor
  • Has various tools for editing videos on mobile


  • Only works on mobile devices
  • Adding transitions can sometimes mess up the timing and sound

Conclusion for Valentine Apps

By the end of this blog, we do hope you have gathered all the information you need.

These Valentine apps are great for quick and easy video editing without having to use complex tools. With these Valentine Video Makers, you can quickly create a Valentine's Day video for your loved one and add more romantic effects.

Download YouCam Video: Top Valentine Video Maker

YouCam Video is the perfect Valentine Video Maker for iPhone and Android with romantic filters, effects, and stickers.

In just a few seconds, you can turn your video into a unique Valentine gift! Download YouCam Video on iOS or Android now to get started!

Download Top Valentine Video Maker

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FAQs about Valentine's Day Video Maker

What is the video editing app for Valentine's Day?

There isn't a specific Valentine's app exclusively for Valentine's Day, but popular video editing apps like YouCam Video, InShot, CapCut, and VivaCut offer features that allow you to create romantic and themed videos, making them suitable for Valentine's Day content.

These apps provide various editing tools, effects, and templates that you can use to add a special touch to your videos for the occasion.

What are some creative messages to go on Valentine's Day Videos?

  • "In the book of love, you're my favorite chapter."
  • "Our love story is the best script ever written."
  • "To the one who paints my world with love and laughter."
  • "Our love is like a fine wine, getting better with time."
  • "In the symphony of life, you're my favorite melody."
  • "You light up my life brighter than the stars in the sky."
  • "Love is the best adventure, and I'm thrilled to explore it with you."
  • "Our love is the perfect blend of silly and sweet."
  • "To the one who completes my sentences and my heart."
  • "Our love is like a playlist, filled with the best moments."

How to find the best Valentine's Day video maker?

To find the best Valentine's app, consider the following steps:

  • Check Valentine's Day Features - such as romantic filters, effects, and templates.
  • User-Friendly Interface - A straightforward editing process will make it easier for you to create a Valentine's Day video without a steep learning curve.
  • Editing Tools - Consider the available editing tools, including the ability to add music, apply transitions, insert text, and incorporate special effects.
  • Platform Compatibility - Make sure that the Valentine app is compatible with your device’s platform (iOS, Android, or desktop)
  • Trial Versions - Some Valentine apps offer free versions or trial periods. Take advantage of these to test the app's features and see if it meets your requirements before committing to a purchase.

Valentine Video Maker App Download

Download Top Valentine Video Maker

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