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6 Video Retouching Tips to Enhance Your Portrait Video in 2023
Video Editing

6 Video Retouching Tips to Enhance Your Portrait Video in 2023

Jun 9, 2023 · 3 minutes read

Retouching and enhancing your videos can make all the difference in catching a viewer’s eye.

But first, you have to know how to do it right and pay attention to the areas that need some extra editing. Refine your videos like a pro with the best video retouching app and use these 6 video editing tips to create an impressive shot that you can’t wait to share.

Best Video Retouching App to Retouch Your Portrait Videos in 2023

Available: iOS/ Android
App Rating: 4.8

YouCam Video is the best video retouching app that offers AI tools for every kind of edit. Its retouching and beautifying tools give you realistic hair colors and virtual makeup looks that you can apply in one tap.

Change your eye color or reshape your face without warping your background. Then, explore the app’s filters and effects to set the mood or add excitement to your video. Before you jump in, check out these video editing tips and tricks to help you take your videos to the next level, catch your audience’s attention, and go viral!

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6 Essential Video Editing Tips for Video Retouching

Discover these 6 indispensable video editing tips that will help you achieve flawless video retouching and enhance the visual appeal of your videos.

Video Retouching Tip 1. Prioritize Natural-Looking Results

The whole point of video retouching is to enhance your video, which means you want everything to look natural. Yes, you can over-edit, so make sure that as you retouch each shot, you take a step back now and then to assess your work and decide whether you really need to keep going.

YouCam Video’s retouching tools give you a highly realistic look with face and body reshaping. You can choose different areas to edit to make specific adjustments that highlight your existing beauty and natural features from head to toe. Your body doesn’t need dramatic edits to look great in your video, so don’t spend too much time trying to change yourself.

Video Retouching Tip 2. Don’t Ignore the Background

You might think it’s fine to put your background on the back burner, but don’t make that mistake! Scenery plays an important role in a video’s overall impression, so include it in your retouching.

YouCam Video’s Adjust tab gives you plenty of features to fine-tune the look of your background. You can change your background’s color level, blur, and prominence to get the exact effect you want. Plus, with the overall adjustment tools, you can experiment with exposure, contrast,

Video Retouching Tip 3. Enhance Video Sharpness and Clarity

Video retouching only goes so far, even with YouCam Video’s impressive features. When you start with high-quality footage, you don’t have to work as hard to make dramatic changes to improve your video.

If the video quality is not up to your expectations, you can improve it using YouCam Video by adjusting the sharpness, saturation, and exposure. With this editing feature, you have the ability to enhance the overall quality of your video.

Video Retouching Tip 4. Match the Style With Looks

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Not all retouches give you the same effect, and it’s important to know which ones have a positive impact on your video. For example, you don’t want to set the contrast or saturation too high on a makeup tutorial, since you want people to see the colors and application accurately.

If you're interested in trying different styles, YouCam Video offers the "Looks" feature, which enables you to effortlessly apply auto makeup and effects to your face with a single tap. This allows you to easily explore and transform your appearance with various creative styles and enhancements.

Video Retouching Tip 5. Good Lighting and Composition

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Lighting and composition come into play well before the video retouching stage. They can impact the quality of your original footage, so try to use as much natural lighting as possible.

When setting up a shot, consider how the scenery around the subject frames them and how the overall composition impacts the shot. You can play with balance, symmetry, shadow, and other elements to create the right mood and make your video stand out. YouCam Video’s Adjust features also let you change your light, dark, shadow, highlight, and contrast in the video for maximum drama!

Video Retouching Tip 6. Consider the Final Output Format and Aspect Ratio

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You can make the most beautiful video retouches, and it can all come crashing down if you mess up the output format and aspect ratio. These settings affect how your video looks once you download and share it on social media. Choosing the right one prevents your video from showing up as blurry or cut off after you post it.

YouCam Video has several output formats and aspect ratios to help your video look its best on every platform. You can save your video in up to 4K and choose the aspect ratio that matches the platform where you want to share it. You can even share directly from the app to make sure the video fits.

Download the Best Video Retouching App: YouCam Video

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YouCam Video offers some of the best free tools you can get in a video retouching app. Whether you need to make small adjustments or big changes, this app can help you do it.

Download YouCam Video free from the App Store or Google Play to make your next video worthy of the red carpet!

More Video Retouching Ideas

Video Retouching FAQ

What equipment or app do I need for video retouching?

To get started with video retouching, you will need a computer or laptop with decent processing power and storage capacity. Additionally, you can use video editing app like YouCam Video, which provides various retouching features and tools specifically designed for enhancing portrait videos.

How can I maintain a natural look while retouching my portrait videos?

To maintain a natural look while retouching your portrait videos, it's essential to use subtle adjustments and avoid excessive modifications. YouCam Video offers advanced retouching features that allow you to enhance your appearance while preserving the natural texture of your skin and features, ensuring a more realistic and authentic result.

Are there any specific techniques for retouching videos shot in different lighting conditions?

When working with videos captured in low light, you can apply noise reduction techniques and adjust the exposure carefully to maintain details. For videos shot in bright or harsh lighting, you can use techniques like color grading to balance the tones and bring out the best in the footage.

How can I ensure consistent results across multiple video clips?

To ensure consistent results across multiple video clips, it is important to establish a standardized workflow and apply similar adjustments to each clip. This can be achieved by creating presets or templates in your video editing software, which can be applied to each clip to maintain a cohesive look and feel throughout the entire project.

Can video retouching be applied to other types of videos, such as landscapes or events?

Yes, video retouching techniques can be applied to other types of videos, including landscapes and events. While the specific adjustments and enhancements may vary, techniques like color correction, exposure adjustments, and overall visual enhancements can be utilized to enhance the quality and aesthetics of various types of videos beyond just portrait footage.

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