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Dec 09, 2019

The Global Beauty Tech Forum in Tokyo Gathered Beauty Industry Leaders and Experts for an In-depth Conversation Spotlighting how AI and AR Technologies are Transforming the Consumer Beauty Experience


Perfect Corp. has been hosting The Global Beauty Tech Forum annually since 2018. Driven by the need for a dedicated global platform for experts in beauty tech to exchange ideas and share experiences reshaping the future of digital beauty. Following the compelling June event in New York, Perfect Corp. Japan has successfully organized its second Global Beauty Tech Forum in Tokyo on 22nd November.


This year, the event in Tokyo gathered industry leaders from across beauty, retail, technology, and media to showcase the AI and AR technologies re-shaping the consumer beauty journey. More than eleven key players from the beauty industry in Japan discussed the role of artificial intelligence (AI), and augmented reality (AR) technology in shaping the continuously evolving beauty industry. In addition to sharing insights and success stories of beauty tech adaptation in a rapidly changing digital space, the event also showcased Perfect Corp.’s latest AI and AR technology, which provides personalized shopping experiences and recommendations to beauty consumers around the globe. Professionals from the local beauty industry attended this exciting event to exchange ideas and experience the most advanced beauty technology on the market.


Rob Isozaki, Perfect Corp. Japan GM & President delivered the keynote speech, sharing how AR and AI technology enable beauty brands and retailers to provide personalized and highly-interactive shopping experiences to their consumers across all major touchpoints. Mr. Isozaki also pointed out that Perfect Corp. has already optimized beauty tech solutions with an advanced AI deep learning algorithm to help brands understand their consumers’ needs in finer detail. Moreover, through this technology brands can provide highly personalized user recommendations, effectively driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction.


“For advanced technology like Perfect’s AR and AI to be fully accepted and integrated in the business scene, it is important to have division of roles and value conversions,” notes Kenji Kurokawa, Corporate Strategy Department Group Manager of SHISEIDO. “Now we have a lot of technology that enables us to provide consumers with what we think they need. However, the key factor here is for us to understand how beauty technology can address the issues faced by beauty brands and can fulfill the customer’s individual needs. It is not only for a direct impact on sales figures, but also creating a more interesting and interactive shopping experience both online and offline for the consumers. Perfect Corp.’s advanced beauty technology options have made this possible,” Kurokawa said.


The event also featured a discussion on “The Future of Media Impact”, by Kaname Murakami, Online Editor-in-Chief of WWD Japan, Yohei Hayashi, Media Growth Division Team Manager of Cyber Communication Inc., and Tomoyo Ozawa, Director of local beauty-focused web media, FAVOR. “The way brands and media communicate with consumers has completely changed since social media emerged. Consumer behavior has been transformed in the digital era.” said Ozawa. “We implemented Perfect’s web module to enable our readers to try on the products we reviewed in the article. This solution helped us increase engagement and build longer-term relationships with our readers than in conventional ways.”

D2C brands, artist brands, and KOL brands, whose markets are already significant in the U.S., are now starting to gain popularity in Japan. “These brands tend to better implement digital solutions to effectively promote their products and increase market awareness.” Kikuko Yano, Editor in Chief at stated. During the panel discussion on marketing communication tactics adopted by these brands, Ichiro Ozawa, CEO of FAVOR, previewed their upcoming launch of their private brand, Faves Beauty, which will be the first brand in Japan to use Perfect Corp’s self-serviced virtual try-on web module, YouCam 4 Web. Keisuke Hoshi from D2C haircare product brand, Sparty, also introduced their haircare personalization platform powered by AI technology to improve their ingredients based on user feedback.



Finally, Aiko Suzuki, VP of KAO Consumer Relations Development, pointed out that “technology will always evolve over time. Nowadays, AR and AI technology are still considered quite new and cool, but will continue to advance, and eventually it will surely become a necessary part of our daily shopping journey. With the advancements of AR and AI technology, consumers will be able to enjoy their own personalized and unique shopping experience. When technology adoption becomes a general market practice, marketers will have to focus more on improving the content of their consumers’ experience rather than just talk about the technology.”

Guests were also invited to experience Perfect Corp’s latest beauty technology including:




         Smart Shade Finder

         AI Beauty Advisor

         Skin diagnostics & spot scan solution

         New Virtual Hair Color (Half dye, Metallic, Pigmented)

         Tmall & WeChat mini program

         Eyebrow Web Consultation mode


As a sharing platform of industry leaders from across technology, beauty, retail, and media reimaging the consumer beauty experience, the Global Beauty Tech Forum has inspired the pioneers and visionaries behind the world's leading brands with a deep dive into the future of beauty and technology. This event will continue to create a platform to discuss innovation and technology, and how it supports the beauty industry to adopt a successful customer-centric approach.



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