Teach with AR Makeup

Discover the revolutionary new beauty teaching program powered by augmented reality (AR). YouCam’s beauty live streaming allows anyone around the world to host and attend private teaching sessions on their mobile device with interactive AR try-ons for both teacher and student.

Connect Anywhere Instantly

No need to organize costly training days, because now you can connect to trainers to students anytime anywhere. Wherever your students are in the country or the world, you can hold live training sessions in real-time from one mobile device to another. With intuitive commenting, trainers can respond directly to students’ questions.

Easy Set-up & Access

Beauty training made simple for both the trainer and students. No need to worry about complex technical controls as session setup is streamlined with the user-friendly app and management console. Attending a session is easy, and all you need is a YouCam Makeup account, then login and you are ready to go!

Manage, Track & Report

Manage trainer performance and attendance easily. The management console helps you keep track of trainer performance and session attendance so you can assess, supervise, and adjust your training sessions to your specific needs.

Online Recording & Replay

Train new employees and review material more efficiently. All training sessions are recorded with live interactions and saved in your account, for any users who wish to review them again or for future reference purposes.