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How to Write AI Art Prompts for AI Images [Examples + Tips]
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How to Write AI Art Prompts for AI Images [Examples + Tips]

Feb 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read
How to Write AI Art Prompts for AI Images [Examples + Tips]

AI technology is changing the way we produce, interact, and appreciate art. One of the most exciting aspects of AI art is its ability to generate art from simple prompts. However, writing the best AI art prompts can be challenging. In this blog post, we will provide you with some tips and examples to help you write the best AI art prompts for AI images

Table of Contents
  1. YouCam AI Pro: Best AI Art Generator in 2024
  2. Midjourny
  3. DALL-E 2

Upgrade Your AI Art Prompts

AI Art Prompts Structure

The first step to writing the best AI art prompts is to understand its structure. An effective AI art prompts comprises three components: 

AI Art Prompt Structure

  1. Subject: The foundation of a great AI art prompt begins with a clear description of the subject, encompassing its actions, states, and desired emotional mood. The more vividly you describe the subject, the more precise and captivating the resulting artwork will be.
  2. Art form: Specify the art form and style you want the AI to replicate. Additionally, providing references to renowned artists can help the AI grasp the desired artistic direction, allowing it to emulate specific techniques and nuances.
  3. Additional settings: Delve into the details of lighting, color schemes, and framing preferences. These elements contribute significantly to the overall aesthetics of the artwork, and specifying them ensures that the AI generates visuals that align with your vision.

AI Art Created by YouCam AI Pro

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Upgrade Your AI Art Prompts

AI Art Prompt Tips

To write the best AI art prompts, use the following tips:

AI Art Prompt Tips

  1. Get Specific With Your Descriptions
  2. Be as unique, detailed, and colorful as possible with your language to give your prompts precision and clarity.
  3. Add Relevant Details
  4. This will give AI art generators contextual information to work with and produce better results.
  5. Describe the Art Form and Style
  6. This allows the AI art generator to know what form and style of art to create.
  7. Keep Your Prompts Short and Precise
  8. Prompts should be at least 3 to 7 words because too many details can confuse the AI art generator.
  9. Use Other AI Copywriting Tools
  10. Try ChatGPT, this AI tool can suggest how to create a better prompt by using its trained AI algorithms to generate prompt variations with similar context.
    Upgrade Your AI Art Prompts

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How to Write the Best AI Art Prompts

To create the best AI art prompts, you need to understand your audience and the art form you want. 

How to Write the Best AI Art Prompts

  1. Brainstorming Potential Prompts
  2. Easy prompts that can be tailored to your desired audience. Consider demographics such as age, interests, or location, and create prompts that match their preferences. 
  3. Experiment with the AI Art Prompts
  4. Test the AI art prompt tips above and try variations to collect feedback.
  5. Refine Your Prompts
  6. Use AI tools to fine-tune them.
    Upgrade Your AI Art Prompts

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Best AI Art Generators in 2024

AI Art Generator Comparisons

Different tools offer AI art generation capabilities. These tools differ in their features, capabilities, and ease of use. Here are some popular AI Art tools you can use:

YouCam AI Pro: Best AI Art Generator in 2024

Download the Best AI Art Generator: YouCam AI Pro

YouCam AI Pro is a groundbreaking tool that effortlessly transforms text prompts into captivating AI-generated images. Explore the remarkable features of YouCam AI Pro:

  1. Text to Image AI Art & Image Generator
  2. Best AI-Generated Image Result
  3. Diverse AI-Generated Image Styles
  4. Unlimited Free Regeneration
  5. 7 AI-Generated Image Ratios
  6. Multilingual Support (15+ Languages)

Best Text to Image AI Art Generator

Text to Image AI Art & Image Generator
YouCam AI Pro's core function revolves around transforming your text prompts into visually striking images. This innovative generator produces the best AI-generated image results that are intricately tailored to your specific prompts. 

Best AI-Generated Image Results

Best AI-Generated Image Result
When it comes to delivering exceptional AI-generated image results, YouCam AI Pro outshines its competitors such as Midjourney and Starryai. Whether your input is straightforward or intricate, YouCam AI Pro consistently produces the most relevant outcomes for your text prompts.

Best Understanding of AI Prompts

Best Understanding of AI Prompts

YouCam AI Pro excels in comprehending diverse AI prompts, whether they are intricate sentences or simple phrases. Regardless of the complexity, it consistently delivers exceptional results. Enhance your creative exploration by experimenting multiple times with YouCam AI Pro.

20+ AI Art Styles

20+ AI-Generated Image StylesYouCam AI Pro provides an extensive selection of over 20 AI-generated image styles, offering a diverse array of photo styles for your exploration. This includes a variety of creative designs, abstract concepts, and illustrations to choose from. Whatever the intended use of your image, YouCam AI Pro has you covered.

Unlimited Free Regeneration

Unlimited Free Regeneration
Unlock the potential of YouCam AI Pro with limitless free attempts to regenerate your AI-generated text-to-image outputs. Experiment freely to discover the perfect AI-generated images for your needs.

7 AI-Generated Image Ratios

7 AI-Generated Image Ratios
Differing from its counterparts, YouCam AI Pro provides 7 canvas size options for your AI images. You can choose the canvas size that best suits your social media posts before generating your images.

Multilingual Support (15+ Languages)

YouCam AI Pro supports more than 15 languages, making it effortless for you to input sentences or keywords.

Upgrade Your AI Art Prompts

Midjourny AI: AI Art Generator for High-Quality Photos

Midjourny: AI Art Generator for High-Quality Photos

Midjourney, an AI Art generator, utilizes deep learning algorithms to craft top-quality images from your text. You have the flexibility to tweak brightness, contrast, and saturation to match your requirements. Accessible only through Discord and public image sharing, and pricing options encompass a $10/month Basic Plan with GPU hours and commercial use flexibility.

DALL-E 2: Easy AI Art Generator

DALL-E 2: Easy AI Image & Art Generator

DALL·E 2 shines in the world of AI art generators, known for its simplicity and creative abilities. While it's no longer free, priced at $15 for 115 credits, it remains an affordable option. With its user-friendly interface, it swiftly generates four variations of your input. DALL·E 2 also offers an image editor to expand and enhance AI-generated images, supporting both "out-painting" for larger works and "in-painting" for refinements.

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10 Best AI Art Prompts Examples

To give you some inspiration, here are ten prominent AI Art Prompt Examples:

  1. Create a serene landscape with a vivid sunset, inspired by the works of Claude Monet.
  2. Craft a modern, abstract piece using bold, contrasting colors.
  3. Render a tranquil forest scene with dappled sunlight filtering through the trees.
  4. Produceca vibrant cityscape at night, highlighting the hustle and bustle of urban life.
  5. Generate a dreamlike underwater world, with bioluminescent creatures illuminating the depths.
  6. Recreate the essence of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' in your unique style.
  7. Design an otherworldly alien landscape with a focus on surreal shapes and forms.
  8. Fashion an antique portrait in the style of Renaissance masters like Da Vinci.
  9. Compose a futuristic, sci-fi cityscape with soaring skyscrapers and advanced technology.
  10. Craft an ethereal, celestial scene reminiscent of a cosmic voyage through the stars.

Start Writing the Best AI Art Prompts for Your AI Art

Download the Best AI Art Generator: YouCam AI Pro

To write the best AI art prompts, you need to understand your audience, the art form, and the AI art prompts' structure. Use the tips we provided to create compelling prompts that generate impressive art. Combine your knowledge with different AI art tools like YouCam AI Pro to generate stunning AI-generated art. As you develop more prompts and experiment with different tools, you will grow your skills and expertise in AI art generation.

More AI Art Ideas

AI Art Prompts FAQs

How do I write a better AI art prompt?

Writing a better AI art prompt involves providing clear and specific instructions to the AI art so that it can generate the kind of artwork you have in mind. Here are some tips for writing effective AI art prompts:

  1. Be Specific
  2. Use Adjectives and Adverbs
  3. Mention Visual Elements
  4. Reference Real Art or Artists
  5. Be Concise
  6. Experiment
  7. Test and Adjust
  8. Refine with AI Tools

What are good prompts for AI art?

Good prompts for AI art are those that provide clear and creative guidance to the AI model. Here are some examples of effective AI art prompts:

  1. Generate a futuristic cityscape with sleek, reflective buildings and flying vehicles against a starry night sky.
  2. Create an abstract representation of 'joy' using vibrant colors and dynamic shapes.
  3. Produce a portrait of a mythical creature that combines elements of a dragon, phoenix, and mermaid.

Remember, the key to a good AI art prompt is to be both clear and imaginative, providing the AI model with a vision of what you want to see while allowing room for creativity and interpretation.

Download the Best AI Art Generator: YouCam AI Pro

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