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YouCam Perfect:
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YouCam Perfect is the best all-in-one photo editing app powered by AI. Instantly elevate your snaps with AI object removal, background removal, aesthetic photo filters, collages and frames.

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AI Object Removal to Erase Unwanted Objects

Use the magical AI object remover to erase anything you don't want in your photo, including people, text, objects and reflections. With the auto object removal tool, you can get a clear, polished photo in seconds, without any complicated photoshop techniques.

AI Removal

AI Magic Avatars and AI Selfie Filters

Turn your portraits into stunning pieces of art using Magic Avatar and AI Selfie! With Magic Avatar, you can create personalized avatars in various styles, including Royal, Sci-fi, Pop Art, and more. The AI Selfie feature lets you add hundreds more variations to your photos with AI. You can also create unique dog and cat avatars of your beloved pets!

Magic Avatar
AI Selfie

Edit Body Shape Naturally

Experiment with different body shapes and sizes using the Body Tuner tool. You can enhance or slim your body, from a snatched waist to a firm booty. With YouCam Perfect, you can be guaranteed to get naturally looking results, as it has the smart Protect tool to avoid distorted background.


AI Sky Replacement & Background Changing

Smart photo editor will quickly identify the scenes in your photos, so you can enjoy fast and easy editing. Change the photo background, create a double exposure effect, or replace the sky in one click, all without professional photo editing skills. The powerful AI photo editing tools will instantly elevate your photos and get them ready for social media.

Sky Replacement
Change Background

Free Photo Grid & Collages

In seconds with hundreds of collage designs for every occasion! Choose a layout you like and add your personal touch by adjusting borders, adding backgrounds, or using the unique pre-designed collage poster options. Treasure life’s moments creatively!


Templates, Photo Frames & Custom Stickers

Add frames to photos, create your sticker packs to have fun with your snaps, and more! Make trendy edits and perfect your photos in seconds using such great photo editing tools as magic brush, one-of-a-kind stickers, and gorgeous frames. Embracing your creativity has never been easier!

Magic Brush

Aesthetic Photo Effects & Filters

Add hundreds of photo effects and filters to photos in one tap to post on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more. Try popular photo effects like vintage filters, sparkle effects, or elevate your photo's aesthetic with trending filters in just a few clicks.

Floral Dreams

Powerful Photo Beautifying Tools

Discover how to take perfect pictures and retouch your face in seconds, no Photoshop skills are required. Automatically remove blemishes, whiten teeth, smooth skin, and edit your face shape to achieve a natural and flawless look. You can easily beautify a photo and see the effects of the face shaper, acne removal, or eye enlarger instantly before taking your selfie!

Face Reshape
Eye Reshape
Lip Reshape
Nose Reshape
Teeth Whiten
Eye Bag

Add Eye-Catching Photo Animations

Animate your still photos with awesome animated effects and stickers. Edit your photos with countless animation options for every occasion, season, and personal aesthetic. Add animated effects to pictures to engage with your followers on social networks like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook using the best photo editor for iPhone and Android.


Best Tattoo Filter For Face & Body

Decorate your body with beautiful digital tattoos in just a few clicks without a lifelong commitment. Choose from cool tattoo filters including flower, butterfly, love, animal, and minimalist. Bring your photo to perfection by adjusting the tattoo size to make it look more natural on your body.

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*As of September 1st, 2023


Miranda Martinez

It is a "MUST HAVE" for me! I love the wide variety of filters and all the different ways I can edit my pictures! This is the PERFECT selfie-cam! If you're thinking about downloading this app, STOP thinking and JUST DO IT. Give it a try.

Download the Best Mobile Photo Editor for Free and Get Your Perfect Selfie in Seconds

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