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World’s Best Video Editor for Makeup & Retouch

YouCam Video is the best video editing app for selfie videos. Easily apply makeup, edit face shape, smooth skin & more to your everyday TikTok and Instagram videos.

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Everyday AI Video Editor

YouCam Video is the only video editing app you’ll ever need. Enjoy AI-powered face retouching and reshaping, also create custom video akeup filters, add music, and edit video backgrounds with this all-in-one video editor. 

Top 5 Features of YouCam Video App


Add Makeup to Videos

Enhance TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and more with stunning makeup, from customizable beauty filters to eye shadow, lipstick, and more.


Video Face Reshape & Retouch

Retouch your face in selfie videos with the AI face-slimming features, also retouch your nose shape, lip shape, eyebrows, remove blemishes, and more.


Change Hair Colors in Videos

Use AI-powered video hair color filter to change hair colors in video precisely. Enjoy exploring different hair color and styles, including two-toned, ombré and more stylish options.


Smooth Skin in Videos

Get blemish-free skin in videos effortlessly with YouCam Video’s smart skin smoother, which can detect your face and gives it the most natural airbrush effect.


Beautify Videos with AI Effects

Personalize selfie videos with stunning AI effects and filters. Animate your background with sparkle effects, neon borders, or blur video background for a centralized effect.

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Retouch your selfie videos with the best free video editor app.

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