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Best Filter App For Cute Easter Makeup Looks In 2022

Apr 11, 2022 · 4 minutes read
Best Easter makeup up look filters to try 2022 from the best free makeup selfie app, YouCam Makeup.

Easter is such a fun time of year — the flowers are starting to bloom, kids are nearing the end of the school year, the weather is getting warmer, and most importantly, we’re celebrating all these occasions with friends and family! In this joyous season, don't miss the chance to get a cute selfie with Easter-inspired makeup filters.

Read on the discover three cute Easter makeup filters you can easily try with a free selfie camera app!

When Is Easter 2022

Before we get into all the details of Easter makeup looks, it’s important to note when Easter 2022 actually is. In 2022, Easter falls on Sunday, April 17th. Easter is a tad later than usual this year, meaning it’s likely to be a bit warmer, and you have some extra time to practice a unique makeup look.

Best Free App to Try Easter Makeup Look Filters

YouCam Makeup is the best app to try thousands of free makeup filters for iPhone and Android.


Loved by millions of users and beauty lovers worldwide, it is the best app when you are thinking about fun photo filters, makeup looks, and anything about selfie editing. 

Easter bunny makeup look inspired filter is free to try with the best makeup filter app, YouCam Makeup.

This app is the #1 virtual makeover and selfie retouch editing platform, available for both iOS and Android. It offers users a multitude of photo editing tools and features, plus, it’s free!

Now that you know about the app that can make your virtual Easter makeup looks a reality, let’s explore what some of those specific looks are.

Cute Easter Makeup Looks for Easter Photos 2022

A special occasion is made even more special when you have photos to remember it by, and YouCam Makeup can make those photos a touch more magical with cute Easter makeup looks.

Read on to see a few examples you can try on the app yourself with just a few taps in the YouCam Makeup app.

1. Easter Bunny Eye Makeup Look

Easter eye makeup look inspired filter is free to try with the best makeup filter app, YouCam Makeup.

When it comes to Easter-inspired makeup looks, think of soft pinks, pastel color schemes, and sweet accents. To get this look, tap Makeup Cam on the homepage. Then, tap Looks at the bottom of your screen. You’ll see a multitude of different looks come up, but for this occasion, we want to choose Pretty Pastel.

This look gets you set for spring with pastel eyeshadow and a subtle coral lip. It also features a nod to our favorite Easter character — the Easter bunny, as they look also place small bunny ears over the eye, along with a flower underneath.

2. Easter Bunny Animated Filter

Easter bunny makeup look inspired filter is free to try with the best makeup filter app, YouCam Makeup.

When talking about easter, we cannot skip a cute Easter bunny-inspired look! To get this look, tap Makeup Cam on the app. Then, scroll to the Live Frame section. You’ll see an Easter Bunny option — tap that.

Instantly you’ll see ears, whiskers, and a rosy cheek glow appear. If you’re going for a more literal interpretation of the holiday, this look is the one for you!

3. Angelic Easter Bunny Makeup Look

Easter bunny makeup look inspired filter is free to try with the best makeup filter app, YouCam Makeup.

The final Easter-inspired makeup filter you can try in the YouCam Makeup app is the one that will catch everyone's attention on the social feed. Come with an aesthetic rainbow background and Kira Kira effect, this angelic Easter bunny look is stunning with sweet lashes, a 3D animated Easter bunny headband, and the coolest - dreamy pastel pink hair color!

To try this look, open the free YouCam Makeup app, tap Makeup Cam, then find the Valentine category under Looks. Choose the Baddie Love collection, and try on the Soft Bunny look.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best App for Free Easter Makeup Filters

Easter makeup looks are a great way to add a bit more fun to this otherwise sleepy holiday, and lucky for us, the YouCam Makeup app is here to bring the looks to life. Whether you go for a soft look or a more exaggerated and literal one, your look is going to be the talk of the holiday.

Download the safe and easy-to-use app either iOS or Android app now to get started!


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