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How to Find Your Foundation Shade Match: Three Expert Tips

Jul 19, 2021 · 4 minutes read

Shopping for a new foundation is a highly personal journey and one made extra challenging when shopping online. With an every-multiplying flood of new foundation formulas and extensive shade ranges to choose from, it is an overwhelming experience browsing foundations online without the help of a beauty professional to help guide you on the tones and textures best for your skin.

There are so many variables and personal preferences to take into account when searching for a new go-to foundation formula, from texture to coverage, and shade range. That’s where artificial intelligence (AI) smart beauty technology can help you experiment and navigate extensive foundation shade ranges with a convenient and highly accurate tap online.

Here’s your online beauty shopping guide with three easy tips to help guide you in finding your best foundation match online.

Tip #1: Find Your Shade Match

Finding your best foundation match used to involve a messy lineup of arm swatches to see how the different variations play against your skin tone. Now, with the help of advanced AI technology and tools in makeup apps like YouCam Makeup, beauty lovers are able to browse and navigate a complete range of foundation shades in seconds through hyper-realistic virtual try-on that help recreate the convenience of the beauty counter try-before-you-buy experience at home while shopping online.


To use the YouCam Makeup foundation feature, open the free YouCam Makeup app, tap makeup, and select the foundation product category. From here you can tap through to select and virtually try on a variety of shades in seconds, adjusting the intensity and coverage to find your best match.


Tip #2: Choose Texture With Purpose

Your skin texture changes with the seasons and climate of your surroundings and your foundation formula should match with purpose. If you’re living in colder, dryer environments you may need to opt for a richer, more hydrating formula, while those in hot, humid climates may look for a foundation that helps with oil control and has a more mattifying texture.

The same adjustments may be necessary depending on the occasion. Some beauty lovers opt for a lightweight formula for everyday wear, and a richer, full-coverage formula for evening or special events.


Tip #3: When in Doubt, Go Bright!

When choosing between a range of closely matched foundation shades, the best rule of thumb is to opt for a brighter shade, versus a darker one. A brighter foundation shade is easier to adjust with the dust of a bronzer and helps to add natural definition around the contours of your face. Experiment with highlights and contours virtually in the YouCam Makeup app to see how you can play with light and dark to create a polished, glowing complexion.

Find Your Foundation Shade Match with Virtual Makeup App

Finding the best foundation match for your skin tone is more convenient than ever before thanks to advanced AI beauty technology. The precise YouCam Makeup shade detection technology help to deliver a personalized, safe, and effective beauty trial experience digitally, making shopping for foundations online, just as easy as it once was in stores. These smart AR and AI makeup tools deliver on the try-before-you-buy shade matching experience, helping you navigate a difficult and overwhelming product category with ease.

Download FREE YouCam Makeup app to upgrade your beauty journey now!


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