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Brighten Your Images in One Click With AI Online for Free
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Brighten Your Images in One Click With AI Online for Free

May 10, 2024 · 3 minutes read

How do you edit your dark photos to make them brighter?

In the past, we could only adjust brightness, contrast, and light to optimize for the best results.

But recently, I started trying out some AI tools to edit the brightness of photos, and I found that they performed really well!

Instead of spending time editing photo brightness with photo editing software, we can now make dark photos brighter and clearer using AI in just one tap!

▲ Try brightening your photos with AI online for free

In this article, I will share my experience using this “AI Image Brightener” to enhance my photo lighting for free and teach you how to lighten photos using this tool.

Best Free AI Image Brightener: Transform Dark Photos into Brighter and Clearer Ones Using AI [App, Online]

YouCam AI Lighting: Brighten your photos with AI

YouCam Enhance is the best image-brightening app I've been using to enhance my photo lighting.

It offers an "AI Lighting" feature that automatically brightens photos to the optimal lighting level.

Not only does this app improve brightness, but it also makes details in the photo, such as portraits and objects, very clear to see!

Therefore, it's also the best photo enhancer for fixing lighting issues in photos.

How to Use AI Lighting to Brighten a Picture Online for Free

Next, let's explore how this app intelligently enhances photo brightness using AI power. Here are the simple steps for using YouCam Enhance's AI Lighting to brighten a photo.

Step 1. Open the AI Image Lighting Tool

Best App to Brighten a Photo in 2024: YouCam Enhance

Open the AI Image Lighting Tool by downloading the YouCam Enhance app if you're an iOS user.

For online and Android users, navigate to "YouCam Online AI Image Brightener".

Step 2. Upload a Photo to Let AI Brighten Your Photo

Choose "AI Lighting" from the App's menu

Upload your photo by selecting the "AI Lighting" feature from the menu and then uploading the desired image.

Brighten photos using "AI Lighting"

The AI will automatically increase the brightness and contrast to enhance the visibility of the photo.

Step 3. Adjust the AI Lighting Level

Adjust the AI Lighting level according to your preference. Move the slide bar to increase or decrease the brightness. This feature allows you to fine-tune the brightness level to achieve your desired result.

Step 4. Save Your Brightened Image

Save your brightened image once you're satisfied with the adjustments. You can download the enhanced photo to your device or share it directly from the app or online platform.

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Why Brighten Images With AI Lighting: 3 Benefits

You might be wondering, 'What's the difference between normal image brightening and AI Lighting?'

From my perspective, here are 3 advantages of using AI to enhance photos.

1. One-Tap All-In-One AI Lighting Enhancement

With just a single tap, YouCam Enhance's AI Lighting feature provides a comprehensive enhancement to your images. It intelligently adjusts brightness and contrast, saving you time and effort while instantly improving the overall look of your photos.

2. Make Details in a Photo Clear to See

YouCam Enhance goes beyond simple brightness adjustments with its content-aware AI technology.

By identifying objects and portraits in your photos, it enhances their contours, making them not only brighter but also more defined and vivid. This ensures that every detail in your photos is clear and easy to see, resulting in professional-looking images that truly stand out.

3. Adjustable AI Image Brightening Levels

You have full control over the brightness level of your images with YouCam Enhance. The adjustable AI image brightening levels allow you to fine-tune the brightness according to your preferences, ensuring that your photos achieve the perfect balance of brightness without losing detail or clarity.

Make Your Dark Photos Brighter and Clearer With the Power of AI

How often have you struggled with dark and dull photos, wishing there was an easy solution?

With the power of AI, transforming your dark photos into bright and clear masterpieces is now a reality. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of AI technology today, and illuminate your photography journey like never before.

AI Image Brightener FAQ

What is the best way to brighten a photo?

The best way to brighten a photo is using YouCam Enhance’s “AI Lighting”, which not only automatically brightens the photo but also enhances its details.

Is there a free AI image brightener app?

YouCam Enhance is a free AI image brightener app that you can use to brighten any photo you desire. In addition to this feature, you can also utilize its 'AI Enhance' and 'AI Color Correction' functions to comprehensively enhance your photos, all within a single app.

Can I brighten a photo directly on an iPhone using the Photos app?

Yes, you can also enhance the brightness of your photos using the iPhone's built-in photo app. Here's how:

  1. Select a photo from the Photos app.
  2. Tap the "Edit" option and choose the "Adjust" button.
  3. Adjust the sliders for "Brightness" and "Exposure" to achieve the desired effect for the best results.
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