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Remove People and Objects From Photos Online for Free
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Remove People and Objects From Photos Online for Free

May 15, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Have you ever wondered how to take someone from a picture?

Are you searching for the best tool to edit someone out of a photo online for free without causing blur?

Bid farewell to photo frustrations with the incredible power of AI.

In this article, we will explore the best AI object remover that allows you to effortlessly remove people from your photos online, and tell you how to remove unwanted objects and people from your photos in just a few simple steps.

How to AI Remove People and Objects From Photos Online for Free

▲ Use AI Remover to erase unwanted people from photo for free

To remove people and unwanted objects from a photo online for free, you can first open YouCam AI Object Remover, which is the best option I use for AI person removal.

YouCam AI Object Remover is the best FREE online AI photo editor for erasing unwanted people and objects, available for iPhone, Android, and online platforms. Powered by Generative AI, its photo eraser seamlessly removes anything, including objects, people, watermarks, logos, or text from your pictures online for free.

Simply upload the photos, use the brush tool to highlight the unwanted people, and let the AI person eraser automatically remove them.

Explore the step-by-step guide on how to remove people from your photos online using the best AI editor, allowing you to effortlessly eliminate unwanted elements and create captivating visuals that truly shine.

Step 1. Open the Best AI Photo Object Remover

YouCam AI Object Remover: Remove People From Photo for Free

To remove people from photos, begin by opening the YouCam AI Object Remover online tool. You can easily find it through a search engine. Once there, click on the "Open" or "Get Started" button to access the tool.

Step 2. Log In and Upload Your Photo

Log in to the platform using your credentials or create a new account if you don't have one. After logging in, locate the "Upload" option, and select the image from which you want to remove people. Wait for the upload to complete.

Step 3. Use the "Brush" to Select Unwanted People and Objects

The AI will detect the people and objects in the brushed area and remove them without blurring.

Once your photo is uploaded, look for the "Brush" tool in the editing interface. Adjust the brush size as needed and carefully paint over the unwanted people in the photo. You may need to zoom in for more precise editing.

Step 4. Click "Remove"

After marking the individuals you want to remove, find the "Remove" button on the interface. Click on it to initiate the AI object removal process. The photo eraser tool will analyze the image and use its AI algorithms to remove the selected person from a photo online while preserving the background.

Step 5. Download Your Photo

Once the AI object removal is complete, a "Download" option should appear. Click on it to download the edited photo without the unwanted individuals. Your photo is now ready for use, free of the people you wish to remove.

Free App to Remove People From Photos Online on iPhone and Android Without Log In

If you wish to remove people from your mobile photos, consider downloading the mobile app version of YouCam AI object remover, YouCam Enhance.

YouCam Enhance is an AI person remover app that offers a convenient solution for removing people from photos online on both iPhone and Android devices without requiring login.

The advanced Generative AI object remover efficiently eliminates people and unwanted objects from the background of a photo while seamlessly reconstructing the background to maintain its original appearance.

This feature makes it an ideal choice for effortlessly cropping someone out of the picture with precision and ease, all for free.

More Than Erasing People From Photos: Top 4 Use Cases

Aside from removing photobombers in the background, here are other top use cases for you to utilize YouCam AI object remover to the fullest.

1. Remove Watermarks from Photos Online for Free

Remove Watermark From Photo Online

Got unwanted watermarks on your photos? Whether it's on a JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF file, you can all use YouCam AI Object Remover to erase it most naturally.

Learn more

2. Remove Unwanted Objects From an Image Online for Free

YouCam's AI Object Remover can erase any object easily without losing quality

With YouCam AI Object Remover, you can effortlessly eliminate unwanted objects from your images online for free.

Utilizing its AI-powered remover brush ensures precise erasure without any blurring, leaving your photos flawless and clutter-free.

3. Remove Text From Pictures Online for Free

Remove Text From Photo Online

You can also remove unwanted text, dates, icons, and images on your JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, or GIF files with AI removal.

Learn more

4.  Remove Blemishes on Faces

Remove Watermark From Photo Online

You can also AI remove any blemishes on your face, simply by selecting them with the AI removal tool.

Remove People From Photos Online for Free FAQ

How can I remove a person from a picture for Free on iPhone and Android?

The best way to remove someone from a picture on an iPhone and Android in 2024 is using an AI object remover app like YouCam Enhance. The AI Object Remover in YouCam Enhance is driven by Generative AI, enabling the removal of any unwanted object from photos without compromising quality, ensuring a sharp and clear image post-object removal.

Is there a free mobile app to remove a person from a photo?

Yes, YouCam Enhance offers a mobile app that allows you to remove objects or people from a photo directly on your smartphone.

With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly erase unwanted individuals from your photos on the go.

How to remove people from a photo but keep the background?

To remove people from a photo while preserving the background, you can use YouCam AI Object Remover's AI Object Removal feature.

To achieve a more natural removal effect, brush over the areas of the people you want to remove from the background. However, keep in mind that if the object or background is too blurry or complex, the results may not appear natural.

What Is the Best App to Remove People From Photos?

When it comes to the best app to remove people from photos, YouCam Enhance stands out as a top choice. With its advanced AI Object Removal feature and impressive results, YouCam Enhance offers a seamless and efficient solution for removing unwanted individuals from your photos.

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