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Best AI Barbie Photo Editor for Barbie Filters, Looks & Avatars
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Best AI Barbie Photo Editor for Barbie Filters, Looks & Avatars

Aug 3, 2023 · 4 minutes read

Thanks to the big popularity of the Margot Robbie movie Barbie, Barbiecore is the latest trend to take over social media, and it’s targeting everything from makeup and clothes to photo and video aesthetics.

Now, with a Barbie photo editor, you can also transform yourself into Barbie, easily with AI.

AI Barbie filter app for iPhone and Android

YouCam Perfect's AI Barbie filters can transform users into real-life Barbies in no time.

You can also change the clothes with AI to try on dozens of Barbie outfits to find the one for you.

Generate AI Barbie outfits with the YouCam Perfect

▲ Virtually try on different Barbie outfits with an AI outfit generator.

Furthermore, explore cute Barbie backgrounds to add some Barbie vibes to your photos!

Find the Barbie background for you in the YouCam Perfect app.

▲ Dozens of Barbie backgrounds are available for a quick update.

Read on to discover how to achieve all these Barbie AI transformations with YouCam Perfect, a free-to-download photo editor app.

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Barbie Photo Editor:
  1. Barbie Filter #1 
  2. Barbie Filter #2
  3. Add a 'Barbenheimer' Touch
  4. Barbie Filter Ken 
  5. Barbie Backgrounds
  6. Barbie Sky
  7. Pink Barbie Outfits
  8. Barbie Sparkle Effects
  9. Barbie Inspired Collage
  10. Barbie AI Hairstyle

Barbiecore Trend: What Is It?

Barbiecore Trend 2023 is Back & Learn What Is It

Barbies have been a pop culture staple for decades, so what’s made the Barbiecore trend take off now? The blockbuster Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling is the key.

Create Barbie-like Avatars from Photos With YouCam Perfect App▲ Create your Barbie-like AI Avatars

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Since pictures from the movie set have gone public, everyone is ready to be a Barbie girl or get the Kenergy vibes.

Best AI Barbie Photo Editor App for iPhone and Android in 2023

YouCam Perfect's AI photo features are a fun and easy way to create Barbie-like pictures in either princess or cartoon styles.

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, The Best AI Photo Editor App for iPhone & Android in 2023

Users can personalize their avatars with endless customization options to create a unique and stylish selfie that will turn heads.

Upload your photo to generate AI Barbie avatars

▲ Simply upload 10 photos of yourself to create Barbie-like Avatars.

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

whether you want to channel your inner princess, generate a personalized avatar that looks like a Barbie doll, or create a cartoon version of yourself.

Upload 10 photos of you to generate AI Barbie avatar with YouCam PerfectAfter generating your avatars, upload your avatar selfie to the Barbie Selfie Generator and effortlessly create your very own personalized Barbie movie poster.

Create your Barbie poster with Barbie Selfie Generator ▲ Create a Barbie poster with Barbie avatars

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filterWhether you want to use the AI Barbie filter or customize your look using the Looks and Avatars feature, the app has got you covered.

10 Barbiecore Ideas to Get the Pink Barbie Look

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you started on your Barbiecore journey for selfies.

1. Barbie Filter #1 - AI Barbie Generator Avatar

AI Barbie Avatar Generatorbarbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

If you're keeping up with the Barbie Filter trend, you've come to the perfect spot. Achieving a Barbie-inspired look is now as simple as uploading your photos and transforming them into a charming doll style.

How to Generate AI Barbie Avatar

  1. Download the YouCam Perfect app for free on iOS & Android.
  2. Gather 10-20 of your favorite photos.
  3. Navigate to the 'AI Style' feature and apply the cartoon style to each photo.
  4. Find 'AI Avatar' and select the Doll style for Barbie Avatars

2. Barbie Filter #2 - AI Barbie Outfit + Cartoon

AI Barbie filterbarbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Have you ever imagined not only looking like a Barbie but also dressing up as one? Well, with the YouCam Perfect app, you can now discover the "Pretty in Pink" style, a Barbie-inspired outfit that will make you look like a real-life doll, especially when paired with the Barbie cartoon filters.

To obtain this Barbie-like look:

  1. Download the YouCam Perfect app for free on iOS & Android.
  2. Go to the 'AI Fashion' tab.
  3. Choose 'Female' and the 'Pretty in Pink' style.
  4. Upload one of your photos.
  5. Find 'AI Style' and apply the cartoonize effect to your photo.

3. Add a 'Barbenheimer' Touch to Your Clothes

AI Barbenheimer Filter

▲ Get ready for the 'Barbenheimer Weekend'

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Are you also planning to watch 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' this weekend too? Need some inspiration to create your own Barbie and Oppenheimer outfit, vintage t-shirt, cap, or jersey? Here's how you can design it yourself, and customize it with your own Barbie avatar:

  1. Download the YouCam Perfect app for free on iOS and Android.
  2. Go to 'AI Fashion' and choose the styles 'Doll' &' Executive.'
  3. Click on 'Add photo' and combine the two photos.
  4. Use the 'Text' feature and add "Barbenheimer" to your image.
  5. Use the 'AI Clothes tool to apply the design to your photo.

4. Barbie Filter Ken - AI Ken Generator Avatar

AI Ken FIlter

>>> Try Ken's Inspired Filter

If you're interested in discovering amusing ways to transform a photo of your friend or boyfriend into a Ken doll, here's a fun method:

  1. Download the YouCam Perfect app.
  2. Go to the 'AI Avatar' tab.
  3. Choose 10-20 pictures and select the 'Statue Style.'
  4. Click on 'Edit' and find 'AI Filter' to cartoonize your photos

5. Barbie Backgrounds

barbie backgrounds

>>> Try Barbie Backgrounds on Photos

Want to add a Barbie pink background to your photos? YouCam Perfect offers a variety of Barbie-themed backgrounds for you to choose from.

AI barbie backgroundsTo add any background to your photos, simply follow these steps:

  • Download the YouCam Perfect app for free on iOS & Android.
  • Open the 'Photo Edit' feature and select the photo to which you want to add a Barbie background.
  • Remove the original background from the photo and go to the 'Background' section.
  • Choose a Barbie-like background and apply it to your photo.

barbie background

  • Add some text using the 'Barbie-like font.'

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

6. Pink Barbie Aesthetic Sky

barbie pink sky photo edit

>>> Try Pink-inspired Barbie Sky

Brighten your photos in true Barbiecore fashion using the Sky Replacement tool. Instead of the natural blue or a cloudy day, swap it out with a vibrant pink sky.

Just tap on Sky in the YouCam Perfect App and pick a pink aesthetic sky in the Fancy category. You can also choose other sky backgrounds or you can upload a sky picture by yourself.

*The Sky Replacement feature is currently available for iOS only.

7. AI Barbie Outfits - Barbie Outfit

AI Barbie Outfit Generator

▲ Upload your photo to try on dozens of AI Barbie outfits

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Introducing our revolutionary 'AI Fashion' feature, where you can effortlessly try on Barbie-inspired outfits using just a single photo! Fulfill your style dreams as you explore a wide array of stunning Barbie-like looks and find the perfect ensemble that resonates with your unique taste.

barbie outfit

▲ AI Barbie outfits

After generating your photos with the Barbie's outfit or Ken's outfit you can ask your friends if they believe it could pass as a potential Barbie or Ken's ensemble.

Ken outfit

▲ AI Ken Outfits

Don’t have the trendy hot pink Barbiecore wardrobe you want? Don’t worry! You don’t need to go shopping for new clothes when you have the YouCam Perfect app. Just change your outfits in the app by switching the color of your clothes easily.

barbiecore outfits▲ Change the color of your clothes to a pink outfit inspired by Barbie.

barbie photo editor to apply barbie filter

Once you choose the picture you want to edit, go to the Beautify section, and scroll until you see  Clothes. From here, you can easily change your outfit color to Barbie pink with just a few taps.

*The Clothes feature is currently available for iOS only.

8. Soft Pink & Sparkle Effects - Barbie Filter

barbie filters

>>> Try Barbie Filters on Photos

Our Soft Pink filters will add a touch of Barbie glam to any image. This filter pack has six options that all create a gentle pink aesthetic. They all range in saturation, hue, and exposure. Some will look a little more vintage, while others look bright and modern, so there’s something for every aesthetic.

barbie effects

>>> Try Barbie sparkling effects on photos

Enhance the Barbiecore look by adding effects or animations like pink sparkles, twinkling stars, or romantic hearts.

9. Barbie Inspired Pink Pastel Style Collage

barbie inspired poster collage

>>> Try to create your own vintage Barbie poster

Another fun way to creatively show off your Barbiecore style is through photo collages. And YouCam Perfect has dozens of beautiful, trendy layouts to help you do just that, like the Pink Pastel collage. This layout is cute and feminine and has all of the Barbie vibes. 

10. Barbie AI Hairstyle

ai hairstyleAnother idea to recreate the Barbie look is to find her different hairstyles and then choose a blonde hair color, pink, or any other color theme related and apply it to your photo.

▶ Here is the step-by-step guide on How to Use The Best AI Hairstyle Simulator App for Free Hair Cut Simulation

How to Generate Barbie Fonts

The Barbie Font Generator is used in the YouCam Perfect app as the 'Text' tool and allows you to create text in a font style inspired by the iconic Barbie brand. The font generator offers a unique and playful typeface that resembles the font used in Barbie's logo and branding.

Using the Barbie Font Generator is typically a straightforward process:

Step 1. Download the YouCam Perfect app free for iOS and Android

Step 2. Select the photo you want to add the Barbie text to. Here I want to add it to my shirt, so I found a photo with a plain T-shirt. 

barbie font generator

Step 3. Enter your text: Once you find the 'Text' tool, type your text and select the most similar font to Barbie's typography. 

Other Top 5 Popular AI Barbie Selfie Generators


BaiRBIE.me AI Barbie Selfie Generator

Have you ever wanted to create your own Barbie doll selfie without going through the hassle of dressing up and setting the scene? BaiRBIE.me is here to make all your Barbie selfie dreams come true.  This online generator allows you to customize your own Barbie doll with your image, selecting the hair color, skin color, and race of your Barbie Image.

Snapchat: AR Barbie Snapchat Filter

Snapchat AI Barbie Filter

Snapchat also recently launched its AR Barbie Snapchat Filter. With this Snapchat Barbie filter, you can instantly try on a variety of glamorous outfits that exude elegance and style. From shimmering ball gowns to chic casual wear, this filter allows you to explore a plethora of trendy looks, all at the swipe of a finger.

Tik Tok: Barbie AI Filter Effect

TikTok AI Barbie Filter

To find the Barbie Filter on Tik Tok simply type on the search tab ' Barbie Filter', there will be several Tik tokers who shared the filter.  Experiment with different ones until you find the one that makes you look like Barbie as some of the results are very exaggerated and rather unrealistic. 

Remini: AI Barbie Filter

Remini AI Barbie Selfie Generator

Remini app recently launched the Barbie and Ken AI filter. Once you've uploaded your selfie, you'll be able to choose from a variety of filters according to your preferences. The Barbie and Ken filters, in particular, are catered to users who identify as female. If you fall into this category, you can experiment with the Barbie filter to witness the magical transformation of your selfie into a Barbie-inspired image.

Barbie Selfie Generator

PhotoRoom AI Barbie Selfie Generator

It's an exclusive online platform designed solely for creating Barbie-style selfies with your photos, making you look like Barbie or Ken. All you need to do is upload your photo, and the Barbie selfie generator will take care of the rest by removing the background and creating a personalized Barbie poster just for you.

Download YouCam Perfect: The Best AI Barbie Photo Editor in 2023

Don’t be the only one not living out your Barbie dreams. Instead, get the YouCam Perfect app to enjoy the fun and show your creativity. Download the app on iOS or Android now to get started!

Shared Materials by Strapi
*Adjust the size of images ONLY. Please go to Strapi to edit the materials info.
Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

***The Barbie Font Generator offers a fun and nostalgic way to add a touch of Barbie's iconic style to your text-based creations. It is often used for personalizing social media posts, designing invitations or greeting cards, creating digital artwork, or adding a unique flair to various projects. It's important to note that the Barbie Font Generator is an unofficial tool and not directly affiliated with the Barbie brand. The generated font is an imitation of the Barbie logo and serves as a creative homage to the brand's distinctive typography.

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