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Best Free Face Shaper App: How to Reshape Face Naturally

Mar 1, 2022 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Face Shaper App: How to Reshape Face Naturally

For many people, photo editing is an art form in itself. It’s a way to explore one’s creative potential and embrace the inner artist. And with so many digital tools and apps currently on the market, editing photos is as easy as ever. All you need is a smartphone and the free YouCam Perfect app. YouCam Perfect offers users a myriad of photo editing tools, including filters, frames, stickers, effects, and more. You can turn your photos into works of art in just a few taps, regardless of your experience level. Whether you’re a novice or an expert, YouCam Perfect will help you unleash your creativity.

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The Best Face Reshape App for Photos & Selfies

With YouCam Perfect, you can easily crop and rotate your photos, adjust perspective, add a mirror effect, as well as add text and fun stickers to express yourself. You can also bring your photos to life in a tap with the animation feature and create a cool double exposure photo in mere seconds with the blending tool. The long list of photo editing features goes on and on, but did you know that YouCam Perfect also provides many options to beautify your selfies and portraits? These tools will help bring out your inner beauty and achieve the look you want.

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How to Use Face Shaper Tool

Face Shaper is one of such features. If you happened to take your photo in bad lighting or at a not-so-flattering angle, this tool will help you make necessary adjustments.

  • Simply open the YouCam Perfect app
  • Click Photo Edit
  • Select Beautify at the bottom
  • Choose Face Shaper.
  • Move the slider to adjust the intensity of the edit.

But the tool is capable of much more! Below we will teach you how to easily reshape your face shape naturally in a photo.

How To Reshape Face Shape in a Photo Naturally

In addition to the quick and easy adjustment of your overall face contour, Face Shaper also offers two custom options for even more personalized edits. 

  • First, you can experiment with the Chin Shaper tool to visualize how you’d look like with a more prominent chin or with a fuller jawline.
  • Then, you also have the Manual Shaper tool that can adjust shapes of virtually anything on your photo, so you can easily fix any minor moments that you didn’t notice when first taking the photo.

1. Face and Chin Shaper Tool

Say, you snapped a great and happy photo with a friend, but maybe the lighting wasn’t the best or you were in a hurry to find the best angle, or you want to get fantastical with your photos and experiment with new angles, and you want to edit your natural chin shape.

Use Face shaper Tool to adjust your chin shape naturallyDownload To Get Face Shaping App

YouCam Perfect’s Chin Shaper tool comes to the rescue. Simply move the on-screen slider to either lengthen or shorten your chin area until you find your desired look. You can also see the before/after effect to compare the results. While the Face Shaper can adjust how your face looks overall, Chin Shaper offers a more targeted, subtle, and customized way to make edits, so you won’t drastically change your appearance.

If you already installed the app, CLICK TO TRY FACE SHAPER NOW.

2. Manual Face Shaper Tool

Your clothes look a little messy in the photo because of the wind? Or your hair is a bit out of place? Want to slightly adjust the position of your hat or other accessories? Then the Manual Shaper tool is for you.

Change the Shape of Your Face With Manual Face Shaper 

  • First, select the size of the on-screen cursor, depending on the scope of the issue you need to fix.
  • Then, drag the cursor against the direction where you’d like to pinch, and in the direction where you’d like to expand, and the Manual Shaper will make adjustments instantaneously.

This feature is ideal for all kinds of edits, big or small. 

Use Manual Face shaping Tool to adjust the face shape
Download To Get Face Reshape Tool
Find the Manual Shaper tool from the Beautify tab -> Face Shaper -> Manual

Since this tool is entirely manual, play around with it. With a simple drag and slide, you can edit the shape of your hairstyle or fix an out-of-place necklace. It’s all adjustable using YouCam Perfect’s Manual Shaper tool.

Once you’ve edited your photo using either the Face Shaper, Chin Shaper, or the Manual Shaper, don’t forget to browse through all the editing tools that YouCam Perfect has to offer. You can remove unwanted objects in your photo, add fun stickers and frames, liven up your photo with fun animation effects, and more. 

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Download YouCam Perfect: Best Face Shaper Editor App to Reshape Your Face

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