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Best Face Shaper App to Reshape Your Photos Naturally
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Best Face Shaper App to Reshape Your Photos Naturally

Nov 15, 2023 · 3 minutes read
Best Free Face Shaper App to Reshape Your Photos Naturally

Want to make your photos look more flattering? In this era of social media and online presence, looking your best in photos has become increasingly important. That's where a face-shaper app like YouCam Perfect comes in.

Reshape your face in photo easily with the best face shaper app

With YouCam Perfect, you can easily reshape your photos to look more like you want. So whether you want a narrower chin, fuller cheeks, or tweak your overall look, read on to learn how to reshape your photos with YouCam Perfect's Face Shaper tool.

YouCam Perfect: The Best Face Shaper App to Reshape Faces in Photo

YouCam Perfect has all the reshaping tools you need to edit your face shape and look the way you want in your photos. The reshape tool makes your photo edits look natural every time with these impressive capabilities.

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Download YouCam Perfect, the Best Free Photo Editing App for iPhone and Android

Multi-Reshape Tools

▲ Reshape your face and body easily with one app

YouCam Perfect has many photo reshaping tools to edit different areas both at once and individually. Use the Face Shaper, Body Tuner, Eye Shaper, and other reshape tools to pinpoint where and how you want to edit and watch the app work its magic!

How To Reshape Face Shape in a Photo Naturally

Photos captured with wide-angle cameras might lead to face distortion, especially for selfie handlers who hold the phone while taking group photos. Read on to see how you can make mild edits naturally on faces in photos with YouCam Perfect:

Step 1. Get the Best Face Shaper App

First things first, get the best face-shaper app available for both iOS and Android phones.

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Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Photo Retouch App

Step 2. Upload a Photo to Reshape Your Face

How to reshape faces in photos in the face shaper app

To edit a single face in one photo, simply:

  • Tap on Photo Edit and upload a photo
  • Locate Beautify and tap on Face Shaper or other face-retouching features

The face shaper app YouCam Perfect even supports users to reshape multiple faces in group photos! To edit multiple faces:

  • Locate Face Shaper
  • Press +Face
  • Move the anchor (crosses) over the eyes and lips
  • Select tools such as Chin Shaper, Cheek, and more reshaping features
  • Press the green check when edits are finished

Step 3. Save and Share Your Naturally Reshaped Photo

Remove freckles from photo after reshaping your faces in photo

Once you press the green check in the face reshaper app, you can either save your naturally reshaped photo or explore more features in Edit to level up your selfies. For example, try out the popular feature in the app such as AI Removal to remove freckles from photos.

Reshape Faces in Photos

More Face Reshaping Tips

Tips for Round Face Shape Users

Reshape faces in photo: Round face shape

One of the key benefits of the YouCam Perfect app is its ability to cater to individuals with different face shapes. The face shaper app offers tools to adjust face width and create defined facial contours for those with a round face shape. By altering the shape of lower faces and jawlines, users can achieve a sculpted but natural look that enhances their portrait photos.

Reshape Faces in Photos

Tips for Long Face Shape Users

Reshape faces in photo: Long face shape

On the other hand, YouCam Perfect also provides face-shaping features for individuals with longer face shapes. Users can not only edit the length of their forehead but also customize their face shape by shortening the face length and adjusting the middle part of their faces. This allows them to achieve a more balanced and proportionate appearance with just a few taps.

Reshape Faces in Photos

Download YouCam Perfect: Best Free App to Reshape Faces in Photos

Once you’ve edited your photo using either the Face Shaper, Chin Shaper, or the Manual Shaper, don’t forget to browse through all the editing tools that YouCam Perfect has to offer. You can remove unwanted objects in your photo, add fun stickers and frames, liven up your photo with fun animation effects, and more.

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Download YouCam Perfect Now: The Best Photo Retouch App

Video Tutorial: How to Use the Face Shaper Tool


Face Shaper is one of such features. If you happen to take your photo in bad lighting or at a not-so-flattering angle, this tool will help you make the necessary adjustments.

  • Simply open the YouCam Perfect app
  • Click Photo Edit
  • Select Beautify at the bottom
  • Choose Face Shaper.
  • Move the slider to adjust the intensity of the edit.

Face Shaper App FAQs

How Can I Reshape My Face in a Photo?

Reshape your face with YouCam Perfect using these steps:

  1. Upload your photo and choose Beautify.
  2. Select the Face Shaper and the area you want to edit.
  3. Adjust your face shape with the sliders.
  4. Save your edits.

Is There an App That Changes Your Face?

YouCam Perfect makes changing your face shape easier than ever with its Face Shaper tools. You can edit your chin and jawline, slim your face, or enhance your favorite features fast.

How Can I Edit a Picture of Myself?

YouCam Perfect has many beautifying tools to smooth your skin, reshape your face and body, and add effects to enhance your photos. To make your edits, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Beautify.
  2. Choose Face Shaper to reshape your face.
  3. Use other tools, like the Body Tuner, Smooth feature, and Effects tools to edit your selfie.
  4. Save your edits.

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