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5 Best Fantasy Character Creators in 2024
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5 Best Fantasy Character Creators in 2024

May 2, 2024 · 3 minutes read

Let your imagination run wild by creating your fantasy character! Turn yourself into a character from your favorite fictional universe and unleash your artistic side with a fantasy character app.

How To Create Fantasy Avatars With a Fantasy Character Maker

▲AI Avatar feature in the YouCam Makeup app▲

The app's AI avatar feature allows you to create tons of fantasy character styles by uploading your photos! Keep reading to learn how!

Table of Contents

5 Best Fantasy Character Apps To Create Fantasy Characters

  1. YouCam Makeup
  2. YouCam Perfect
  3. Lensa
  4. Remini
  5. ePic Character Generator

Avatar apps have totally changed the game when it comes to showing off your true self on social media. No more boring selfies!

These awesome apps let you go all out and create cool profile pictures with fantasy vibes. Read on to find the best fantasy character creator for you.

1. YouCam Makeup: The Best Fantasy Character Creator

YouCam Makeup: The Best Fantasy Avatar Apps

YouCam Makeup generates your fantasy character when you upload your selfies to the app. It’s a great way to get a stunning collection of characters to switch up in different fantastical styles!

Whether you dream of being a mythical creature, a brave warrior, or a dazzling sorceress, this app has got you covered.

YouCam Makeup: The Best Fantasy Avatar App

Upload only 10 photos and you can get tons of avatars with a vast collection of styles, themed backgrounds and enchanting settings, you can transport your character to magical lands and let your imagination run wild.

YouCam Makeup: The Best Fantasy Avatar Apps

In the realm of fantasy character creators, YouCam Makeup reigns supreme. With its unparalleled features, stunning customization options, and immersive fantasy settings, this app unlocks a world of endless possibilities.

Download the best ai character generator app youcam makeup

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect

Get a bunch of fantasy characters at once when you upload your selfies and let it create your fantasy characters for you. You can download different packs or select individual avatars from each pack to keep.

3. Lensa


Lensa provides a user-friendly interface and a wide array of AI filters and effects. The character maker brings special vibes to your fantasy character and lets you choose magical graphics and costumes for your avatar.

4. Remini


Get the ultimate customization tools for your fantasy character in a comic style and post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

5. Avatar Maker: Monster Girls

Avatar Maker: Monster Girls

Create any cute cartoon monster, from vampires to angels, and choose every detail yourself, including facial features.

5. ePic Character Generator

ePic Character Generator

This app has high-tech outfits and items to add to your avatar for a more realistic fantasy look.

How To Create a Fantasy Character With the Best Fantasy Character Creator

Step 1: Download the Best Fantasy Character App

Download the best ai character generator app youcam makeup

Download the YouCam Makeup app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store to generate your fantasy characters.

Step 2: Open the App and Tap AI Avatar

Once you download it, open the app then go to AI Avatar and then choose the Artistic Styles option to create your fantasy avatars.

Step 3: Choose a Gender and Fantasy Styles

With 30+ avatar styles, YouCam Makeup has many ways to get your next fantasy look.

Select up to 10 at once, from fantasy to cyberpunk and fairy princess or cyborg, based on the fantasy avatar you want.

Step 4: Upload 10-20 Photos To Create Fantasy Character

Upload between 10 and 20 selfies to start creating your fantasy images. Make sure you select clear photos with only one person in them and without face coverings.

Step 5: Download Your Fantasy Character

Save and Share Your Avatar

Choose the number of avatars you want and let YouCam Makeup generate them for you to download right away!

When you’re done creating your fantasy characters, YouCam Makeup will show you the collections it made based on your chosen styles and the number of images you asked to create.

Download YouCam Makeup: Best Fantasy Character Creator

Download the best ai character generator app youcam makeup

YouCam Makeup’s new fantasy avatar creator creates your next character for you from your selfies. Transport yourself into any fictional universe with the app and enjoy a collection of imaginative avatars you can’t wait to share. Download YouCam Makeup free for iOS or Android to start creating your next fantasy character!

More AI Avatar Tips

Fantasy Character Creator FAQs

How do you create a fantasy character?

How to create a fantasy character virtually in 5 steps:

  1. Download a fantasy character creator, e.g. YouCam Makeup.
  2. Open the apps "AI Avatar" tool.
  3. Choose a gender and up to 10 styles (e.g. Fairy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Vikings) for your fantasy character.
  4. Upload 10-20 selfies.
  5. Let the app generate unique fantasy characters that look like you!

How to look like a fantasy character?

Forget about time-consuming and expensive cosplay outfits! Look like a fantasy character within minutes using a fantasy character creator! Upload your selfies to let the app generate fantasy character images of you!

How do I create my character?

A fantasy character maker lets you create a character in minutes, especially when you use YouCam Makeup. Upload 10-20 selfies to the app, and let it automatically generate a bunch of character options for you!

How do I make a good character?

You can make a good character with YouCam Makeup’s new avatar maker by uploading clear selfies to the app. Then, add creative elements like stickers, makeup, and more!

What is the best free avatar creator?

YouCam Makeup is the best free avatar creator because it generates the avatars for you using AI technology. It’s safe to use, and you get many different styles you can save and swap out on your profiles whenever you want.

How do I turn my picture into an avatar?

Upload selfies with different angles and expressions to YouCam Makeup to get started with turning your photos into a fantasy avatar. Then, choose your fantasy style and gender before letting the app create your avatars.

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