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20+ FREE Valentine’s Day Instagram Story Ideas We Love [2024]
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20+ FREE Valentine’s Day Instagram Story Ideas We Love [2024]

Feb 7, 2024 · 3 minutes read
Top 5 Instagram Story Ideas for Valentine's Day 2024

Love is in the air as Valentine's Day approaches, and we understand that designing stories for this special occasion can be a bit challenging. Fret not, we're here to help!

In this blog, we will introduce to you 5 ideas to make your Valentine's Day Instagram Stories more romantic than ever!

Have fun this Valentine's Day with these 5 FREE Instagram Story ideas you can personalize with the YouCam Makeup app (FREE to download) and turn your couple photos into captivating Instagram stories with a few tabs.

Cutest Instagram Story Ideas for Valentine's Day 2024

Here are our top 5 FREE Instagram Story ideas for Valentine's Day 2024!

  1. Selfie Filters: Adorable Pink Face Filters For Selfies & Videos
  2. Photo Backgrounds: Cute Balloons & Heart Pattern Backgrounds
  3. AI Filter: Pink AI Cartoon Filters
  4. Animated Effects: Romantic Hearts & Rose Petal Effects
  5. Photo Filters: Lovely Emoji Hearts & Kisses Filters

Instagram Story Idea #1: Valentine's Day Selfie Filters

Instagram Story Idea: Pink Selfie Filters

Start your Valentine's Day Instagram story journey with the magic of YouCam Makeup's face filters. These filters not only add a touch of glamour but also include special effects that scream romance.

This Valentine's Day Instagram story idea is great for anyone who wants to record a heartfelt message or capture a cute selfie to convey their love in a playful and unique way.

Explore valentine's day selfie filters in the YouCam Makeup app

Discover 50+ Valentine's Day filters, with romantic accessories like heart-shaped sunglasses and cute head bows, beautiful makeup, hair color filters, sparkling effects, and pink heart backgrounds.

Simply open the YouCam Makeup app, tap "Makeup Cam" and go to the "Valentine" category to try Valentine's Day selfie filters for your Instagram story!

Instagram Story Idea #2: Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Instagram Story Idea: Valentine's Day Backgrounds

Edit your couple photos using YouCam Makeup's Valentine's Day photo backgrounds. Choose from cute heart backgrounds, a romantic city skyline at night, a vibrant Valentine's Day neon sign and more.

If you have a cute couple photo where you both look great, but the background isn't ideal, this is a fantastic Instagram story idea. Simply add a romantic Valentine's Day background to replace any unattractive or busy backgrounds.

Explore valentine's day backgrounds in the YouCam Makeup app

Simply download the YouCam Makeup app, tap "Photo Makeup" and then "Background" to add V-Day backgrounds to your photos, to create the most romantic Valentine's Day Instagram stories.

Instagram Story Idea #3: Pink AI Cartoon Filters

Instagram Story Idea: Pink AI Cartoon Filters

Transform your ordinary couple photos into romantic cartoon images with YouCam Makeup's AI cartoon filters (available for iOS only).

To try romanticAI cartoon filters in YouCam Makeup, tap "AI Selfie" and then apply the "Fun Fair" filter that adds a cute pink cartoon effect to your photos to create a dreamy atmosphere.

This Instagram story idea is great for all the AI art and AI cartoon filter fans out there!

Instagram Story Idea #4: Valentine's Day Animated Effects

Instagram Story Idea: Animated heart Effects

Bring your Valentine's Day story to life with animated effects and stickers from YouCam Makeup.

If you want to make an animated Instagram story for Valentine's Day, this idea is just for you. Make your photos pop with cute hearts and sparkling animations, to ensure that they stand out in the sea of Valentine's Day stories. Whether it's a photo, GIF or a video, you're all set!

Explore valentine's day animated effects in the YouCam Makeup app

To add animated effects and stickers to your photos, simply open the YouCam Makeup app, tap "Photo Makeup" and then "Animation".

Instagram Story Idea #5: Valentine's Day Photo Filters

Instagram Story Idea: heart photo filters

YouCam Makeup offers a range of photo filters designed for creating a simple yet romantic Valentine's Day vibe.

Try this idea if you want to create a simple, yet adorable Valentine's Day Instagram story.

Explore valentine's day photo filters in the YouCam Makeup app

To add cute Valentine's Day photo filters to your Instagram stories, open the YouCam Makeup app, tap "Photo Makeup", then go to "Effects".

Download the Best App to Create Valentine’s Day Instagram Stories in 2024

Add animated effects to your Valentine's day instagram story.

This Valentine's Day, let your Instagram story be a testament to your love story. With these 5 Valentine's Day Instagram story ideas and the best photo editing app YouCam Makeup, the possibilities are endless.

From face filters to backgrounds, AI selfie filters, animated effects, and photo filters, you have everything you need to create a cute and captivating Instagram story that celebrates the beauty of love. So, grab your phone, open YouCam Makeup, and try your favorite Instagram story ideas now!

Download the best valentine's day app to explore the best valentine's day story ideas.Valentine's Day Instagram Story FAQ

What do you write in a story for Valentine's Day?

In your Valentine's Day story, you can write a heartfelt message expressing your love and gratitude for your partner, e.g. "Feeling grateful for the one who fills my days with love and laughter. Happy Valentine's Day!" You can also share your Valentine's Day plans, whether it's a cozy night in or a romantic dinner. You can use famous love quotes like, "Love is not just a feeling; it's an action. Happy Valentine's Day!". Or ask your followers a question related to Valentine's Day, for example, "Favorite romantic movie for Valentine's Day?" or "Share your go-to love song!". Take a moment to appreciate your followers and wish them a wonderful Valentine's Day with a simple message like, "Wishing all my followers a day filled with love and happiness."

What do you say on Valentine's Day post?

Cute Valentine's Day captions to add to your Valentine's Day post:

  • I love to love you.
  • In your arms, every day feels like Valentine's Day.
  • You're the reason my heart smiles.
  • Today and every day, love speaks louder than words.
  • To the one who makes every day brighter.
  • In your presence, every moment is special.

What should I post on Social Media for Valentine's Day?

6 content ideas to post on social media for Valentine's Day:

  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #1: Reminisce about the day you met.
  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #2: Share your homemade Valentine's Day treats, like heart-shaped cookies, a special breakfast, or a DIY dessert.
  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #3: If you have pets, feature them and express your love for them.
  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #4: Share a curated playlist of your favorite love songs.
  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #5: Share your favorite romantic books or movies.
  • Valentine's Day Content Idea #6: Share ideas for small, random acts of kindness that people can do for their loved ones or strangers.
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