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Video Editing

Test At Home Hair Color with These Video Filters

Sep 24, 2021 · 3 minutes read
Test At Home Hair Color with These Video Filters

When choosing a new hair color, it can be difficult to decide, especially if you’re not sure how the color will turn out on your hair. Of course, there’s no guarantee it will look like it does on the box. Before you take the plunge, try before you dye with YouCam Video.

Like a virtual mirror, YouCam Video can help you decide your next new color with true-to-life 360 hair color try-on instantly. You can apply hair color on your videos so you can see how it looks in motion! At-home hair color will have a new meaning for you with YouCam Video.

Test At Home Hair Color

To help you choose the absolute best color (or colors) for your style, YouCam Video has various hair color styles to choose from. Anything from single all-over color, to two-toned, and even ombré — YouCam Video has you covered. Whether you want to try on new looks to make an aesthetic video for TikTok, or just want to finally see what you’d look like with pink hair, keep reading to learn how to test a new at home hair color.

Single Color Hair Dye

A new hair color can seem like a big commitment, but a fresh dye job doesn’t have to be a drastic change (unless you want it to be!). Humans have been dyeing their hair for centuries, and there’s good reason for it. A fresh hair color can update, enhance, or completely transform your look. The color you choose is completely up to you, so if you’ve ever dreamed of trying a different style, it’s possible to do that.

From natural blacks, browns, and blondes, to bright colors like pink, purple, or red, there are so many colors it can sometimes be hard to decide the best hair color for you. Whether you choose to go for a natural color or something more vibrant will depend on your style and your commitments. So the big problem with choosing the right color comes to whether that color on the box will really look that way on your hair.

Now you can try on hair color first before you commit with YouCam Video’s true-to-life hair color filters. Not only can you find the best hair color before you dye, you can also try multiple hair colors in real time to see how they look live.

 Test At Home Hair Color

To test single colored hair styles simply import your selfie video into YouCam Video and choose from the wide range of video filters to try at-home hair color.

Two-toned Hair Color

Two-toned hair color is a combination of two different colors on the hair, so it’s up to you how bright you want to go. Two-toned color isn’t only for bright styles, and you can try muted colors or bright colors as you wish. Silver and black, yellow and blue, let your imagination run wild.

Two-toned styles mean you can also be more creative in your color combination and you have more choices to find the best hair color for you. Your personal style will factor strongly in your color choices for two-toned styles. The best way to find the best hair color for you is to try it out using YouCam Video. The two-toned color video filters in YouCam Video allow you to try many two-toned styles in one video so you can see which style you like the most.

Test At Home Hair Color

Test At Home Hair Color

Ombré Hair Color

Classically ombré is the go-to coloring technique for a low-maintenance hair style. Blending one color into another in a seamless style is a super easy way to freshen up your look. From natural hues to bright vibrant rainbow hair colors, you can really get creative with ombré styles.

Since ombré styles can go as far up your hair as you like, if you want to dye the lower part of your hair a bright color, it is easy to cut it out if you get bored of it or need a quick change. In this way, ombré hair color is one of the most versatile methods of coloring your hair. For that reason, you can really choose any color you want without fear. Those with dark hair colors might like to choose a stark contrast like blonde or pink, or those with light hair colors might opt for a smooth pastel gradient.

To find out which type of ombré is the best hair color for you, try out the virtual hair color filters with YouCam Video. To test your new at home hair color with a fun video, upload your selfie video to YouCam Video and choose from the wide range of ombré styles to see which is the best hair color for you.

Test At Home Hair Color

Download YouCam Video to test out your next hairstyle

From bright rainbow colors to natural shades, try a multitude of hair colors and hair dye styles to find the best hair color for you. Whether you are looking for a subtle change or something more dramatic, YouCam Video is a great way to find a new style easily.

Test At Home Hair Color

So you’ve decided to dye your hair? Download the YouCam Video app to test the best hair color for you.

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