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The Best Video Editing App For Unique Holiday TikToks

Dec 4, 2021 · 3 minutes read
The Best Video Editing App For Unique Holiday TikToks

However you spend this holiday season, create some special memories with the best video editing app — YouCam Video. From makeup to filters, there’s a creative way to send special holiday messages and create unique holiday memories to enjoy and share.

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YouCam Video: Best Video Editing App for Happy Holidays TikToks

If you have a social gathering, recording the most memorable holiday moments is something you’ll cherish forever. There’s so much to celebrate this year. We know you want to do it in style. But, instead of sharing average-looking videos, spruce them up with a bit of help from YouCam Video.

Get your creative hat on and hit record on all your favorite holiday moments. Then, use the YouCam Video app to add filters, makeup styles, and so much more. It’s so easy to edit your videos and create showstopping edits that you’re going to want to try all the options. Discover a unique way to edit your video messages for the holidays using the best video editing app ever.

How to Add Creative Video Effects to Your Holiday Messages

Want to send personalized messages to your family? Are your friends not too close to home? The YouCam Video app is the best way to share creative and fun videos with everyone you love. Create special holiday memories with the best editing app for selfie videos and TikTok. Discover a unique way to edit your messages for the holidays and everything you need for stunning holiday videos; read on to learn how.
  1. Download the YouCam Video app.
  2. Choose your favorite holiday video.
  3. Explore some ways to create special holiday greetings videos below.

Happy Holidays Message

1. Holiday Makeup Looks: Snowflake Freckles

Everyone loves freckles, especially when they have holiday cheer. Have some fun with our snowflake freckles makeup preset to get into the holiday spirit. Have fun with this filter and play with different settings, including changing your hair color to channel your inner winter queen style. It’s so easy to do, and everyone on your feed will love how these videos look! Keep reading to learn how to create these fantastic holiday makeup looks.

Happy Holidays Message
For the snowflake look:
  1. Upload your favorite selfie video.
  2. Tap on Looks.
  3. Tap Holidays.
  4. Find the Snowflakes filter.
  5. Tap the check icon to save the look on your selfie video.
  6. Now you can play around with other makeup, hair color, filters and more to add even more festive cheer to your video.
  7. Save all your edits and tap share!
For the holly wreath theme and hair color look:
  1. Upload your favorite selfie video.
  2. Tap Looks.
  3. Tap Holidays.
  4. Hit Holly Wreath.
  5. Adjust the filters and settings as you like.
  6. Save your edits and share your new video!

Happy Holidays Message

2. Filters

If you have ever seen any holiday-themed movie, you know there is always a sparkle to them. Now you can have a sparkle, too, in your video. AI effects add a dynamic sparkle to all your favorite videos. You’ll get moving effects for a purple sugar plum sparkle — just in time for Nutcracker season!

Happy Holidays Message

Create holiday memories with the sparkles on your selfie videos, family portraits, or show your holiday decor. Add a little sparkle to your video and turn every moment into a magical memory.

3. Makeup Looks Created by You

Being a makeup artist requires lots of skill and dedication to the art. The YouCam Video app can turn you into a makeup artist with our AI effects and makeup filter options. Create striking stars in just a few taps and surprise everyone with your makeup abilities. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • If you want to dazzle with eye makeup, you can turn yourself into the main character with over 20 predesigned eyeshadow looks to choose from. Adjust the intensity and shimmer to find your perfect look.
  • Enhance your lips with our Lip Color makeup effect. Change your lip color and try your favorite holiday red shade before committing to the real lipstick.
  • Try the eyeliner options to get the perfect winged eye for the holidays. Make your eyes pop and channel that classic holiday style in just a few taps.
  • Don’t forget to complete your makeup with beautiful eyelashes. Adjust their volume, length, and style to find the perfect one to fit your makeup look.

Happy Holidays Message

Try the Best Video Editing App to Create Happy Holiday Clips

Create your favorite holiday videos and choose from these different options and many more on the best video editing app, the YouCam Video app. No boring holiday videos anymore! Download it now on Android and iOS and create holiday videos that will go viral in no time.

Happy Holidays Message

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